Name that tree species.
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What are those stalwart little trees called that somehow grow atop the otherwise barren mesas in northern New Mexico? I just returned from my first visit to that region, driving north from Albuquerque to Farmington. What species of plants/bushes/foliage are growing up there? I'm nobody's dendrologist, nor a botanist, for that matter, so I thought I'd ask.
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Plants of the Mojave high desert, courtesy of wikipedia.

Are you thinking of some sort of pine or fir tree? Or is it deciduous?
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Most shrubby trees found in that part of New Mexico are Utah Juniper, or one of several pinion varieties.

Smaller shrubs and bushes are likely sagebrush or rabbitbrush (chamisa).
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Bristlecone pine?
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Most likely juniper, possibly pinon pine.
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Probably PiƱon.
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Now is the season where people go picking pinon (pine nuts). They roast them in the oven (very slowly) or in a popcorn popper and salt them. VERY yummy. The New Mexico varieties seem to be more flavorful than those that come from places like China.
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