Looking for the best in online short fiction.
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I am looking for masterpieces of flash fiction or even shorter fiction online.

I really enjoy the concept of very short fiction say 500 words and below that is spread online. However I have a hard time wading through the masses of such works online to find the good one. What are your favorites in the genre?

There was a similar askme question some time ago but all tips were "real" books.
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365 Tomorrows is good for short sci-fi. I really liked this one.
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For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn

Hemingway short story, which I should think most people reading this will have heard of, but I had to throw it out there.
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I remember reading a great piece of work in Harpers magazine called "22 Stories" by Paul Theroux. I'm not sure if you can get it anywhere but their website via subscription, but worth it if possible.
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Smokelong Quarterly.
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Escape Pod podcast occasionally has some flash fiction. As do its sister podcasts: Pseudopod and Pod Castle.
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Ommatidia (alternative site for the same stories: Anacrusis) - a 101-word short story every weekday since something ridiculous like 2004. They're written by an ex-housemate of mine who always went out and bought fresh bread for the household in the morning, so I might be biased in their favour on that account, but they're great.

Childhood, cunningly disguised fanfic, death, ninjas (one of many), a story for every US state (see, eg Montana) - this sample is biased towards the less realist end of things, because I like stories to have explosions and fighting and tunnels and arguments carried on in improbable circumstances and if possible a hot air balloon, but there's non-speculative stuff as well.
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