Game Cube recommendations similar to Resident Evil 4
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I have a gamecube but the only game I have enjoyed immensely is Resident Evil 4. Didn't like the other Resident Evil games' controls and such. Any other games for the 'cube that you can recommend that are first person shooter, whether it be horror/sci-fi like Resiident Evil 4 or maybe a crime game? (Kinda over the WW2 games)...Man, I am a cynical gamecuber, ay...thanks for you thoughts and suggestions. I really appreciate it as I try to get as much use out of this cube as I can.
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Check out Eternal Darkness. Not a FPS but you'll love it.
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Metroid Prime was pretty excellent.
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I'm a big fan of True Crime: Streets of LA.
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Killer7. It's by the same guys (Capcom) so you might see some vague references. For instance, if you unlocked the Handcannon. Also, remember the Killer7 gun in RE4? Yeah. It's mad different, but its one of the more unique experiences on the Cube.
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XIII was pretty good, though I never managed to get very far.
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Beyond Good & Evil - - though it's pretty hard to find in it's GameCube version - - you'd likely have to pick one up on FleaBay or Amazon...
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Seconding Eternal Darkness. I enjoyed it far more than RE4.
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Until last year Resident Evil 4 on the GC was the only game on any system that I'd beaten fully without using any cheats (Well, I still have one gun to unlock, but you get the idea). I loved the hell out of that game, and I will absolutely second XIII. That game was fun, engrossing, and challenging as a single player. Then my housemates and I started playing multiplayer games that would go for days. Then we discovered a kind of cool feature. You can set up two teams of bots to fight each other and just let that run. We ended up just letting the bots fight each other for weeks, system not even connected to a TV, and would occasionally jump in and fight a few rounds when we felt like it.

After several weeks the game crashed and froze, and we'd restart it. I can't fully explain why it was so much fun.
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Seconding Killer7.

Also would suggest Timesplitters 2.
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The Metroid Prime games. Definitely.

I picked up Metroid Prime the other day and completed it in two sittings. Damn it's good. Saying that though, it's not a classic FPS, more like a cross between one and a Zelda game.
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