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I'm looking for webcomics that are suitable for kids under the age of 10, preferably with simple easy to copy art. If it's regularly updated, that's awesome, but if you know of a few one-offs I'm interested in those too. Something like a comic version of Peep and the Big Wide World would be perfect.
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Zorphbert and Fred is appropriate for/popular with kids. (Side note: the artist also illustrates Abby's Adventures, which is specifically for kids.)
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Order of the Stick? Girl Genius? My under ten likes those, but she is a big ol' scifi/AD&D nerd.
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Also, Dave Roman recently put together a list of kid-friendly webcomics, which you can find at the bottom of this page (Just above where the comments start).
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"Order of the Stick" has nice simple art, but the story lines are far too adult. When I say under ten, I mean think ages 5 to 10.

Thanks for the answers so far!
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Maybe Doctor Cat?
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my milk toof
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Ozy and Millie?
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DOCTOR CAT!! Awesome, thank you everyone!
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