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January 30

Would this really fuck up traffic?

I have a friend who is fed up with living in Toronto, "a city that prioritizes the car". His way of rebelling is to press every single "Press to cross the street beg button" that he passes, regardless of whether he intends to cross the street. He insists that if enough people do it, it will fuck up traffic and cause the city to stop installing these evil things. Is he right? [more inside]
posted by dobbs at 4:39 PM - 25 answers

January 27

Help me with trivia questions, on certain subjects

I am involved with setting up a trivia game for a group I am involved in. So, I turn to you for help with questions (and answers, of course). [more inside]
posted by NotLost at 7:43 PM - 11 answers

January 26

Resource card to give w/ money to people asking for money: good idea?

I want to give something more than just money, usually $5, to people when I get asked for it in public, and an idea I'm having would be a business card/index card/booklet with a compilation of resources they might try to access. I'm thinking like a list of phone numbers/contact info and addresses/directions for soup kitchens, distribution points, legal aid, etc. I'm having trouble deciding what ought to go on it though, because people's circumstances are so different I wouldn't know if what I'm putting in would be useful or irrelevant. [more inside]
posted by coolname at 8:39 PM - 24 answers

January 23

How does someone like Rep. George Santos get so far in life?

It's intriguing to me that our society doesn't filter out someone like George Santos from holding office at an earlier stage in his life. He seems to have a long history of telling a lot of people a lot of different things. Did people really believe him? Wouldn't he earn a reputation that preceded him? Not interested in judging his politics or his character. But I am curious what factors may have allowed him to get as far as he has in life because it might reveal something interesting about human nature for me.
posted by Gosha_Dog at 4:54 PM - 25 answers

January 19

Health issues for five years and need a vacation. IDGAF

As a single man in my mid 40's, after five years of health issues, where should I go on vacation in February 2023 if money and vacation time aren't an issue? [more inside]
posted by ender6574 at 1:26 AM - 4 answers

January 18

Poor Eyesight Affecting History

Are there any accounts of how poor eyesight may have affected history? [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad at 8:21 AM - 10 answers

January 17

Happy King Day! - Regionalism

When I lived in Charleston South Carolina, on MLK Jr's birthday I would be frequently greeted with "Happy King Day" when I interacted with black people. I have not seen this in any other part of country (though likely may have not interacted with many black people on these dates). Do you live or have lived in a place where this is a common greeting on that date? Where?
posted by sandmanwv at 1:33 PM - 2 answers

January 16

Ideas Databank

I remember, from at least 20 years ago, a website I stumbled onto that was a collection of ideas from people from all over the world. I think the ideas were grouped by category, like, social policy, technology, etc. Can't remember the name of the site. [more inside]
posted by CollectiveMind at 10:13 AM - 2 answers

January 15

How to deal with loud neighbors?

I live in a single family house in a quiet neighborhood. The neighbors next to me must be new but have such large parties I am woken up by it. I can hear the music now. I at first thought it was due to the holidays but this is an all the time thing. I don’t want to involve the police and doubt they will actually respond anyway. What’s the best way to resolve this? [more inside]
posted by geoff. at 12:39 AM - 10 answers

January 11

Chinese New Year gifts for daycare staff

My son goes to a daycare where all the teachers are from Mainland China. I’m thinking about giving them gifts for Chinese New Year but have some questions about that. I’d be grateful for help from people who know more about this than I do. I have a bit of familiarity with Chinese culture but kind of just enough to know that there’s a lot I don’t know! [more inside]
posted by imalaowai at 12:49 PM - 4 answers

January 8

Is there a PDX bar to replace late night coffee shops?

I very much miss 24 hour coffee shops in Portland. They seem to have all closed. Is there a bar or some other venue that is similar enough to a late night coffee shop? I.e. a place where the vibes are relatively quiet and chill and it wouldn't be weird to sit for a few hours on a laptop or reading a book? And maybe that has nice non-alcoholic drink options?
posted by overglow at 9:43 AM - 3 answers

January 7

I saw police activity at my local park, now what?

This morning I saw what appeared to be police guarding a dead body in my local park and I'm not sure how to respond. [more inside]
posted by shesbookish at 8:48 AM - 22 answers

January 3

Leaving Paradise against my will.

It's become clear that I can no longer sustain my life in the place I love the most. How have you made peace with the decision to leave somewhere you thought you'd never leave ... particularly when you have nowhere else that's calling you? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:09 AM - 20 answers

January 2

Stories about people included in 30-over-30 lists

Please throw some recommendations of stories you've enjoyed that are centered around characters that started pursuing their goals later in life. [more inside]
posted by sharksmile at 11:32 AM - 6 answers

December 31, 2022

Why Middleton?

I can’t believe I’m wasting a question on this, especially when I know the answers will likely all be speculation, but it’s been bugging me for too long so I’m letting it go with the new year: Why do they still call Kate Middleton, “Kate Middleton”? They’ve been married over a decade, everyone knows which Kate she is when they write about her, she doesn’t call herself that, so it’s not out of respect… I thought the practice would at least stop since she’s now the Princess of Wales, but apparently not? I don’t remember anyone ever calling Princess Diana “Diana Spencer” after her marriage. What gives? Is this a class thing?
posted by Mchelly at 6:10 PM - 16 answers

Help me find a particular essay by an autistic woman

In February (or possibly January) 2020 I read an essay on the internet by a woman who had recently figured out that she was autistic. I've been trying to find it again but I can't. (I thought I had gotten there from a Metafilter post, but I've trawled through all the autism-tagged posts from early 2020 and haven't found it.) Details within. [more inside]
posted by heatherlogan at 7:49 AM - 3 answers

December 27, 2022

Person with no credentials wants to work in the counseling field?

Someone wants to work with people who have been traumatized - but they are older and have no credentials. They are super-aware, have many years of self-taught healing modality training via books and teachers, have huge insight into the human condition and psyche, but no diplomas or credentials to put on a wall. They are also older, over 60. [more inside]
posted by watercarrier at 9:36 PM - 26 answers

December 23, 2022

Books on Chinese cultural history?

What are some good books on the evolution of Chinese culture (both high culture and material culture), particularly during the T'ang Dynasty? When I look up "Chinese cultural history" I get histories of the Cultural Revolution, which is about 1300 years too late...
posted by musofire at 5:33 PM - 5 answers

December 21, 2022

One Word Regionalisms

What are some words that you've heard that are just one word regionally but elsewhere use multiple words or words that are not specific. May be a word that is used differently in other places. Example I can think of is in Appalachia we use "toboggan"(in many places, a sled) to describe the knit hat that you wear on your head when it is very cold. Every where else i've lived (Midwest, South, North East) uses "hat", "knit cap", "winter hat", or specifically "beanie" (which to me is too specific).
posted by sandmanwv at 8:04 AM - 61 answers

December 20, 2022

Who is the earliest historical person that many Americans have heard of?

Who is the earliest historical person that many or most Americans have heard of? My candidate is Tutankhamun (c. 1332 – 1323 BCE). I'm excluding Abraham and Gilgamesh (and for that matter, Adam) as probably not historical. I don't think there's an earlier pharaoh who's widely known. I think the characters in the Iliad, even if historical, come after Tut. Any other candidates? I recognize that this question is somewhat subjective.
posted by Jasper Fnorde at 7:51 PM - 32 answers

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