And it wasn't just SF, that's just my bad example.
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Years ago I saw a website that displayed authors' names in a rotatable 3D space, with genre, style, and theme indicated by proximity.

(Like Heinlein and Asimov were fairly close together, Wolfe, Lem, and Dick further away, but grouped nearer each other.) Users could add author info and modify the existing info. It was great for finding tips on what to read next. Anyone else remember this? What was it called?
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I think I remember the same thing, but a solid half hour of hunting didn't turn it up.

Of course there's the Literature Map, which is useful in the same way, but that isn't it.
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Wow. Lots of misspelled names in that literature map.
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Literature Map is close, but no cigar. Thanks for searching! I guess the site has been consigned to the dustbin of history...
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The interface you mention sounds much like LivePlasma. Only music and movies are catalogued there however.
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