Brazilian absurdist literature identification
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Please help identify this author/book; Brazilian absurdist/surrealist, stream of consciousness fiction about a part-man/part something else that travels around and continually says a phrase like "holy f-ing s-".
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The only Brazilian absurdist/surrealist novelist I know is Moacyr Scliar. Long ago I read a book of his called The Centaur in the Garden, which is indeed about a centaur; but I have no idea whether he cusses a lot. Is that it?
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Best answer: I think you are describing one of my favorite books! Macunaima by Mario de Andrade.

Macunaima's catch phrase is “Ay, que preguiça!”--sometimes translated as "Oh what a fucking life!"

This book has some unforgettable scenes and descriptions, absurd for sure.
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