Questions about Wii Guitar Hero World Tour components
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I'm thinking of buying Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii for my niece and nephew for Christmas. I'd like for them to have separate presents to unwrap (or the option for me to buy part of it now, part of it later for another occasion). Can the drum kit be bought as a standalone product, or is it only available as part of the Band Kit? If I buy the Band Kit, are the different components (guitar, drums, microphone) in different boxes inside of the main box, or would I have to box the parts myself?
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Best answer: The individual items in the Band Kit are not really boxed separately. There is some cardboard in the box to separate everything, but no real boxes.

At this time (to the best of my knowledge) the GHWT drums come only as part of the Band Kit.
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Best answer: You can get the drumkit separate but not for the Wii (at least not on Amazon). You are probably better off buying the whole kit and wrapping them individually yourself. The entire box is surprisingly small so it shouldn't be too difficult to find boxes for each instrument.
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Response by poster: Thank you.
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I've got GHWT for the Wii, and I've got to disagree with digitaldraco. Within the big box there is one box for the drums and another box for the game and guitar. The boxes are unmarked, but are definitely wrappable. I should know, I had to use the box the drums came in to send them back to Red Octane because they arrived broken. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that issue.
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