Looking for .NET based server software for video blogging
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Looking for .NET based server software for video blogging

I am looking for recommendations for server software (.NET, version 2.0 or newer + SQL server) that can be used as the base for a video blog site. I have resources (developers etc...) and budget to do a fair bit of customization so a package that has a strong blogging core but no inherent video blogging features is fine.

Commercial or enterprise software is fine. Doesn't need to be free though Telligent Community Server Enterprise is at the extreme high end of the budget I have at $25,000.

Packages I am already looking at include:

Blog Engine
Telligent Community Server

Software based on license that requires the open-sourcing of my code is not an option. Also, LAMP, Ruby on Rails or other non-.NET platforms are absolutely out of the question.

Any suggestions or experiences with the above software would be much appreciated.
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