How would you win the Krypton Factor?
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How would you win the Krypton Factor? It's coming back, and I've got an audition.

If you're from the UK, you may remember the Krypton Factor - an all-round gameshow with general knowledge, observation, reaction rounds, plus an assault course (not forgetting the funky theme tune). I was invited to an audition, and it'd be useful to know people's thoughts on how you would go about training to win the show.

If I did get on the show (a long shot, realistically), I probably wouldn't be allowed to tell anyone, which is why I'm asking now!
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Controller of entertainment at ITV Productions, Claire Horton said: "We are taking a brilliant format and bringing it bang up to date with state-of-the-art technology."

So I don't think the upcoming Krypton Factor will have too much in common with the old one. Advances in technology and in broadcasting means that you probably won't find yourself trying to fit Early Learning Centre style wooden shapes into a box. Beyond being as fit as you can be I don't think there is a lot you can do. They may brief you if you are accepted. Good luck!
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Brain Training on the Nintendo DS? I think there's a Wii equivalent too. That has various mental agility stuff that might help in some way. Obviously a bit of physical training for the assault course. Maybe ask your friends to help train you in some way, e.g. ask you general knowledge questions whenever they see you, ask you what colour shirt they were wearing yesterday (memory/observation), maybe play some timed Scrabble or something. I seem to remember the original show having "simulator" rounds where contestants had to land helicopters on aircraft carriers, etc, the obvious way to train for that would be playing some computer games to practice your hand/eye coordination and reactions.

Someone sent me a link to the application form last week and I was thinking about applying too, but just realised I only have till 5pm today (1 hour) to submit the form.
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I had a go on the old Krypton Factor assault course once, back in about 1997. It was on an Army base that I was visiting on business (Holcombe Moor, near Bury), and I was offered the chance. It was pretty punishing, and quite high in places - I thought I was fit at the time but ended up looking a bit of a numpty.

So as well as all the mental stuff, I'd get working on your aerobic fitness, upper body strength and head for heights.
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Oh, wow, awesome.

A lot of the stuff on the Krypton Factor has a lot in common with what are called command tasks, which I did tons of when I was in the Territorial Army.

In general, on individual tasks, a moment or two at the start of a task reviewing what you're supposed to do can really help. Lots of people dive straight in and don't take the time to figure out the basic steps to complete a task.

On any group tasks, clear roles are essential, as is short and to the point communication.

On the assault course, try and develop your upper body strength as much as possible - most people aren't aware of the strength they have in their legs, and conversely, of the relative weakness of their upper bodies, and getting over a 6ft wall is harder than it looks.

Good luck! I hope they still have the funky jumpsuits.

What's coming back next, Challenge Anneka?
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Too late.
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Wow to Challenge Anneka! Loved, loved, loved The Krypton Factor.

Practice your observation skills, you can do that on the bus on the way to work or whatever.
Seconding brain-training, especially spatial relations ones, and playing some simulators as well as hitting the gym for pullups.
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The only way I would or could win would be to cheat, but then I'm a flabby 48-year-old who'd probably have a heart attack the moment he heard the starting pistol for the assault course! Joking apart, I salute you, and suggest that some time browsing the Oxford Reference online might prove valuable.
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Just to let everyone know, I got shortlisted! That doesn't mean I'll definitely be on the show, but I have a very decent chance of it. Time to start working on the upper-body strength...

Happy Dave: I like your points about command tasks, I think the advice there will be very useful come the show.
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Just to let everyone know, the upper-body suggestions have been really useful. Which would suggest (but not confirm) that I actually am going to be on the show...
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