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My hubby's kinky. I'm not. Please help us figure out a fair way to compromise in the bedroom.
comment posted at 9:59 AM on Aug-23-10
comment posted at 3:22 PM on Aug-23-10

I'm trying to sell an inexpensive item on Craigslist. I've received a couple of responses from interested people, but how can I tell if they're "real"?
comment posted at 8:18 AM on Aug-23-10

I'm looking for acoustic covers of techno songs, can you help me? Not necessarily acoustic, but using analog instruments, whether amplified or not (e.g. Clara Engel covers Born Slippy, Stance's ukulele cover of Harder Better Faster Stronger, Acoustic Instruments cover Star Guitar). Other electronic dance music genres also welcome.
comment posted at 10:51 PM on Aug-22-10
comment posted at 11:03 PM on Aug-22-10

It's my 34th birthday next Sunday, and my boyfriend and I will be in a city where I don't know anyone. What are some things we can do to make it an enjoyable, special, memorable day?
comment posted at 8:59 PM on Aug-22-10

I'm curious about the Noodle Incident as a device.
comment posted at 6:32 PM on Aug-22-10

I'm looking for suggestions for an iPod alternative. My current iPod classic is getting close to the end of its life, and I'm trying to determine what my options are for replacements. Relevant details below the fold:
comment posted at 7:13 AM on Aug-23-10

Do you see any advantages for a photography novice in 2010 in starting out with a 35mm SLR that shoots film of the dipping-in-chemicals-in-a-darkroom variety? I'm toying with taking up photography purely for artistic/pleasure reasons, doubt I'll be taking classes, and would be spending no more than a couple hours a week on this.
comment posted at 5:56 AM on Aug-22-10

My boyfriend said he would prefer that I look different; then he said he didn't; how do I reconcile this and move on?
comment posted at 5:30 PM on Aug-20-10
comment posted at 7:49 PM on Aug-20-10
comment posted at 10:09 PM on Aug-20-10

Atheist and (closet) atheist couple. Parents want a catholic wedding and lots more hassle from us.
comment posted at 5:39 PM on Aug-20-10

Please suggest ensemble films in which several separate storylines each explore various angles of the same theme, and some characters from different plotlines connect in unexpected ways. Love Actually is a perfect example of what I'm looking for.
comment posted at 4:35 PM on Aug-20-10
comment posted at 4:47 PM on Aug-20-10

I'm hiring, and in addition to interviewing, checking references (official and un-), etc., I'd like to see how candidates are using Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr. Facility with this stuff isn't a primary requirement of the job, but it's helpful; I also think it's a good way to gauge a candidate's judgement and to see how they manage their public face. On the other hand, it feels like following or friending is weird, or possibly an invasion of privacy. Is it?
comment posted at 5:05 PM on Aug-20-10
comment posted at 8:29 PM on Aug-20-10
comment posted at 9:58 PM on Aug-20-10

What's the best book to provide an up-to-date view on our current understanding of the human mind (and brain)?
comment posted at 11:58 AM on Aug-20-10
comment posted at 3:10 PM on Aug-20-10

Suspension of Disbelief - How come some can do it and others can't? Why can't I?
comment posted at 9:05 AM on Aug-20-10

How do you (a girl) ask a complete stranger out after one great conversation? Guys out there...need advice mostly from you...how do you take being asked out by a cute, bubbly, intelligent, financially independent girl?
comment posted at 5:10 AM on Aug-20-10

What should we name this unborn person (gender unknown)?
comment posted at 6:40 PM on Aug-19-10
comment posted at 7:35 PM on Aug-19-10
comment posted at 7:51 PM on Aug-19-10
comment posted at 7:58 PM on Aug-19-10

A job ad says: "To apply for this opportunity, please submit a cover letter, salary requirements and resume online to [EMPLOYER]. [EMPLOYER] must receive all information requested in order to consider your candidacy. Could they possibly be expecting the salary requirement to be in its own document? Or can it be included in the cover letter? I am concerned about getting immediately screened out if I don't have a separate salary document.
comment posted at 2:04 PM on Aug-19-10

Is there a way to see which of my Facebook friends has the most friends?
comment posted at 1:31 PM on Aug-19-10

How can I help support the "Ground Zero" Mosque?
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Aug-19-10

What logistical hurdles exist for implementing a differential taxation system where the level of government services you receive is determined by the taxation rate you choose to pay?
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Aug-19-10

When you make a real mistake, how do you deal with it? How do you deal with yourself and keep from feeling super guilty?
comment posted at 8:05 AM on Aug-19-10

Is the parenthetical "read" pronounced "reed" or "red"?
comment posted at 4:36 PM on Aug-18-10
comment posted at 5:07 PM on Aug-18-10
comment posted at 5:21 PM on Aug-18-10

My wife has (inevitably terminal) cancer, but we are considering trying to have a baby -- need some help identifying and giving thought to moral, ethical, and medical concerns. My family and friends are too close to the situation to give unbiased advice.
comment posted at 12:06 PM on Aug-18-10

Seeking somewhat obscure '80s dance songs that are in the vein of Sheila-E and Exposé in terms of '80s sound, beat, female vocals and danceability.
comment posted at 9:32 PM on Aug-17-10

Meta-ask: How can I learn to ask better questions? Specifically: how I can learn to ask natural, un-contrived questions in job interviews?
comment posted at 8:36 PM on Aug-17-10

hey... I was wondering where I can find the best evidence to prove that sexuality is biological or womb hormonally rather than child rearing caused? Just for my parents who are damn annoying. Thanks!
comment posted at 5:51 PM on Aug-17-10

One of my friends used the N-word. I don't know what to do.
comment posted at 4:59 PM on Aug-17-10
comment posted at 7:33 PM on Aug-17-10

I moved across the country to live with my girlfriend. Now she wants to go abroad for a year, and I don’t want her to go. Are either or both of us being selfish/unreasonable?
comment posted at 10:20 AM on Aug-17-10
comment posted at 10:46 AM on Aug-17-10
comment posted at 11:20 AM on Aug-18-10

Which cardinal rule of dating am I breaking? If I don't know what I'm doing wrong, how can I stop doing it? (Perhaps mildly NSFW).
comment posted at 7:46 AM on Aug-17-10

Is my husband's abusive behavior bad enough to leave over?
comment posted at 2:18 PM on Aug-16-10
comment posted at 2:24 PM on Aug-16-10
comment posted at 2:31 PM on Aug-16-10

I'm interested in Philosophy of Law / Jurisprudence. What primary materials should be on a reading list fit for a semester-long 400-level university course?
comment posted at 4:32 PM on Aug-16-10

Where do the über-smart people collaborate and hold dialogue online?
comment posted at 7:01 AM on Aug-16-10
comment posted at 11:25 AM on Aug-16-10

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