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Can you point me towards some articles about planning and methodology for developing small video libraries?

I am freelancing as a video editor for a non-profit organization. They have here a collection of many hundred hours miniDV, BetaSP, CDs & DVDs containing raw footage, finished projects, and miscellaneous media. Some of this material could be harvested for future projects; however, there is no catalog of what is here and worse, many of the tapes are poorly labeled.

I would like to make the case for a total overhaul of the video collection in order to evaluate what is in the collection and make it accessible. I would also like to set up standards for labeling tapes and ingesting new material into this hypothetical catalog.

I have recently received an M.L.S., but I don't have any experience executing this kind of thing. What I would like to find are articles and case studies that outline a methodology for developing a small video library; how to evaluate how much time it will take to do it; and how to make a convincing proposal. I am not looking to create an online catalog or anything fancy.
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The open video project, open video toolkit, and the academic work of its (LIS!) creators might be good place to start if you're planning to put it all online.
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A good database is probably the most important piece as it will become the backbone that ties everything together. This should also give you a unique identifier id for each piece of media. After that you can minimally just label each media with a barcode, and buy a cheap scanner. Then really all you need is some front end tools to lookup media to input+display information and/or print more detailed labels and you're off and running.
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