ID this book for me please.
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There's a book I read about 8 years ago I'm trying to identify. I can't remember the title. It was a thick paperback, a blue cover with possibly a butterfly on it. But here's the weird thing about this book, which is why I am hoping someone can help me - it was written by two people, and they were only identified by their first names on the cover. I had never seen that before. On the cover, it was like, "Edward & Judy" or something like that. Weird, huh?

I had to sell a whole bunch of books back then which is why I don't have it anymore. I remember that photography was a subject, Marilyn Monroe was discussed. Aside from that, I can't remember anything else except I really enjoyed reading it and would like to find it again. Thanks in advance if anyone knows what I'm talking about.
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A friend tells me it's "Griffine & Sabine"...
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I was also coming in here to say Griffin and Sabine.
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Pretty sure it's not Griffine & Sabine. For a few reasons. I don't see that those books ever came out in paperback. And they weren't thick. Also, the author's name was on the cover (see here).
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Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, UK television presenters, are better known simply as “Richard and Judy”. They’ve written a couple of books together, including a 384-page paperback autobiography originally published in 2002. The front cover mentioned only their first names, but I see no sign of it ever having been blue.

Richard and Judy have long promoted books on their TV shows. Perhaps the book you remember had “As featured on Richard and Judy” or similar on its cover, but was actually written by someone else? Does the list of books they’ve recommended ring any bells?
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I think if it was Griffin and Sabine the collage artwork and removable letters would have been memorable enough to mention in the question (also agreeing it was only published in hardcover).

Sophie's World however has a blue cover with butterfly on my paperback and is a very intriguing book covering a wide variety of topics on philosophy and high/pop culture. Definitely a memorable book that makes you want to go back and re-read.
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I was thinking Richard and Judy as well.
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Response by poster: Hmm.
Thanks everyone but it's
not Sophie's World or
Richard and Judy or
Griffin and Sabine.

I'll keep looking.
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Need more info.
Fiction or non-fiction? Plot points?**
Approximate publication date (or at least when you had the book)?
How many pages? Just guess.
Place of publication?
And for sure, the authors identified themselves by first name and it wasn't a Griffin & Sabine deal (title).

** This will help the most

Will try hard for you on this one.
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Also, art book? Where did you pick it up and what section of the bookstore was it in?
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