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December 11, 2012

Soccer, partying and the beach!

We want to go to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. How do we make that happen? [more inside]
posted by xicana63 around Brazil at 10:22 AM - 2 answers has best

October 11, 2012

Wandering in inland Brazil

Wandering in inland Brazil. [more inside]
posted by Tell Me No Lies around Brazil at 12:05 AM - 4 answers

September 2, 2012

What happens if you are arrive in Brazil from the US without a visa?

I have a ticket to travel from SFO to São Paulo tomorrow. Sadly, I just discovered I need a visa. There is no time to apply and the consulate is closed tomorrow so I wonder if I should just get on the plane and see what happens. If they turn me away in São Paulo what will they do? Put me on the next plane? Or will the airline not even board me without the visa? (I have a connecting flight in O'Hare.)
posted by Typographica around Sao Paulo, Brazil at 10:12 PM - 12 answers has best

February 24, 2012

Any early morning options in Salvador, Brazil?

Hi well traveled mefites! My husband and I are taking the overnight bus from Lencois to Salvadore tonight and it arrives at something like 5am. We have ~6 hrs to kill in Salvadore before we catch our flight to Rio. Are there any places we can go to hang out early morning? I'm guessing the Market isn't open that early but maybe there's a restaurant that's open 24 hrs or a section of town that's nice in the early morning maybe.
posted by lannanh around Salvador, Brazil at 1:19 PM - 3 answers has best

January 29, 2012

Brazil for Awesome People

After finding ourselves in the unexpected position of having a two-week trip but no idea where to go on it, my boyfriend and I have decided to go to Brazil! Which is a gigantic country, so your help, opinions, and itineraries are much desired. [more inside]
posted by firstbest around Brazil at 8:32 PM - 9 answers

January 17, 2012

Should I visit Rio?

Brazil Filter: I'll be in Sao Paolo for a week in early February and would appreciate some hive-mind input on the trip. Details within. [more inside]
posted by quidividi around Brazil at 1:36 AM - 7 answers

November 15, 2011

sweet sweet brazil

Brazil over winter break: ideas and tips, please! [more inside]
posted by allthingsconsidered around Brazil at 3:03 AM - 4 answers

October 26, 2011

What to do with a 7-1/2 hour layover

I will be traveling in mid-December as a woman alone and have a 7-1/2 hour layover in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I arrive at 4:30 pm and depart after midnight. Any suggestions for something safe to do to pass the time, (a tour is probably unlikely that late in the day) or a nearby and safe hotel to spend the time? I hate the idea of just sitting all night in an airport.
posted by eepersmom around Sao Paulo, Brazil at 1:19 PM - 10 answers has best

August 15, 2011

Birding in/around Rio Branco

Going to Rio Branco, Acre state, Brazil next month. Looking to do some birding, and soliciting suggestions/tips. [more inside]
posted by dondiego87 around Rio Branco, Brazil at 12:09 PM - 3 answers has best

August 9, 2011

Help with shipping to Brazil?

I need to ship a package from the US to Brazil about once a quarter. I want a way that will guarantee it arrives. The package is not especially large (up to shoe-box size), heavy, delicate or cumbersome, and there is no time requirement. Anyone with experience shipping to Brazil? [more inside]
posted by LittleFuzzy around Brazil at 6:14 PM - 7 answers has best

April 10, 2011

what backpack to take and where to go in bahia (northern) brazil?

hi all, i am looking for a quality backpack and cool places to go to in northern brazil. i would appreciate any help. [more inside]
posted by shitalphin around Brazil at 12:13 PM - 6 answers has best

February 22, 2011

Brazil or Bust!

Any good recommendations for using Facebook to handle a wedding in 9 months in South America with North American attendees? Hoping to deal with flight ideas, share travel tips etc. Anyone used the site in this way lately?
posted by Freedomboy around Brazil at 1:08 PM - 2 answers

February 16, 2011

2011: The Summer of Brazil

Looking for information, tips, and suggestions about an upcoming extended trip to northern Brazil. Details within! [more inside]
posted by hansbrough around Brazil at 4:54 PM - 4 answers

January 6, 2011

Foreign exchange in Sao Paulo

Should I go on foreign exchange in Sao Paulo? [more inside]
posted by barbudo around Sao Paulo, Brazil at 8:35 PM - 11 answers has best

December 5, 2010

Kitty folks!

Brazil [Aracaju] filter: Best places and prices for dry cat food, 2 ex-pats new to country there right now and they are on a budget and need to find a source. Small stores only seem to have high priced editions.
posted by Freedomboy around Brazil at 3:23 PM - 5 answers

July 10, 2010

São Paulo accommodation

Two weeks in São Paulo. Places to stay? [more inside]
posted by TheGoodBlood around Sao Paulo, Brazil at 3:07 PM - 3 answers has best

April 7, 2010

Prices in Buzios?

Food prices in Buzios? [more inside]
posted by conifer around Armação de Búzios, Brazil at 3:17 PM - 8 answers has best

March 8, 2010

Visa timing issues

Brazilian visa question: Have an unused visitor visa that I will likely not be able to activate prior to the expiration date, how easy is it to get an extension or re-issue of a new one?
posted by Freedomboy around Brazil at 8:42 AM - 1 answer

February 11, 2010

Slow Boat to Brazil

Asking for a friend, anyone use a shipping container to bring their household goods to South America, specifically Brazil. How fast, how safe, any issues, that good old general "need to know" list.
posted by Freedomboy around Brazil at 8:30 AM - 1 answer

January 18, 2010

Brazil: It's only a state of mind.

Darling Fiancée and I are planning our honeymoon, it's down to Costa Rica and Brazil at this point. I'd love to hear the Hive's experiences with both destinations. More after the fold. [more inside]
posted by Oktober around Brazil at 6:43 PM - 14 answers