ID an old comic book story about an alien squid in a basement?
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Help me ID a story I read in a comic book in the late 70's, early 80's - it was a short story, not the entire comic, I believe - about an old couple who (intentionally or not) had an alien in the basement.

A few bits that remain in my brain:

- Alien looked like a squid or some other tentacled beast.

- The couple would invite people into the house for some reason I don't recall, where they would be eaten by the alien.

- The last panel was an overhead view showing skeletons tumbling out of a basement bulkhead.

I'm not sure how the story played out, and why the fact that the alien was eating the guests was apparently a surprise reveal.

The only other comic book I recall reading around that era was a Spiderman featuring, I think, the Jackal, in which one of the henchmen Spidey was about to question had his brains fried by something. It's possible the alien story was in the back of that issue, but I don't know for sure.
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