Keep my guitar safe on the coach
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I'm travelling by coach tomorrow morning and want to take my cheap electric guitar with me. Problem is, I meant to get a proper case for it at some point, but never got around to it. So what I have right now is the flimsy, badly fitting gig bag it came with. How can I make this a more sensible plan?

So yeah, I should have planned better. However, the guitar was cheap and it isn't irreplaceable. I do like it though and it would definitely suck to have to get a new one right now. Can I pad out the flimsy bag using the clothes I'll be taking with me anyway? Would that even help? If I get the choice, should I let it be stowed in the luggage compartment or take it on board with me?

Advice? Warnings? Thanks!
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I followed ikkyu2's advice in this askme thread, and were able to later reassemble my guitar in perfect condition. Disassembling is now my method of choice for taking cheap electric guitars through air travel.
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Do you expect the coach to have an overhead rack? I've slid an electric guitar up there in a soft gig bag and padded it out with other bags -- albeit with one heart-stopping time when I forgot it, and it was found at the depot and returned to me the next day.
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I've done pretty much the same thing with acoustics and a cheapo chipboard case...wrap as many towels/tshirts around it as possible.
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Make sure you loosen the strings or you may risk messing up the neck. A lot of people forget to do this and regret it.

I agree with throwing a towel/t-shirts in with the guitar for padding, if only for your piece of mind.

Good Luck
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I agree with lenny70, if it has a bolt-on neck, just loosen the strings, take out 4 screws, and put it gently in the suitcase with your clothes. I do this with my travel guitar and it works fine - I can even re-use the strings most of the time, although I carry a spare set just in case.
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