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What things do you do to make things easier for future you?
comment posted at 2:50 PM on May-31-20

My older all in one printer has officially just kicked the bucket, and I need a replacement pretty quickly. I'm having trouble sorting out printer wheat from chaff and need your recommendations. Mac OS.
comment posted at 3:05 PM on May-30-20

You're becoming friendly with someone in a non-romantic context. They communicate with you fairly consistently when you send messages. Then their response pattern changes significantly. What are the rules about this scenario?
comment posted at 8:09 PM on May-29-20

I've had a decent sum of money come in recently (mid-five figures), but I'm also saddled with considerable (mid-six figure) debt. Obviously, it doesn't get me out of debt, but I can put take a good-size chunk out of the most pressing debt. I don't have to pay it down right away, so can I park the money somewhere for a while and see it grow?
comment posted at 4:06 PM on May-29-20

I've had the same phone number for about 20 years, and I now live nowhere near the region its area code covers (in the US). Does this mean that, when I call my representative and senators, they just ignore my calls?
comment posted at 1:12 PM on May-29-20

Curating a video program for myself and my friends to educate ourselves on anti-racism and white priviledge. There's great resources here and here but would love to know of other talks and videos that have resonated with team metafilter.
comment posted at 12:35 PM on May-29-20

I'm looking for books and essays that capture the sensory experience of rural Vermont. Bonus if it's in the summer. It is my homeland and I won't be able to visit for a long time it seems. I want to pretend I'm there !
comment posted at 1:25 PM on May-29-20

Well, my mother has been admitted to the hospital (see previous question). My stress level is at 100 and I'm just frustrated. I took vacation time and this is what happens? My birthday is on Saturday, is there anyway to make it... less awful?
comment posted at 10:53 AM on May-29-20
comment posted at 11:14 AM on May-30-20

Please tell me about any book/story/movie of which you're aware in which a person/animal/whatever visits the North Pole / Santa's workshop. Given that current conditions make library acquisition difficult, I'd be grateful if in addition to listing the book you could tell me a little about it.
comment posted at 7:55 PM on May-28-20

How do I reconcile my beliefs with my actual experiences ?
comment posted at 11:12 AM on May-28-20

I am looking for a rural vacation rental for a romantic getaway later this summer. Looking at West Virginia, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania or Vermont (up to 7 hours from Philadelphia). I'm having trouble finding any rentals with a clean, modern design.
comment posted at 1:07 PM on May-27-20

I saw the headlines on Massachusetts 'expanding telehealth' during COVID to keep us from making unecessary trips to the doctor's office for things that could be handled by phone...but what does it mean in $$$ and cents?
comment posted at 7:04 PM on May-26-20

I set up a recurring Zoom meeting. The next one will happen on Wednesday. At the time I did this the default in my Meeting Settings menu for screen sharing was "host only". However, I now want to enable screen sharing for the Wednesday meeting. If I now go to the Meeting Settings menu and turn off "host only", will this mean that screen sharing will be enabled for all participants in the Wednesday meeting?
comment posted at 9:47 AM on May-26-20

I sleep with three(!) conventional blankets, not for the warmth, but for the weight. Seems like I'd be an ideal candidate for a weighted blanket. But based on my weight (~235 lbs.) the interweb recommends a 20-25 lb. weighted blanket for me. My current three blankets weigh ~10 lbs. combined. Doubling that seems like overkill. Is it?
comment posted at 12:14 PM on May-25-20

Recently I’ve discovered a mystery subgenre I really enjoy—clever, witty first person narrator (often a woman) who gets drawn into a twisty, slightly dark (but not too dark) mystery and decides to solve it. Please help me find more like these! The ones I’ve read and enjoyed recently: Elly Griffith’s The Stranger Diaries, Sophie Hannah’s Perfect Little Children, Nicci French’s The Lying Room, Anthony Horowitz’ Magpie Murders and The Word is Murder.
comment posted at 4:53 PM on May-24-20

So, even though I live with a spouse and children, I am lonely. Would it be OK to ask a friend -- or even a somewhat friendly acquaintance who lives nearby -- to take a walk around the neighborhood with me for 20 minutes or so? (More inside)
comment posted at 8:51 AM on May-23-20

