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April 20

Where to find a TTRPG group in north Seattle?

I’d like to find a group to play D&D (or other RPG) with in the northern part of Seattle! Seattle folks, any tips for a transplant on how to find a new gaming group around here? [more inside]
posted by a device for making your enemy change his mind at 12:39 PM - 6 answers

April 19

What's the best, cheapest option for matte photo prints?

I've got a photo exhibit coming up. Nothing major, the walls of a local coffee shop. But you know, I want it to look good. What are my options for ordering affordable prints online, hopefully with a matte option? Everything from 8X10 to 20X30. [more inside]
posted by flod at 3:02 AM - 6 answers

April 18

PowerPoint karaoke/battledecks suggestions

At last year's academic conference a small group of friends played BattleDecks /PowerPoint karaoke and had the best time ever. We'd like to play again. I'm soliciting great slides for this. [more inside]
posted by k8t at 6:04 PM - 6 answers

April 15

Activities for child with limited range of motion

I'm looking for fun activities for that a 7-year-old - with very limited range of motion of her upper body - can play with an 8-year-old who has complete mobility. [more inside]
posted by bitteroldman at 9:21 AM - 22 answers

April 13

A stopwatch for space instead of time

Can you recommend an iOS app (10.3.3 max) that allows you to record your location in the most rapid, direct, and idiotproof way possible? Something like a button that takes up most of the screen that you just tap once and done. It needs to save the location as lat/long coordinates. Ideally, it would have an option for displaying the recorded location in degrees and decimal minutes, but any of the degree-based notations would be acceptable.
posted by bricoleur at 2:23 PM - 6 answers

April 10

Tiki Party - how does one even?

I have been into Tiki Culture for the past several years, I even have a Tiki Bar in my house! Yet... when trying to create ideas for an annual party (as in 50-100 adults), I'm a little overwhelmed about what to do without it coming out tacky yet... I don't want to spend a fortune. I love coming to Metafilter for ideas, so any tiki-heads or party planners or just general advice is greatly appreciated. [more inside]
posted by hillabeans at 11:51 AM - 16 answers

April 9

Can You Help Me Fix a Habit

So, this time last year, I was embarking on what would become a 9-month streak of practicing piano really consistently 6 days a week at a very low intensity of practice session length (~15 minutes). I was doing well at being consistent and sort of letting that be its own reward, but not making a lot of progress. There were some life changes, my income went up, I moved, and I got a teacher! And now that I have an external force of motivation, I... somehow cannot practice to save my life? [more inside]
posted by space snail at 5:42 PM - 25 answers

The old college try?

How long did you a try a new social hobby or sport before you decided to stick with it? Is there a time where you just decide it’s not a good fit? [more inside]
posted by buttonedup at 4:30 PM - 18 answers

April 8

Must-have camping supplies

I have not been camping in 25 years and we're maybe going to start easing into it again, what's up in camping gear these days? [more inside]
posted by Lyn Never at 9:34 AM - 35 answers

April 5

YAMMT (you are my music teacher)!

A good friend's teenage son has taken an interest in learning to play the guitar. Since I play, he has asked me to teach him the basics. I'm looking for suggestions from other players on what to cover. [more inside]
posted by jabo at 4:50 PM - 8 answers

Where should I go camping outside of LA?

I live in Los Angeles and my birthday is next weekend and I just want to go be alone in the wilderness for a night and two days, with minimal interaction and noise from other people. Where should I go? [more inside]
posted by kensington314 at 10:58 AM - 10 answers

March 29

March Madness - who pays for X-rays?

If you were injured in an NCAA tournament and received onsite X-rays (!?), who’s paying for that? The player’s health insurance? Is it in-network or out? Do teams have a separate insurance policy? The tournament? Is the player out co-pays or deductibles? What happens with a serious injury that requires hospitalization? I’m watching basketball and SO curious.
posted by zibra at 6:33 PM - 4 answers

Looking for comfort bicycle recommendations

My wife is in the market for a new bike, and is leaning towards a comfort bicycle. Any brand or model recommendations? [more inside]
posted by The Card Cheat at 11:34 AM - 5 answers

March 26

Help Me Choose an Electric Bike

I have finally decided to buy an electric bike (after years of saving and researching and renting) and I have found a local shop that sells 2 bikes in my price range. Please help me decide which one I should buy. [more inside]
posted by pjsky at 4:09 PM - 5 answers

Please analyze this bespoke electronic device

At my job they routinely auction off surplus tools to raise money for charity. One of the things currently up for auction is a plexiglass box with electronic components inside. What might it do? Pics and details inside. [more inside]
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 12:28 PM - 16 answers

A steaming plate of birthday beans

I have a significant birthday this year. I'd like to celebrate it with my friends in some manner, which is not a thing I've really done a lot as an adult for complex reasons mostly around self esteem and perceived worthlessness. I'll be sad and disappointed in myself if I let this one pass without marking it socially, but I feel super anxious about various logistical/practical elements of organising a party. Talk some sense into me please. [more inside]
posted by terretu at 10:46 AM - 20 answers

March 25

Relaxed slow bike

I want to find a bike which is slow and relaxed and can handle ground that is a bit muddy and rough or advice on how to turn my existing bike into this if possible? [more inside]
posted by mosswinter at 7:28 AM - 11 answers

March 24

Recommend word game apps without advertising

Years ago I was a happy user of words with friends when they still offered a premium no-ads version. Then that didn't generate quite enough dollars for the people at zynga to afford those ivory back-scratchers for the executive bathroom and now it's a thirty second ad every damn move and I hate it. Same for the Scrabble app. Is there anything out there with (i) fewer ads or preferably (ii) a paid version that removes PLAY THIS GAME and MATCH WITH THESE SEXY PEOPLE and NOT ANOTHER GAME WITH BUBBLES PLEASE adverts? Android, btw.
posted by humuhumu at 3:25 AM - 9 answers

March 23

Which point and shoot camera should I buy, if any?

Somewhat inspired by this question, I'm wondering which digital camera I should buy, if any, to supplement my phone camera. I would use this camera for closeup / macro situations, relatively long telephoto shots, and low-light shots. [more inside]
posted by Joey Buttafoucault at 4:07 PM - 8 answers

Mahjong: Seattle store selling sets, meetups playing HKOS, Mac/iOS game?

1.) Is there a place in Seattle that sells them? I'd guess there must be some place in the International District that does, but I haven't had luck finding one. 2.) Are there any meetup groups who play Cantonese / Hong Kong Old Style (HKOS) rules? 3.) Is there a good game that plays by these rules that's available for Mac or iOS, and which is available as a direct download, or in the US App Store? [more inside]
posted by mboszko at 1:04 PM - 3 answers

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