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Next month I'm strapping my big 'ol mountain bike to my car and driving up from Los Angeles to Marin County to visit friends. Where should I stop along the way to camp and ride?
comment posted at 5:53 PM on May-17-16
comment posted at 8:40 PM on May-17-16

Our three year old LOVES to say his letters and numbers. When he gets to Z, he triumphantly (and accurately) announces "and that's all the letters!" When he gets to 100 he proudly informs us, "that's all the numbers!" I've tried to tell him about 101, 102, etc., but he does not believe me. He would believe it if a YouTube video or app told him so. Any suggestions? (Yep, I know this is not a big deal. I just like watching the light bulb go on when he realizes just how big the world is.)
comment posted at 2:04 PM on Apr-25-16

I'm moving to the city with potentially the most choices of anywhere in the world (NYC). I'm anxious planner who spends 15 minutes a day figuring out where to eat lunch. Help me whittle my choices down on a daily and long term basis so I don't get stressed out by the experience. Types of choices include event, food, drink, attraction decisions.
comment posted at 8:51 AM on Apr-18-16

Like most everyone else, I'm trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. I'm specifically looking to expand my repertoire of low-effort vegetable side dishes based on inexpensive produce of the sort your mother/grandmother is familiar with (carrots, celery, cabbage, zucchini, onions, etc.). I've got no qualms about frozen or canned produce in theory and so would welcome ideas that make the most of those options. Salad/slaw ideas are also welcome.
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comment posted at 10:44 AM on Apr-15-16

Noise from our sump pump is keeping us up at night. What can I do to get things quieter?
comment posted at 10:11 PM on Mar-22-16

I want to change the handlebars on my bike. Google tells me this is potentially expensive and more difficult than I imagine, but I think my bike might be an exception. Am I fooling myself? Or can I ignore the warnings? Bonus: Can I do it myself?
comment posted at 8:16 PM on Mar-16-16

I don't get this New Yorker cartoon. None of my Facebook friends get it either. The best anyone can figure it has something to do with politicians on the right? Please hope me! http://www.newyorker.com/cartoons/a19657
comment posted at 7:58 AM on Mar-6-16

Thinking about taking a long weekend trip to LA (Thurs-Mon in the next few weeks) for a quick getaway with my wife from NYC. How does this sound as an idea?
comment posted at 2:58 PM on Feb-24-16

How do you manage snoring with cohabitation in a small space?
comment posted at 7:51 PM on Feb-10-16

I need to drive to to several different cities across California over the course of a week. What is a good app or website that will help me plan the most efficient route?
comment posted at 6:47 PM on Jan-24-16

What kinds of not-regular-but-important things for lifestyle maintenance should I, as a theoretically-responsible adult, be tracking? I'm talking about things like changing filters on air conditioners, getting dental checkups, cleaning gutters, and so forth. In theory I am an actual grown-up, but I keep getting blindsided by things I should have known about doing but utterly failed to do.
comment posted at 11:54 AM on Jan-25-16

I'm fascinated by the subject of time and would like to explore literature, poetry, music and film that uses it as a central theme, but not necessarily in any overt way. As a point of reference, the Bukowski piece "Nirvana", which I find very moving. Help me find more time-related art.
comment posted at 5:32 PM on Jan-8-16
comment posted at 7:03 PM on Jan-9-16

If all goes according to plan, I will be in LA for one Saturday in March (work related travel, spare day). I'll be downtown and will need either to walk, use a city bike or take whatever public transit there is. What should I do? What should I eat? Should I buy things, and if so, what?
comment posted at 9:11 PM on Jan-5-16
comment posted at 10:54 PM on Jan-5-16

Good sources for science trivia?
comment posted at 11:01 AM on Nov-4-15

I'm a competitive athlete, in my mid-60s. I'm getting discouraged because I need cross-training that will keep me mobile and strong. I need recommendations for low-impact aerobic, core, and weight work that will keep me moving, keep me competitive, and reduce injuries.
comment posted at 4:19 PM on Oct-10-15

I'll be in LA next week without a car and I'd like to see my family who live way out in Riverside County. Is it possible to get out there and back in a single afternoon/evening?
comment posted at 8:27 PM on Sep-24-15

"But if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need..." I need chunks of lyrics that you quote all the time. Or, at least, quotable lyrics. Bonus points if they're easily drawn or visualized. Double bonus points if they're on self-discovery & empowerment with a bit of life is good thrown in for good measure.
comment posted at 3:38 PM on Sep-21-15

Either versus being depressed, or not (what I'm saying is, I'm fine with answers from never-depressed people but also comparative answers from those who have gone through depressive periods and recovery).
comment posted at 9:31 PM on Sep-16-15

My job is boring and not easy to quickly explain, but telling new people I meet who ask me what I do that my job is boring or it's "paperwork" seems to be mildly alienating. What the hell do I tell people?
comment posted at 4:38 PM on Sep-4-15

I’m looking to assemble a compilation or reference list for a type of music that I’ve always been drawn to, which is stuff that sounds simultaneously cartoony and loose, maybe a little clangy, almost a bit sinister, like the music has a hold over you and that infects you with this primal energy makes you feel out of control, like you’re going to morph into Animal from the Muppets.
comment posted at 12:30 PM on Aug-24-15

Looking for recipes and meal ideas for hosting (usually a couple of people) for dinner on weeknights with a bit of a wow factor. Prep around or under 1 hour, vegetarian, reasonable clean up time are all helpful!
comment posted at 10:35 AM on Jul-30-15