I like the whole awe of exploration, optimistic, problem solving, clever protagonist vibes of golden age science fiction (Heinlein, Asimov, etc.) but I'm running out (and also some of it doesn't hold up well). Who's writing that type of stuff, but new and maybe better? Basically the Brandon Sanderson of science fiction, except I've already read everything by Scalzi so I need moooore.
comment posted at 9:01 AM on May-23-20

I called my mother today and her latest medical calamity sent me into a spiral of anxiety. She's aging, she's mentally ill, she does the bare minimum to take care of herself, and... god... I'm just exhausted. It's one thing after the next with her all the time and, likely, always will be until she dies? Aside from therapy (which I'm in), what else should I be doing? I'd like to dial down my stress from, at least, an 8.5 to a 5.
comment posted at 10:55 AM on May-22-20

Short rebuttal needed for people who claim "I don't have to wear a mask because it's a free country." I know philosophically that freedom doesn't extend to everything, but quick, precise rebuttals to that person would be nice, Particularly ones that don't incite anger.
comment posted at 12:56 PM on May-21-20

I loved watching tv shows Medici and Versailles, and just binged The Great (excellent). What else should I watch?
comment posted at 3:47 PM on May-20-20

The left shift key on my work laptop has been iffy for the past few months and only worked when I pressed the dead center as hard as I could. Today, in all my infinite wisdom and glory, I decided to see what would happen if I pried off the key so I could see the mechanism underneath.
comment posted at 6:28 PM on May-19-20
comment posted at 7:10 PM on May-19-20

I'm trying to find the phone exchange name for Taylorsville-Bennion (Utah) in the '50s/'60s? I've tried the Library of Congress to no avail. And the Taylorsville Historical Society search was just as fruitless. Any ideas?
comment posted at 3:44 PM on May-19-20
comment posted at 3:47 PM on May-19-20
comment posted at 4:11 PM on May-19-20

An online friend (let's call her J) posted last week that her husband (W) passed away. I've known J for more than 20 years through various online platforms and met up with her once for coffee when she was moving cross country and passing through my town. I messaged her my condolences and am sending a card tomorrow. Would be it weird/awkward to send money? Or to ask if there's a college fund for her son I could contribute to?
comment posted at 7:30 PM on May-18-20

Doing a search for a random thing today, I found that clicking the link in the results brought me to a different, scammy, site. I ran a malwarebytes scan and found a keylogger (this one) which I removed. Running an AVG scan now. Will change critical passwords, though I do have 2FA turned on where possible. What else should I be doing?
comment posted at 1:37 PM on May-18-20

I'd love to compile a list of shows to keep me company that are absurd and tickle that hard to reach funny spot. What are your lesser known comedy favorites? Tv or movies mostly......or really stand-out books.
comment posted at 2:41 PM on May-17-20

I have a PO box in the SF Bay Area. For pandemic-related reasons, I am going to be stuck outside the state for the foreseeable future. How can I get my mail? Snowflakes inside.
comment posted at 1:41 PM on May-17-20

I have fancy lentils. I don't like lentils. How should I prepare them?
comment posted at 11:22 AM on May-17-20

My cannabis experience in the past was *extremely* limited - a few puffs off of Whatever Was In That Joint At The Party. I recently got access to medical cannabis (PA) for anxiety, but (yes, irony alert) the range of options is making me extra-anxious. Help me get started!
comment posted at 2:38 PM on May-15-20

We live in California and have already been planning a move to Washington/Idaho or Vermont/New Hampshire. If it weren't for COVID, we would have moved already and bought a home. Now, we are about to receive a bit of an (unexpected) windfall in the next 90 days, and realize we could save quite a bit in taxes if we sped up our move to either Washington or New Hampshire. What factors should we be thinking about, and would you do it?
comment posted at 11:46 AM on May-15-20

