Leaving the house? Put the dog on.
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When I was a kid (in the 80s), my family had a tape recording of a big dog walking around and growling and making himself known -- on an endless loop, as it was some sort of neverending cassette -- that we’d put on when we left the house to fool nonexistent burglars in our suburban neighborhood. Did anyone else have a dog tape?
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My uncle has a motion sensor thing of a dog barking.
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When we were kids, my sister and I had a copy of this record that we used to play for laughs. I think we must have found it at a yard sale or something.
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It was sort of a joke when I was a kid (70's?) that you didn't want to tell people you weren't home so people would occasionally have an answering machine message that had a very clear dog barking on it. My friend's dad made a joke answering machine message that basically said the standard we are not home blabla and then ended with "$CATNAME guard the house!" It was basically funny because there was some of this fake-dog stuff going on.
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It was good enough for Archie Bunker...


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