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September 14

Vacation suggestions for Shreveport, LA

Spouse and I are probably going to Shreveport for our next anniversary. Dates are 10/11 -10/14 and those dates are concrete. Fellow MeFis, what do you recommend to do in Shreveport? Preferences below the fold. [more inside]
posted by a non mouse, a cow herd around Shreveport, LA at 11:39 AM - 8 answers

Maximize my chances for (watching) liftoff

Currently planing a Florida vacation for April or May of next year. I would like to view a rocket launch while there. Any hints for choosing my exact vacation date? [more inside]
posted by mirage pine around Florida at 6:12 AM - 4 answers

September 13

Christmas in Charleston SC

Looking to go somewhere within driving distance of Richmond VA, Dec 26-30. Leaning towards Charleston SC. Will be my wife and I and two adult kids. Looking at rental houses / apartments in downtown area. Are there any particular areas would should aim for , or avoid? Also, feel free to share your must not miss things to do or places to eat / drink in Charleston.
posted by COD around Charleston, SC at 6:25 PM - 4 answers

Chill Coffee Cafe for Creatives in Cozumel?

Third cruise visit to Cozumel coming up. This time the focus is maximum chill and room for creative productivity, (as opposed to adventure, shopping, sightseeing...) Help us find a cafe with the food, the coffee, and the atmosphere to just be who we be, but in Cozumel. Requirements after the break. [more inside]
posted by cross_impact around Mexico at 9:23 AM - 2 answers

(Queer) Boston Tourist Recs

What should a queer person interested in art and food do in Boston next weekend? [more inside]
posted by nuclear_soup around Boston, MA at 6:29 AM - 8 answers

September 12

Quiet Carribean with kids

We are planning our winter vacation, two adults, two kids for mid February 2020 and hoping to go to a warm, sandy, snorkeling type of beach as low key as possible, but still in a resort type of situation. At the moment we think Mexico is out and we went to Sanibel last year and are looking for something more tropical and quieter this time around. We would want a kitchen of some kind and dont need activities per se, but snorkeling, kayaking and other any wildlife type excursions would be of interest. Cost is certainly a very strong consideration. Thanks for the ideas, thoughts and feedback.
posted by silsurf at 5:06 AM - 8 answers

September 11

Scenic Route Finder? What’s good between NYC and Toronto

I am going from New York to Toronto and back and wondering if there is a more scenic route than whatever google maps might suggest. Would love any Mefite recs on that route for easy and delightful scenic drive routes and/or rad stopping places. thanks!
posted by wowenthusiast around Toronto, ON at 7:32 PM - 9 answers

My first ask - Canadian content

I am an old man, computer expert, long time resident legally in USA. Born in Winnipeg (actually St. Boniface at the time). Anyways, I'd like to get a Canadian passport. But I see no way I ever qualify. I'd add, maybe my family was sorta around since the 1700s in Canada, but I'm at a loss as to what to do. I can not cross the border according to what I see.
posted by baegucb at 3:51 PM - 14 answers

Vacation in France: Loire (Amboise), Burgundy (Beaune), & Paris (10th)

Looking for recommendations to fill out our activities for an upcoming vacation in France. We'll be spending a few days each (driving between them) in the Loire valley between Saumur and Amboise, Burgundy between Beaune and Dijon, and then back to Paris in the 10th arr. [more inside]
posted by aught around France at 12:55 PM - 12 answers

Carry-on backpack/soft suitcase recommendations?

I’m looking at getting a carry-on soft-sided duffle/suitcase/backpack (like the Osprey Farpoint/Fairview or the Lowe Alpine Carry-on 45). What recommendations do you have? [more inside]
posted by stillmoving at 12:34 PM - 22 answers

Getting around Chicago, stuff to do near Evanston, plus vegan traveler

I'm going to a conference at Loyola University next week. I didn't register early enough to get in the main hotel. The shuttles they're setting up probably won't be enough for me. I could also use recommendations for vegan food in the area. Please help. [more inside]
posted by FencingGal around Chicago, IL at 6:37 AM - 14 answers

What to see and do in Durham, UK?

Going to Durham for a couple of days. I know about the museum, the castle and the cathedral. What else is interesting locally? Wandering around is good; history, archaeology, books, art, gardens, quietish places to eat or have coffee. We will have a car so could go out of the city, but probably don't want to go too far.
posted by paduasoy around Durham, England at 1:28 AM - 7 answers

September 10

Suggested tips, tricks & products for flying with a baby [2019 edition]

What are your best tips / tricks / products for creating a nap environment and/or easing fussiness? [more inside]
posted by shrimpetouffee at 1:16 PM - 15 answers

Let's just take the train somewhere

What are some fun day trips from Union Station in Washington DC by train? For the purposes of this question, I'm defining a "day trip" as three hours each way or less. I'm deliberately leaving this question open-ended, so just let me know why the place you have in mind makes such a fun day trip!
posted by capricorn at 11:17 AM - 11 answers

Where in Pittsburgh do college students hang out?

I'm taking the 18-year-old to Pittsburgh for a college open house this Sunday. We're arriving around lunchtime Saturday and staying in the South Side. I'm looking for recommendations on places to check out in the city where college students typically hang out and do fun stuff. Thanks in advance.
posted by shallowcenter around Pittsburgh, PA at 9:42 AM - 6 answers

What happens to Vinyl car wraps after their lifespan?

I'm interested in wrapping my 90's Toyota in 3M vinyl, but I'm put off by the idea of a "lifespan" and 3M's lack of information on what this actually means. [more inside]
posted by sodium lights the horizon at 1:31 AM - 16 answers

September 9

Suggestions for NYC on Thanksgiving day...difficulty: No parade

My family and I (spouse and 11 year old daughter) are headed to NYC for Thanksgiving week for a getaway and to indulge our love of musicals. Our schedule works out so that we can leave NYC via LGA either Thurs (Thanksgiving day) or stay the extra night and head out on Friday. How hellish is it getting from the Upper West Side to LGA on t'giving day, knowing that we'll be within a few blocks of the parade route? [more inside]
posted by griffey around New York, NY at 7:57 PM - 1 answers

Multi-Family lodging in London

For a stay in London this winter for about five nights, with two grandparents and three families (call it 16 people total), what are the best options? I am curious about specific neighborhoods, and also types of lodging and ways to book it. Thanks so much! [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt around London, England at 11:34 AM - 2 answers

Help me use my American phone in Australia?

I'll be in Australia for just under a month, traveling on my own. What's the most practical and cost-efficient way make my Pixel 3 useable while I'm there? [more inside]
posted by Narrative Priorities around Australia at 10:33 AM - 10 answers

Group dinner in downtown Toronto

Looking for recommendations for a group dinner with six people on a Sunday evening in November in Downtown Toronto near or easy to get to from the Westin Harbour Castle. No major dietary restrictions, although a place with a variety of options would be best. Preferably not loud/touristy. Budget is max $75/person (CAD) although it really doesn't need to be fancy.
posted by Ufez Jones around Toronto, ON at 10:27 AM - 9 answers

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