What can I do with my new DS/ what games should I get
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OK, so me and MrsShawnString bought a DS finally. What cool stuff can I do with it (besides playing games) and what are the MUST HAVE games to have? Pretty much any genre game is ok

We also have a wii and I had fun playing DS demos with so that as cool.
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I thought the Phoenix Wright games were very well done. The remake of Final Fantasy 4 is also good. Tetris DS is a very good tetris game, with many play modes.

Puzzle Quest is interesting, but I find it a little tedious and buggy at the end. Trauma Center is interesting too, but I found it very difficult.
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I am really enjoying Puzzle Quest, and if you enjoy Bejeweled, you might like it as well. It has a pretty interesting story line (yeah, sounds weird for a Bejeweled type game, but there is also more strategy than just "match up three in a row").

Another one I like is Trauma Center, which if you enjoyed Life and Death, you'll enjoy this surgery simulation game as well.
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Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village (a puzzle game) is a must-have in my book. It was the first game I played on the DS, and I loved it...
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Holy crap do I ever love Rune Factory.
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I just got a DS as well, and picked up Mario Kart with it - as a Mario Kart die-hard, I think it may be one of the best ones in the series. There's so much to do!
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Oh, and as for fun stuff that you can do with it, I just bought the CycloDS and installed a SCUMM player and can now play the old Monkey Island games on my DS, which is totally awesome. So I guess that's kind of still "playing games" but with the CycloDS you can do other stuff as well, like loading homebrew apps and such.
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Besides playing games? It depends how geeky you really are, but you can buy one of these or a competing product and enter the wonderful wide world of Nintendo DS homebrew. And before you ask (and I know you were going to ask), yes, it runs Linux.
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Curse you, Grither!
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Get a R4 Revolution. You can turn your DS into an a/v player or a pda. The homebrew community is fairly active.
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Argh! Curse the both of you!
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Seconding the R4. The first thing I did when I bought mine was to put the ROMs of the games I already owned on it, just so I wouldn't have to carry the carts around.
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Advance Wars Dual Strike is a game worth buying a system for. Can be found on ebay for about $30 and worth every penny. Haven't played the Days of Ruin sequel.

N+ is great, and cheap (US$20)
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Don't forget to check the AskMe archives. Here are 22 questions which are tagged with 'nintendo' and 'ds,' for starters.
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Another good aspect of a rom cart (like the R4 or CycloDS) is that you can use the DS as an mp3 player (etc) without having to faff about - it's just another menu option.

As for games: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the Phoenix Wright games, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Professor Layton, Advance Wars DS and the Brain Training games are the most fun of those I've played so far. Puzzle Quest got tedious and Trauma Center too hard for me to finish.
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My favorite DS games are the Cooking Mama games, the Bomberman games, Clubhouse Games, Mario Kart and Scrabble. My favorite GBA games are Pocket Music and Wario Ware.
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Days of Ruin is better then Dual Strike in my opinion.

I would suggest:

New Super Mario Bros.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance II

Space Invaders Extreme

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

Any of the Castlevania games for the DS, the first two are a bit hard to find, but there is one coming out that is getting really great press.

Panzer Tactics DS: surprisingly deep WWII turn based strategy game.

As mentioned above Puzzle Quest and Zelda are both pretty good on the platform.

Planet Puzzle league is a good puzzle game, but if you can track down a copy of Tetris DS I promise you that you are in for a good time.
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Cool things you can do with it. Korg DS-10 Synthesizer (and it's a perfectly legit, licensed product!). Somebody made an album with it already.

But it's Japan-only so you'd have to import it.
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I am using the Korg, it's very cool.

For a joint game, my wife and I both loved Animal Crossing. You effectively both live in the same house and every time you play, you get to see what the other person has been up to. You can leave gifts for each other, deck out the house. Uber nerdy but was neat.
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New Super Mario Bros.
If you have an affinity for classic Mario, you won't believe how much fun you can have with this killer title.
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According to Amazon, the Korg gets an official stateside release on Oct 14!
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Super Mario Bros. - many many hours of replayability
Super Mario Kart - ditto
Tetris DS - ditto
Elite Beat Agents (best used with good earphones or with speakers at full volume)

I've been trying to track down some R4 devices, and as of yet have only seen them online... Apparently they fall into the gray / black market for some CRAZY reason, and no reputable retailer that wants to continue selling Nintendo games will stock them...
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This question of mine has some good info on homebrew hardware. Also mentioned in there is the Nyko Charger Grip which I now have and it is indeed a great addition since it makes the DS easier on the hands AND it basically doubles the time between charges.
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Electroplankton is one of the most mindboggling cool and strange "games" ("software toy" may be more accurate) that I've ever played, period. If it sounds at all like you may enjoy it, get it, it is super awesome.
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CrossWords DS is a fun, low-tech and cheap game for the DS. It has, as the title implies, Crosswords, Anagrams and Word Searches. It keeps me entertained on my daily commute, and you can put it down without having to leave the game in that cliffhanger, must-finish-now sense.
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Another vote for Animal Crossing, its cute and fun.
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New Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario 64 DS
Elite Beat Agents
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
Brain Age I and II
Kirby: Squeak Squad
Mario Kart DS
Mario & Sonic @ The Olympic Games
Mario Party DS

and if you like Wario Ware games, Wario Ware: Touched is fun as well.

Take these worth a grain, but they're my favorites.

As for an R4: Gameyeeeah is where I bought mine. You can play ROM's on it (make sure you have the legal games, of course) and do the MP3 thing as well.
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Hotel Dusk: Room 215
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned Meteos, which is an puzzle game where you have to launch blocks into space - it's unbelievably addictive.

I've also been enjoying Lock's Quest recently, which is a kind of tower defense game. It just came out.

I play these (and many others) on my CycloDS Evolution, which I would recommend to anyone, without reservations.
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I ended up getting a copy of PuzzleQuest, Clubhouse Games and N+.
I have been addicted to them all.

Thanks Mefi!
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