Where to develop underwater camera film?
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Where should I get my underwater camera film developed in San Francisco (or by mail, if there's a good option)?

I bought one of those cheap underwater cameras for a trip to Mexico, but don't really want to get it developed at a drug store like Walgreens or Rite Aid. But because it's a cheap camera, there are probably only a few good photos on there, and I don't want to spend a fortune for 20 blurry fishlike photos. Any suggestions for a happy medium? Thanks!
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There's a place at Church & Market, I think it's called "Photoworks" that does lab-quality prints. I had some 8x10 enlargements done there and they came out beautifully. They can also do contact sheets so you don't have to get prints of everything before you decide what you want to keep.
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You could also have WalMart/Walgreens/whomever develop the film and make a CD for around $5. You can then view the photos on your computer and order prints of only those you want.
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Usually you can develop a whole roll at a WalMart/Target/drugstore place, and then give back the blurries and only keep and pay for the ones you like. At least, this has been my experience.
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Yes, Photoworks.
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Photoworks is great, but Walgreens is actually surprisingly good too, at a fraction of the price. I've been developing film there for the past few years, on a tip from a pretty serious photographer pal, and been pleased with the results.
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Costco can also give great results when you go to their website and use their printer profiles. But Photoworks are the pros.
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I actually use Costco for all my printing. They do a highly professional job, as good as or better than some professional labs I have used. I especially like the "do not color correct" option when requesting prints. I've already done my corrections, and the prints look exactly as I expect them to, every time, even with black and white files. It's the main reason I keep my membership there.

But... if you don't have a membership, then the above mentioned places are good too, especially for snapshots like you seem to have.

(Does this mean we get to see the photos? Hmmmm????)
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wow! thanks for all the responses. judith--which walgreens do you go to? i'm sure the quality differs... or do they all send them out to the same place?
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I've used the one at Castro & 18th and the one in the Diamond Heights Safeway and the one at Sansome & Sutter. I've heard the one in Cole Valley is good as well. They do them in each store separately, so the equipment probably does vary, but I've found them all pretty comparable.
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thanks again! i'm not a costco member, so i'll check out photoworks and if it's too pricey, walgreens it will be.
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followup... i went to the walgreens at bush/sansome finally... but as it turned out there were only a few photos that came out--literally 5 or 6--and three of those were ABOVE water. oh well! don't know if it was a problem with the camera, not enough light, or waited too long to develop... thanks for your help, though!
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