English to Latin translation help, please!
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LatinFilter: I need help with Latin translation. The sentence is: "The Brotherhood of the Book of Blood protects us." I've gotten this far with crappy translation software, but need more help: "Fraternitas Codex Sanguineus Defendo".

I know that I suck really badly at Latin, so I need someone to help tie it all together for me. :)
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I hardly remember Latin either, but I think "defendo" is in the wrong person— should be "defendemus" or something.
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Best answer: Each is used for certain groups or contexts...

Germanitas libri sanguinis nos custodit.

Collegium/fraternitas/germanitas (brotherhood/group) libri sanguinis (of the book of blood) nos (us) servat/defendit/custodit (defends, guards, protects).
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Yes, what palionex said.

If you're referring to a religious brotherhood, "collegium" or "fraternitas" would be much more common in medieval Europe than "germanitas".

If you're wedded to "codex" it would be "codicis sanguinis" for "of the book of blood."
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, MUCH appreciated! :)
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