What's the name of that toy?
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I was born in 1971. I liked toys that allowed me to build structures when I was growing up: Lincoln Logs, Legos, Erector Sets, etc. But there was one toy my parents bought for me that I've not seen since and cannot find on the Internet, mainly because I can't remember what it was called. I'll try to describe it:

The main pieces were black or dark gray "girders" made out of plastic. You would use the girders to construct a frame for a building, usually a sky scraper as the was the intent, as I remember. There were clear plastic "cards" that had designs to them look like windows. You'd affix these cards to the structure you built with the girders and you'd have a sky scraper. Very cool toy for children interested in building, mechanics, or structures.

Does anyone know the name of that toy? Is it still made? Where can I buy it? Thanks in advance.
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Girder and Panel!
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Wow, thanks, neilkod!
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Here's a more descriptive link.
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I freaking LOVED that toy. Had two sets. So much fun.
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Whoa. I loved these too. I always remembered them as "Kenstrux" and never was able to find them on the net. Now I know they were actually called Kenstruct.
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Yep. Keep your eye on eBay. I've bought three of these sets in the past 6 months.

And I prefer this site for descriptions/set lists.
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The girders were blue, the bases red. I too loved this toy -- got it for my 9th birthday. Found a set at a garage sale last year and gave it to my nine year old son (he enjoyed it, but not as much I as did!)
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Man, before I even read the [more inside], I knew what you were talking about. I loved that set. Thanks for the memories.
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Oh, they also make them new, now, though they're not quite like the old, so they may not satisfy the craving if it's a nostalgia thing (as it was with me).
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I had this too (two sets, at least) and loved it, in the 60's. I never could recall how it was called. I've often wondered why I never see it in toy stores. In the 60's, the Kenner version had the red girders and the bases were green. One kit was for buildings, and the other was for roads and bridges.
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Oh, man, I had this, too. My brother had a set by the same manufacturer that made bridges that would work with matchbox-sized cars.

Is there a law against 41-year-old men playing with these sort of things?
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maxwelton: Hope not, because I certainly would, and I'm older. You should see my Kynex collection!
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I had girders and panels too. What I really wanted was an Erector set, darn it. Or Lincoln Logs. But no, they got me Girders and Panels instead.
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