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I learned this morning that traffic signal engineering specifications for DON'T WALK crosswalk signals in the US require that "Portland Orange" be the color used. This appears to go back to at least the mid-1950s as a specification, but I'm having trouble finding out (a) when exactly that specification came into being and more to the point (b) what the etymology of the name "Portland Orange" is in the first place!
comment posted at 12:30 PM on Oct-1-19

Songwriters and pop music theory folks out there--help me out. I think that there is something very particular about the New Pornographers' chord progressions.
comment posted at 5:19 PM on Sep-28-19
comment posted at 10:10 AM on Oct-16-19

As an early-30s lady, it would be nice to date again after sitting out for a couple of years. Only trouble is, I'm kinda bad in bed and it's been a real relationship-killing downer for everyone involved. Help? This is as NSFW as can be. There's more inside, but it's :(
comment posted at 3:17 PM on Sep-26-19

While helping a friend move his office, we came across a shelf full of antique typewriters.
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Sep-23-19

A question for the Nutritionists/ dieters: what is the nutritional value of orange pith? Specifically, the white spongy stuff between the bitter skin of the orange and its flesh. I like to eat this and can’t find a calorie count for it. Thanks
comment posted at 3:14 PM on Aug-28-19

I'm looking for books to read!
comment posted at 3:41 PM on Aug-28-19

Which non-fascist extreme metal or punk tune would be the best one for me to "sing" on an xlerator hand dryer?
comment posted at 10:43 AM on Aug-18-19

I am a public librarian, where can I go from here?
comment posted at 4:40 PM on Jul-25-19

My Mom has late-stage metastasized pancreatic and liver cancer, and is stuck in bed with very low energy most of the time. I bought her an iPad, and she likes simple puzzle/word games, can you suggest any games that a senior citizen with low energy would enjoy? Also, can you suggest any things we can do or buy to help her be more comfortable? Thank you.
comment posted at 4:42 PM on Jul-18-19

We are just starting to think about our wedding, and have decided to do a destination wedding. Please tell me about the best destination weddings you've been to (location included if you have it) and what was memorable about it.
comment posted at 4:34 PM on Jul-10-19

Need advice on what to get with Nintendo Switch to make my children happy and leverage all my Wii U stuff.
comment posted at 6:16 PM on Jul-9-19

So, I have this PTSD thing going on with a lot of presentation of physical symptoms when it's bad. Part of those symptoms are nausea and vomiting. One particular thing that I have a question about is... I'm a side sleeper. When my symptoms are being bad and I'm lying on my left side to sleep I'm fine but if I change to be on my right side I'll be up and vomiting within 60 seconds. This doesn't happen if I'm not having nausea as part of my expressed symptoms but does happen about 99% of the time when I am. Is this indicating something I should have investigated (like a known symptom of a disease) or is this just part of the annoying raft of symptoms that my PTSD is presenting?
comment posted at 12:16 PM on Jul-7-19

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years, and I'm finding that I am dreading our upcoming anniversary. I am very tempted to end things with him for a few reasons, but I do love him dearly and don't want to back out without giving the relationship a good try. However, I am running out of steam. Since I have no one to share my doubts with I'll have to publish them here in the hope that some kind stranger will offer some advice. Buckle up, because it's a novel. To save boring the pants off you I haven't included every single detail, but I'll make any clarifications you like in the comments. I'm sure I'm not perfect and I welcome insight into my own behaviour, but be kind with me please! I'm only human.
comment posted at 10:19 PM on Jul-4-19

I'm traveling to UK in August for work in Southampton, but heading over early to take in some of the AONBs and other sites in the (South)West England region. Requesting lodging and any other recommendations / must sees - must dos. Thank you in advance!
comment posted at 3:20 PM on Jul-2-19

Where can I find these shoes?
comment posted at 4:55 PM on Jun-25-19

I occasionally have a need to solder. When I do, I wear a paint and odour mask, I have the window open, I hold my breath when actually making the joint and I try not to have my face over the action! I also solder very seldom and for no more than about an hour at a time.
comment posted at 11:10 AM on Jun-20-19

