What Halloween costume uses crutches?
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Need Halloween costume suggestions that incorporate my crutches.

I have a broken leg, in a big black boot, and need the crutches to get around an outdoor party in a back yard. Using a wheelchair is not an option. Besides Tiny Tim, what's your best suggestion for a costume that will incorporate my crutches? Thanks!
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A well constructed Robot costume would be an excellent to build the crutches in.
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An angel on the top of one, a devil on the top of the other
go as The 3 Stooges - you could be Curley - the other 2 represented with appropriate masks
wrapped around balloon heads.
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A penguin. Make each crutch a wing.
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Would it be at all possible to use a cane instead of the crutches? Because of course House comes to mind.

Or you could be the American economy, since you've barely got a leg to stand on...(rim shot)

Maybe you could be Bigfoot. After the hunters from Georgia got him. That incorporates the big boot and the crutches, and you just need some fake fur.
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Misty May Treanor in dance attire. She was forced to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars recently after tearing her Achilles tendon. After surgery, she was sporting crutches and a cast.
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Get some light blue pajamas and a camera or pair of binoculars and go as Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.
(He sat on his ass in a wheelchair through most of the movie but I'm sure he had crutches around. He was recovering from a broken leg, he wasn't paralyzed.)
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Tom Brady or Joe Theisman?
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Scooter Libby?
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Vinko Bogataj!

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat
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Kind of like the penguin idea, if you go as a gorilla you could make the crutches into big arms where you swing on your knuckles.
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Jesus Christ.
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Connect the two crutches with a seat, wear an Ohio t-shirt and be a swing state.
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I like Misha's economy idea. "Concept" costumes are cheesy but can be fun. Cover yourself in dollar bills, give yourself a "black eye"...you get the idea.
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You could be a Protoss Zealot from Starcraft


a Gundam (anime)


a Star Wars ground assault walker, for more info Wikipedia
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Civil War Re-enactor
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When I was recovering from elbow surgery, I went as an injured hockey player. Bonus: breezers and a jersey are really easy to put on over big bulky casts.
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Richard III a la Antony Sher (scroll down for a pic).
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tiny tim. get all raggedy and say 'god bless us everyone' in an annoying squeaky voice
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If you're really creative you could (somehow) make one of those striding creatures from The Dark Crystal. "skexis no hurt Gelfling. Want peeeeeace!"
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If you like the economy concept, another take would be to dress up as Monopoly Man. I would LOL at that.

I also like the gorilla or penguin ideas but no idea how you'd do that. Maybe paper mache knuckles?
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Evil Knievel
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I also like the gorilla or penguin ideas but no idea how you'd do that. Maybe paper mache knuckles?

First you'd wrap the crutches in paper in the appropriate color, leaving the inside clear so you can still grasp the handles. Then decorate it- like, drybrush dark brown paint over light brown paper for a gorilla hair effect, or glue a few black feathers on black for the penguin. For the knuckles, you could just draw (or even print out a real photo of) gorilla knuckles and tape them to the bottom of the crutch. No need to go for realism, you want to go cartoony for this project.

Actually, enough words- it's MS Paint time!
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(Yeah I do a lot of cheap college theater.)
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Wear a football referee's uniform and and bruises, cuts and contusions (using make-up, of course) to your face.
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Thanks to all for such wonderfully creative ideas! The ones I marked as best are variously for: perceived ease of making/finding the costume, best incorporation of crutches while still being able to use them, instant recognizability by this party's demographic (Evel Knievel), and effort on your part (I'm looking at you, showbiz_liz!).

Oh and Misha, because the party host has a HUGE Bigfoot fetish. If I can easily figure that one out without having to leave home for supplies (can't drive yet), then Bigfoot it is. Otherwise, probably penguin since I have lots of black and white clothes.
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