How do I make my own lavender-filled softies?
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How do I go about making my own lavender bags? I'm planning on making some softies for Christmas presents and am unsure on whether they need to be fully filled with herb (dude) or whether a mixture of polyfilling is needed (less expensive). I'm also wondering what kind of lavender to use, and where the best (UK) place to obtain it may be.

I've tried using oils to scent a Companion Cube I made previously, but they lost their smell, and I like the way lavender helps people sleep.
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Response by poster: Oh, and if my boyfriend is reading this - I HAVE THE FABRIC ALREADY ;~)
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Any lavender will do, as long as it's not Spike Lavender, Butterfly Lavender or Lavendin. Don't worry, because you aren't likely to run across those.

I have no ideas to suppliers. Ebay will do, though, as people wont actually see the lavender, they'll just smell it. Do try to get hold of some Orris root powder, though, to help fix the smell. Otherwise, it just evaporates really quickly. Some lavender essential oil would help too.

I find it better to half fill the bag. If someone puts it under their pillow or in a drawer, they can make it fit the space more easily.
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I would say use something more substantial than Polyfill like the little beads or some small dry beans instead. Don't fill it completely with lavender, that will be overpowering.
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I would also not recommend not filling it totally with lavender. It will be a bit stiff and make crunchy sounds and just won't be as squishy/pliable/nice as stuffing or beads. You could try sewing a sort of pocket for the lavender on the inside of the softie -- maybe on the bottom, which might also offer a little stiffness and support for the shape and possibly so that it can sit, if it's a creature -- so that it doesn't just mix around with the stuffing and get pushed to the center somehow, where you would be able to smell it less.
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If you can get to a Neal's Yard store, you will find excellent quality lavender for sale by weight. It won't have been hanging around on the shelves long either and you may be able to get a discount if you want large quantities.
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I'm not sure what a softy is, but if it's a pillow, have you considered something cheaper like grain or fine seeds? I can't bear the the texture of polyfill. IT's not ecological, economical or nice to the touch.
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Check out Etsy for your lavender buying needs. Search for "lavender buds" under "Supplies." You can order all different amounts, from 1oz all the way up to 3 lbs. I bought a pound myself a week ago.
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Response by poster: A 'softy' is what seems to be the common name for hand-made soft toys - guess I spend too much time lurking on Flickr and Craftster!
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Instead of polyfill, you could use buckwheat hulls (which would make them more beanies than softies I suppose). You could also use rice or dry beans instead, which would be cheaper. I personally don't think 100% lavender would be overpowering but that might be because I love it.
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