I’m concerned that I’m not getting the proper nutrition and would like to start taking vitamins. One of my doctor’s suggested I get a Spectracell test. Does anyone have experience with Spectracell, and if not, can you tell me how you came to terms with a vitamin/supplement regime that works for you?
comment posted at 8:17 AM on Jun-17-19

Looking for a very low cost database to replace a massive spreadsheet of names and contact information.
comment posted at 11:52 AM on Jun-16-19

MeFites, I need help. I spent the other day home from work because of a mental breakdown. I've had a series of mental breakdowns over the past few years and I need help figuring out what to do.
comment posted at 6:23 PM on Jun-6-19

My son is dying to play Skyrim - he loves RPGs and this seems right up his alley but when I look at reviews I've seen mentions of rape potentially in the game. Looking at other RPGs, like Octopath Traveller, there is some major objectifying of women. Is there an RPG that is appropriate for an 11 year old on Switch?
comment posted at 11:06 AM on May-24-19

So I have a depressive friend, he has been a good friend, but his depression has worsened over the last two years, to the point where he just doesn't care about anything but playing video games anymore. That's all he wants to do every day and that's what he wants everyone else to do as well. There's really no other way we ever communicate.
comment posted at 10:58 PM on Apr-25-19

Is it possible to block someone via text ONLY- and not calls? I have an android.
comment posted at 12:28 PM on Mar-15-19

Is there a way to prevent people from tagging you in photographs on Facebook? Or, a way that you would have to approve each photo tag individually before it is allowed? I'm not asking about whether or not the tagged photo appears on the timeline, but about tagging the photo itself.
comment posted at 5:36 PM on Mar-12-19

Asking for myself and anyone else who keeps seeing Internet dudes citing the fact that mothers are sometimes (often?) given precedence in custody cases. Since I never see a number of states or more specificity associated with these claims, I wonder if it’s more complicated than a simple checklist. I have a few more specific questions as well:
comment posted at 4:11 PM on Jan-24-19

I work in the middle of a 90s beer commercial, or at least that's what it sounds like from over the cubicle partition. I'm looking for articles or other resources that might help encourage a more inclusive (and maybe quieter) work environment.
comment posted at 3:57 PM on Jan-17-19

If one wanted to do a little under-the-radar skidding around, does anyone know of a large parking lot/paved area that's unused/unmonitored at certain hours or just abandoned (but not to the point of endangering tires with road hazards)? Asking for a friend who is about to replace their tires and wants to have a little fun with the old ones. ;) In San Francisco (ha), Peninsula, East Bay, North Bay (ha).... ?
comment posted at 4:47 PM on Jan-16-19

After my kid's preschool holiday show included a drag performance mocking the idea of a man in a dress, I would like resources to give to the school about why this is a problem.
comment posted at 6:33 PM on Dec-25-18

I'm a cis woman in my 30s, I started taking an antidepressant (Trintellix--similar to an SSRI) a month ago, and it's working but also giving me the same anorgasmia I've gotten from SSRIs in the past. The inability to release built-up tension via an orgasm--I guess the equivalent of blue balls--is hard to bear.
comment posted at 5:28 PM on Dec-20-18

Over the past year I paid down significant debt and have more savings than I've ever had in my life. Out of nowhere I have a sudden, irresistible urge to buy a house. There are reasons why this is not a good idea, at least not immediately. Talk me down. First time home buyer horror stories solicited.
comment posted at 5:40 PM on Dec-16-18

I am a Hungarian/Romanian who married an American from the South. Why do the harmonies in bluegrass and country music sound so beautiful and so different from anything else I have known? What is it about the way they are structured and sung that makes them unlike other music?
comment posted at 8:56 PM on Dec-2-18
comment posted at 8:58 PM on Dec-2-18

Not sure what to do here. I received a card in the mail letting me know that a couple I am friendly with, and also have a business relationship with one of them (my financial person), donated to a charity in my name for the holidays.
comment posted at 7:14 PM on Dec-2-18

So this guy (30) and I (25F) had known each other at work at Uni (he's staff and I was postgrad student) for over a year but never really properly talked to each other, until at some event at Uni ( I don't work there anymore as I finished a year ago) we were talking for quite a bit. And I could tell there was a mutual attraction between us. A few days later I friended him on FB and we started texting daily. The texting was a bit intense with him sending all the lengthy messages and asking all the questions, and I mirrored him doing the same. He even bought me 16 big blocks of chocolates after I joked about it...
comment posted at 6:46 PM on Nov-22-18

