Need help on line from one of the Planet of the Apes movie.
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I need to know which Planet of the Apes movie the line, "Your parents died 2000 years ago! (laughing)"....

This is from a buddy of mine, so i don't know if this is exactly the correct quote or not. Once I find out which movie it's from, i need to rip that sound clip into a mp3 file......
Any help would be most appreciated, as I need this for tonight.
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In the opening scenes of the first film (1968), Taylor (Charlton Heston) says to Landon (Robert Gunner):

You're more than three hundred light years from your precious planet. Your loved ones have been dead and forgotten for twenty centuries. Even if you could get back, they'd think you were something that fell out of a tree.
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As for ripping the audio, you can check to see if Youtube has this clip and extract it from that, or check a local movie rental place to grab the DVD and rip the audio with one of many DVD audio rippers out there. Some allow you to use the program without limitation for 30 days. If you can only grab a whole chapter with ease, then you can use MP3 Direct Cut, which is a really handy, non-destructive, free MP3 editor.

But maybe you already knew all that.
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Hey I sent you a PM offering to help with getting the MP3 clip you want since I have the movie. Although, if you haven't seen it, man you really should.
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At 8:35 on youtube.
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