Which of these second hand Cross Trainers is most suitable?
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Does anyone have any experience of the following Cross Trainer / Elliptical Machine models: York Aspire; York X730; Reebok RE3000?

Has anyone used these particular models?

They are all available to buy second hand in the local area, and I would like information on which would be the most suitable to purchase.

The Reebok and the York X730 seem to be quite old models, and the Aspire a fairly new one. The Aspire is worth between £400 and £500 brand new, but I don't know how much the others originally sold for (does anyone remember?)

The Cross Trainer is intended for a 5'10" man. Can anyone tell me how suitable the models in question are for this height and gender? Especially, is the stride length suitable?

Also does anyone know if these models can be taken apart so they can be put in a car when moving them?

Thanks very much if anyone can help. Typer.
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