Finding underground poker clubs (assuming they exist)?
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Thinking of Rounders, how does one go about finding underground poker clubs (assuming they exist)?

I'm wondering about NYC in particular, but is there a place you go in any random city to ask around?
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Online isn't what I'm looking for, but it occurs to me that actual locations shouldn't be posted in a public forum, so this becomes a theoretical question rather than a practical one. (Unless anyone wants to shoot me an email...)
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One finds underground poker clubs the same way one finds a decent drug dealer.
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You need to be friends with the right people or be rich. An underground poker club isn't going to accept you as a total unknown unless you're friends with someone who referred you in, or you seem like the sorta guy who's going to be throwing down the big money. You need to start hanging around seedy, but monied, bars and get friendly with the spook types.

To be honest, you're probably better off starting your own club with some buddies and then growing that so you get to network with people who might be in other clubs.

Last ditch idea? Try Craigslist.
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Here are the six I know of, with the best information I can give you. Googling might help.

Acepoint, 61st between 1 & 2 (may be closed).
Brooklyn Player's Club, Park Slope.
Galaxy, 36th & 8th.
NY Player's Club, 72nd somewhere.
Playstation, 14th street somewhere.
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I mean, the five I know of.
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I have found Poker groups using Craigs List, under "activity partners".
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Hang out with mortage brokers, i bankers, and other young guys with lots of money (from whom you can part some).
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