I'm a 48-year-old woman who's been single for eight years.
comment posted at 8:46 PM on Oct-28-18

My 10 year old daughter loves to sing and has taken voice lessons in the past. For Christmas, I am considering buying her time in a recording studio. I know nothing about the process or the people and want to be respectful of the studio as well as create a terrific experience for my daughter. So what do I need to consider?
comment posted at 8:50 AM on Oct-26-18

My remote and its big boombox are wonky
comment posted at 11:26 AM on Oct-24-18

Who is qualified to conduct clinical trials? What are clinical trials?
comment posted at 4:19 PM on Oct-14-18

Can someone identify the song this guy is playing? Going nuts, it is so familiar!
comment posted at 8:54 PM on Oct-9-18

I've got a group of friends that is almost entirely composed of former coworkers, all a bit younger than me who, at our previous job, were part of a big clot of young players at that company of that legendary strategy boardgame, Risk. I was not in that clot and, in fact, I've never played the game. I want to remedy this.
comment posted at 9:18 PM on Oct-2-18

I attempted to send a letter to a friend who was attending Burning Man this year. It did not get delivered and came back with a "Return to Sender / Insufficient Address" label. Is there any way to tell from this label how far it went? Did it go all the way to Gerlach, NV? Did it even make it out of San Francisco? Not important for any concrete reason, I'm just interested to know.
comment posted at 5:04 PM on Sep-30-18

(1) Each cut is a straight line across an entire piece of cake, but not necessarily across the entire pan. (2) Cake is wasted only at the edges of the pan. (3) All the resulting petit fours come out the same shape and size (except for the wasted bits at the edges). Equilateral triangles work, as do isosceles triangles. Rectangles work, either in a grid or staggered like brickwork. Hexagons do not work. I think I'm looking for tilings of the plane by one convex polygon, but not necessarily a regular, edge-to-edge, or even periodic tiling. Help?
comment posted at 9:31 AM on Sep-30-18

Is there anything like a hotel with 24hr child care, or child care services that can temporarily accommodate overnight stays? I think I need help sifting through the search results I'm finding relative to some specific details I'll provide below the fold, and perhaps suggestions from parents who have used this sort of service or child care workers who have provided it.
comment posted at 10:23 PM on Sep-25-18

I am middle-aged and was recently officially diagnosed with (high-functioning) autism, what would previously probably have been called aspergers. Our kids are teens. What/how/how much do we tell them about autism and my diagnosis?
comment posted at 3:58 PM on Sep-23-18

Can someone help w/ a copycat-of-TV streamcast or YouTube channel?
comment posted at 1:30 PM on Aug-17-18

I have several questions, and I'd particularly like to hear from medical professionals.
comment posted at 9:12 AM on Jul-15-18

My partner (male) is unable to reach orgasm during sex (including fellatio). Other than general “don’t make a big deal out of it”, any suggestions for what I can do to help him know this isn’t a huge deal for me and that I think he is awesome. I'd also love any suggestions for me to make sure I am giving him the absolute most I can during our "interludes".
comment posted at 6:14 PM on Jul-10-18

Who decided babies are supposed to smell like that?
comment posted at 12:29 PM on Jun-28-18

I am deeply in love with a woman, but she refuses to acknowledge or believe it. She has an intense need to be loved, but she also seems to be consumed with self-hate, and she is incapable of accepting love. Instead, she express distrust, doubt, guilt, and self-loathing. She is convinced all my expressions of love are utterly disingenuous and phony, and she beats herself up over every little perceived shortcoming. I find this incredible painful and frustrating. How do I get past this obstacle?
comment posted at 7:55 AM on Jun-28-18

Next week, I'll be driving from Boston to coastal Maine. I've heard of at least three border control checkpoints going up on my intended route (some combination of Routes 93, 95, and 1, traveling through MA, NH, and ME) in the past week, and I want to have a strategy to deal with one in the best way possible if I encounter one while en route.
comment posted at 11:15 AM on Jun-25-18

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