I'm tired, exhausted really, of this, seemingly eternal, spiral of behavior that includes regular and predictable symptoms that absolutely meet those outlined by DSM-V PMDD diagnosis criteria. What is the best way to bring that up in a sensitive and effective fashion to someone who is perhaps less than receptive and is also intensely self depreciating, not just during the impacted timeframe but also in general?
comment posted at 4:19 PM on May-14-20

I'm trying to think of food that is vaguely space-themed or astronomy-themed -- but NOT astronaut food -- for a birthday celebration.
comment posted at 10:44 AM on May-14-20

I have a lot of personal mental health work that I need to do, and I've finally admitted to myself that I need professional assistance to get there. But I have absolutely, positively, no idea what I'm doing. And that's an understatement. How do I go from knowing almost literally nothing about the subject to actually talking to a therapist? Anxiety inside.
comment posted at 6:21 PM on May-13-20

My father passed away almost a month ago. We didn't have a terrible relationship, but it wasn't the best. Now, I'm having what borders on nightmares every night about him still being alive. I feel horrible about it, because I should be sad that he's gone...but I just want him to stay gone. Why?
comment posted at 11:59 AM on May-12-20

Marijuana is now legal in Michigan, but I don't know how to feel about consumption habits, in my social circals or personally. I've heard lots of extreme stories and benign stories, but I'm looking for rules of thumb to help set expectations. More questions inside!
comment posted at 6:59 PM on May-11-20

Pretty much what it says in the title. I want to travel from the comfort of my couch.
comment posted at 2:21 PM on May-10-20

I enjoy playing video games and it’s my main, if not only, hobby. My partner generally dislikes them but has been more or less tolerant of my gaming, until I discovered a new game during quarantine.
comment posted at 9:58 AM on May-10-20
comment posted at 11:07 AM on May-10-20

YANMD but you have a good ratio of knowledge to opinion on this topic. How does one start to sort through the profusion of information about cholesterol levels and heart disease and diet and statins, especially when it’s so contradictory?
comment posted at 9:50 AM on May-10-20

I'm pretty sure I've got a sinus infection coming on. All the usual symptoms. I shopped for guaifenesin and got some guaifenesin/dextromethorphan tablets, because that's what the store had. Now I'm rethinking my purchase. I don't have a cough, and I'm not eager to take a medicine I don't need. Would it be a bad idea to take this?
comment posted at 10:04 AM on May-10-20

A couple of weeks ago when I went to log into Yahoo, I got the following message right after typing in my user name: 'Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again.' Since then, no amount of trying has gotten me further. Can you help me retrieve my account?
comment posted at 12:01 PM on May-9-20

Me and my partner have decided to form a shared social distancing "bubble" with another of our couple friends. I believe we are following safe protocols for this but wanted to get an honest outside opinion as to whether we could be managing this better/safer/etc.
comment posted at 6:46 PM on May-8-20

my interest in this lifestyle started in 5th grade, with "my side of the mountain." now i really want to do it for real.
comment posted at 8:02 PM on May-7-20

I recently rearranged my apartment to better fit current times --- I now have an office space and a sanitizing station near the entry. And, even better, I finally have space for a lovely bedside table, which means that I should be able to at long last read in bed. BUT to make that happen, I need to find a way to sit up in bed. More specifically, the top of my bed is up against a window and my bed does not have a headboard. When I try to prop up on pillows, I just end up pushing them into the blinds and making a horrible noise. What else should I try?
comment posted at 8:20 PM on May-7-20

I'm not dying anytime soon (I hope) but inspired by this article urging people to get their affairs in order due to the sudden nature of the coronavirus, I thought I should too.
comment posted at 7:50 AM on May-6-20

In a late night isolation mental health moment I bought a random packet of salt and vinegar powder. It arrived and is a lot bigger than I expected. I'm using it on popcorn and it's fine, but are there other interesting ways I can use it too?
comment posted at 7:07 PM on May-5-20

I'm thinking about getting an iPad to use for illustration and noodling around with animation, but until I can justify it I've been borrowing my partner's iPad in the evenings, when he's done using it for work. I'd like to buy a few apps (Procreate, for one). How can I avoid re-purchasing those apps when (or if) I get my own iPad?
comment posted at 4:38 PM on May-5-20

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