Cheap/free Windows software to make set-top-DVD-playable DVDs from MiniDV
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Need recommendations on (preferably cheap/free) windows software to allow me to make DVDs from MiniDV that are playable in most set top DVD players. [MI]

My father has given us a Canon ZR90 MiniDV camcorder. What I'm wanting to do is create DVDs from the MiniDV tapes. I have a Toshiba A20 P4 2.53GHz laptop (has USB and PCMCIA ports) running WinXP Pro SP2. I have a Iomega all format USB DVD writer I think I need a PCMCIA firewire adapter to connect the cam to my laptop.

What I need is a recommendation on software to make this happen. I don't think I need the software to do much fancy editting but I'd like to be able to join small 5-20 minute segments onto one two hour disk. Basic menuing and chapter creation would be a big plus.

I'd also be open to any recommended reading.

I've perused these two threads but they targeted a pure hardware solution.
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