Looking for Serious Bowling Online Resources
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I need serious bowling resources. (online forums, buying guides, technical discussions, SCIENCE!, etc)

I've bowled a LOT in my life. My relatives owned the bowling alley in my small town and I worked there for years ($2 bucks an hour + all the free bowling I could squeeze in before leagues started, which was usually 10-20 games).

I've never really had any formal coaching/training except from my parents/uncles (who have bowled all their lives) and lots of practice with my brothers.

At my best, I probably averaged 190 or so and mainly used my Dad's old bowling balls after he upgraded (often yearly).

It's been almost 10 years since I've bowled in a league and I'm wanting to get back into it, but I haven't bought a bowling ball in over 10 years, and even then, I didn't do a bunch of research beyond price.

So, I've got a pretty good intuition on how to bowl and roughly the style of shot I want to throw (mid-range, stroker, not-a-crazy-hook-shot), but I honestly have no clue where to look for good technical information.

Ideally, I'd like to find a decent online-forum that encourages technical discussion of bowling mechanics and even have good information on the types of bowling balls available these days.

All of my google searches are flooded with flashy advertisements or cater to the complete beginner (here's how to hold a bowling ball and how to throw it, etc) or the "laser lights" type of bowling experiences.

Anyone know of any good resources?
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