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December 15

US expat freelancer - looking for guide to self-employment tax

I'm a US citizen living abroad indefinitely, and I began freelancing this September. The country I am living in now has a Social Security totalization agreement with the US. I'm looking for a simple guide to what paperwork I need to file to get and stay current with the IRS. [more inside]
posted by aerobic at 11:48 AM - 3 answers

December 14

New 1099 Consultant and writing off for taxes in the current year?

New 1099 employee, and cannot figure out if it matters that it will be less than a month when I try to write off expenses for 2017 [More Inside] [more inside]
posted by niteHawk at 8:30 AM - 8 answers

Are offshore or Swiss accounts a real thing?

Partner and I have modest assets we want to protect from the possibility of either of us experiencing an illness/medical condition that would destroy a reasonable retirement for the other. [more inside]
posted by dancing leaves at 7:56 AM - 19 answers

December 13

ELI5 Credit Card Interest

Please explain credit card interest to me like I am five years old. [more inside]
posted by turtlefu at 2:59 PM - 13 answers

Fair way of dividing assets / drawing straws

I need to divide estate assets between 3 siblings who will not agree on anything. [more inside]
posted by Mid at 8:43 AM - 47 answers

Job search panic

I've been looking for a job since July. My unemployment is going to run out at the end of January, and my savings won't last much longer than that. I am living as frugally as reasonably as I can but I am panicking. With my qualifications, I thought I'd have a job by now. What am I doing wrong? [more inside]
posted by AFABulous at 7:23 AM - 25 answers

December 12

Making hotelling/hotdesking work for you

What hacks have you developed to make reservation-less unassigned seating work for you in the workplace? I find the whole concept really unpleasant and unsettling. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:10 PM - 13 answers

How much house to buy?

How should I choose between moving somewhere affordable and good for now but probably needing to move in 5-7 years, versus putting ourselves under financial stress to make something longer-term work out? [more inside]
posted by slidell at 12:28 PM - 19 answers

Cheap and/or safe way to sell Bitcoins and transfer to GBP bank account?

Can anyone suggest a cheap and/or safe way to sell Bitcoins and transfer to British / GBP bank account? Things seem to change so quickly in this area - Bitwala offer such a service, but the charges seem high. Any suggestions gratefully received.
posted by mairuzu at 12:11 PM - 3 answers

What are some tips on how to approach potential clients as a freelancer?

If you’re in a position to hire freelancers, what does and doesn’t work in an initial contact? [more inside]
posted by gigondas at 11:53 AM - 5 answers

Why do corporate apartment complexes change their prices so often?

I’m curious about how dynamic pricing in large, corporate-owned apartment complexes works, particularly in hot rental markets. Why do the prices change so quickly and so frequently? [more inside]
posted by invisible ink at 1:15 AM - 4 answers

December 11

is there a student loan consultant who is not a scammer?

Due to the president’s lovely tax bill, I’m now worried sick about my student loan repayment strategy. I discussed things in detail with a fee only financial planner a few years ago, but he wasn’t very familiar with the ins and outs of huge student loans. I now feel like I need the advice of a real expert, and I’m willing to pay $$$ but I don’t want to get ripped off and/or be told things that I already know because I read the fedloan website
posted by genmonster at 7:42 PM - 10 answers

How to get objective advice from a consultant?

I'll be having an initial conversation with someone who is an expert in their field who recently started their own consulting company to offer related support services in that field. I'm wondering if there any way to structure the compensation or incentives for their time and insights so that I can be sure I'm getting unbiased advice? I'd like to avoid getting advice that basically amounts to the idea that I should just keep hiring him over and over again. Thanks!
posted by Gosha_Dog at 5:42 PM - 7 answers

Insurance claim greatly exceeds excess wear charge on my lease. Payday?

Insurance claim: $5,000. Lease inspection report says I'll only need to pay $600. What happens now? [more inside]
posted by speedgraphic at 10:33 AM - 2 answers

Moving to South / West LA from Europe - help from locals?

Moving to LA and trying to find a nice apartment, not far from my workplace, trying to avoid traffic jams and airport noise, affordable but close to the beach... if it is possible? [more inside]
posted by raiguabe at 9:31 AM - 22 answers

December 10

How to Become: Law Librarian; School Librarian

Tell me about the steps involved (after obtaining an MLIS, which I already have) in becoming a law librarian, and/or a public school OR university librarian. Bonus points if it relates specifically to those jobs in Virginia, but this is not a requirement! [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 12:45 PM - 12 answers

Moving Parts: Family Obligations, Student Loans, and Holiday Wishes

My in-laws are in serious debt, and among them are $70,000 worth of my wife's student loans. They have asked my wife to refinance this loan in her name and pay her back for the payments on the loan. However, with our combined salary of just at ~$60,000 before taxes, high-ish rent, $27,000 worth of grad school debt, car payments, and credit card bills- this feels like a precarious proposition. Should we take on this loan, and is there a way out for my family? Many snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by Krazor at 9:25 AM - 21 answers

Starting a women's networking group--what do we need to know?

A few friends and I would like to set up a professional networking group for women in our particular male-dominated policy area. We want to create a safe space that is as welcoming to all women. Initial plans are to start out with a Facebook group and follow up with some networking events, first in the city where we founders live, and then, hopefully, in members' cities. Have you ever set up such a group, and if so, how did you go about it, what worked best, and what do you wish you had done differently?
posted by anonymous at 1:40 AM - 2 answers

I can haz job for Christmas?

This was me. Thanks to the excellent advice from fellow mefites, I now have not one but two (TWO!) tenure-track academic offers in my field. Help me decide! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:40 AM - 21 answers

December 9

Some accessed my bank account and deposited money. Why?

Someone gained access to my online bank account, got an cash advance from my credit card, and deposited the money INTO my account. I don't get it. [more inside]
posted by Badmichelle at 11:13 AM - 3 answers

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