We have an Oster Classic 76 hair clipper that the wife uses to cut my (thick, no-joke) hair and we love it. We have a full set of guide combs but only ever use 3 of them (#4, 5, and 6) for my head and I'm considering getting those size equivalents (0A, 1, and 1A I think) in blade form with the hopes of making the job easier for her. Could you help me understand if this is dumb because I might have this all wrong and not be doing any good buying said blades?
comment posted at 10:46 PM on Jul-25-15

I acknowledge that I am a terrible person, but I want to get my cat Nosy a dinosaur haircut so he looks like Toothless.
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Jul-24-15

My brother-in-law got naturalized on Tuesday and my wife and I want to get him a present. I'm thinking something tied to America, nice quality and perhaps something he can hang or display, though I'm flexible on that last requirement.
comment posted at 11:49 AM on Jul-23-15

Help me find shirts like the one the guy from Royal Pains wears (please!).
comment posted at 3:08 PM on Jul-17-15

I need to figure out how to make my cards useless at a few locations near me.
comment posted at 1:34 PM on Jul-17-15

Best Los Angeles film studio tours for classic films, a film museum of sorts and anything Hitchcock?
comment posted at 4:47 PM on Jul-11-15

My camera, which is a Kodak EasyShare C183 and which I've had since Christmas 2011, is malfunctioning. Whenever I turn it on, it turns itself off within a few seconds. It's indicating that it's a battery issue, but it isn't actually a battery issue because I put new ones in when it first started happening and it didn't help. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Alternatively, is there any way I can have it repaired for less than what it would cost to buy a new camera?
comment posted at 11:33 AM on Jun-22-15

I am often stymied by trying to print interesting articles off the web when the pages don't have a printer friendly version. The printed version often takes many more pages than I would have guessed. Moreover several of the pages may have only a few lines on them or just ads. Is there some way to tell approximately how many pages an article will print before printing if there is not a printer-friendly version? Maybe there is some utility I can download? Thanks
comment posted at 6:19 AM on Jun-22-15
comment posted at 11:24 AM on Jun-22-15

I like discovering and reading about [old-ish but not too old] cars. Thing is, I seem to have very odd, particular tastes and I can't find a magazine that really suits it. Does anyone have any suggestions for magazines (paper or electronic) to subscribe to?
comment posted at 1:36 PM on Jun-13-15

will be in LA for a week in late July but only 2 days are mine. Alone, staying near the Getty. As I have not been in this city for more than a day in 40 years and aside from seeing the Getty, would love any recommendations of food, entertainment, neighborhoods to walk (if such a thing even exists here).
comment posted at 12:50 PM on Jun-13-15

Someone was taking this bike to the dump, but it looked like it had a nice frame still. It also looked a bit older, maybe something vintage. It needs a new front tire and a new cable and seat. Is this worth fixing? I don't know anything about the brand so I don't know what they go for new, and couldn't find one like it. All I know about it are the words "Alpine c/moly 3t". Thanks in advance. Here's the bike.
comment posted at 10:20 PM on Jun-6-15

My husband hates the smell and feel of any lotion or other moisturizing product I use. I hate dry skin. Help?
comment posted at 12:53 PM on May-28-15

I bought these in a 12.5, and while I love how they look there's no way I can keep them as currently sized. My arch is too high and it messes up how the tongue looks. If I bump up to a 13 will that solve my problem or will I just end up returning those as well?
comment posted at 7:25 PM on May-5-15
comment posted at 7:29 PM on May-5-15

What foods are fun to fry at home?
comment posted at 8:00 PM on May-4-15

I'm going to callbacks for a production of Carousel tomorrow. Yay! I'm in the running for the role of Nettie, as well as the ensemble. I'm primarily a singer and will be asked to read sides and perform some quickly taught choreography. What can I do between now and tomorrow to improve my acting and my dancing? Tips, tricks, and anecdotes welcome, assume I'm starting from zero in both skill sets. Thanks!
comment posted at 10:32 AM on May-2-15

Where do i find small batch handcrafted spicerubs to send as a gift.
comment posted at 5:46 PM on Apr-25-15

The famous "pizza on the roof" throw in Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston got it on the first try. Same with Sigourney Weaver and the basketball in Alien Resurrection. These tickle me. I'm looking for other times when an actor pulled off some ridiculous unlikely thing on film, ideally on the first try.
comment posted at 2:07 PM on Apr-25-15

I can't afford to go to a spa but I've always been enticed by the idea of a mud bath, getting a massage, etc etc. Sometimes I take some time to do a clay face mask and polish my nails which make me feel pretty good about myself not to mention relaxed. I'd like to create some sort of budget-spa/pampering experience in my own home.
comment posted at 5:30 PM on Apr-12-15

I want to make my mom's birthday special. It's this coming Saturday, but I recently found out that my grandparents, who are visiting from overseas, will be joining us that day. What would you do if you had to take people around LA for an afternoon, with limitations? Where would you go?
comment posted at 5:39 PM on Apr-12-15
comment posted at 5:44 PM on Apr-12-15
comment posted at 10:52 AM on Apr-14-15

Last year I learned how to make soap, and it turned into a rabbit hole of DIY bath products. Help me sell some of them with a clever business name!
comment posted at 1:45 PM on Apr-11-15

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