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I'm looking to rent a fake cop car for a quick, no-budget film shoot. My question is, how the hell do I transport it without getting pulled over for impersonating an officer or getting similar attention from law enforcement?
comment posted at 8:20 PM on Aug-16-09

Just a fun one (though I am serious in asking it): What one question would you ask Elvis Costello? I'll see him at a thing on Monday, want to ask a great question. I like him a lot, have some ideers, but surely the Hive Mind can come up with at least one question that's Beyond Belief.
comment posted at 11:24 PM on Jun-21-09

Have they changed the formula for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale without telling anyone?
comment posted at 10:21 PM on Jun-9-09

Where to buy a human skeleton?
comment posted at 10:46 PM on Jun-7-09

So my buddy and I watched that old Keanu Reeves film Point Break the other night, and we got to talking. We're thinking that more air pressure causes you to bleed at a more furious pace. So if someone's in a knife fight in a plane, is cut, say across the arm, then jumps out of the airplane to parachute to the ground - will they bleed to death before they hit the ground because the air pressure is causing them to bleed so quickly? It doesn't have to be skydiving, it could be on like, Everest. Will you bleed crazy fast higher up? I know that there are a lot of variables here, but I'm just curious if the thinking is sound.
comment posted at 10:23 PM on Jun-7-09
comment posted at 10:47 PM on Jun-7-09

Has anyone replaced their ipod battery?
comment posted at 12:29 AM on Apr-11-09

Looking for a heat resistant adhesive to use to attach feet onto my laptop.
comment posted at 7:33 PM on Mar-15-09

I feel like my marriage, and my relationship with my wife, are falling apart, and I can't stop it.
comment posted at 12:46 AM on Jan-5-09

Can you hack toddler toys to lower the speaker volume?
comment posted at 7:39 PM on Jan-2-09

Am I being unreasonable in my expectation to live with my boyfriend alone (ie. not share a house with other people)?
comment posted at 12:09 AM on Dec-26-08

DatingFilter: Is it better to "date around" and get experience OR is it better to have higher standards and wait for the right situations?
comment posted at 1:29 PM on Oct-21-08

Identification filter. In the bottom of the photo inside, is a small container that I'm trying to identify. (warning, geek alert!)
comment posted at 11:23 PM on Oct-13-08
comment posted at 11:47 PM on Oct-13-08
comment posted at 2:31 PM on Oct-14-08
comment posted at 11:15 PM on Oct-16-08

Is my Sigma lens dead?
comment posted at 10:57 AM on Oct-11-08

I’m looking to either buy or build a small motion control platform capable of holding up to about 9lbs, with 6 degrees of freedom. Has anyone out there built anything along these lines, or are there companies that sell devices like this?
comment posted at 11:37 AM on Oct-7-08

CostumepartyFilter: Im going to a costume party where the theme is "hollywood nights". I have a beard and dont really want to shave for the party. Any costume ideas that will fit with a beard that goes well with "Hollywood nights"?
comment posted at 8:09 AM on Oct-6-08

Is there an alternative to evolution or intelligent design?
comment posted at 9:29 PM on Sep-28-08
comment posted at 9:33 PM on Sep-28-08
comment posted at 9:43 PM on Sep-28-08

I was born in 1971. I liked toys that allowed me to build structures when I was growing up: Lincoln Logs, Legos, Erector Sets, etc. But there was one toy my parents bought for me that I've not seen since and cannot find on the Internet, mainly because I can't remember what it was called. I'll try to describe it:
comment posted at 6:52 PM on Sep-28-08

Glasses Filter: How do I put a lens back into frames without a bottom rim?
comment posted at 8:38 AM on Sep-22-08

Which theaters offer quality improv classes in the Bay Area? I'm planning on moving to the Bay Area and am an improv junkie - taking classes concurrently at UCB, iO, Second City, The Groundlings and The WE in Los Angeles. So far I've only had BATS recommended to me... any others?
comment posted at 11:58 PM on Sep-16-08

I'm about to be the officiate my best friend's wedding (first gig) and I was hoping to find some inspiration for the wedding ceremony. I've known the bride since 5th grade and her husband-to-be since he moved across the country to be with her over 6 years ago. Neither of them is religious, one of them is atheist, but some of family has a strong sense in God. Does anyone have some links to fitting wedding ceremony scripts or a great story from personal experience? They're both fairly silly people, so unconventional is okay.
comment posted at 9:00 PM on Sep-14-08

2002 Toyota Camry, 64K miles. No previous symptoms. After a long drive, I stopped two minutes, then tried to restart the car. Nothing. Electric systems got a little screwy: windows wouldn't go down, clock and radio stations reset, automatic shifter stuck, as did key (wouldn't come out of ignition). Strange. But then all that stuff started working again (100% ok), but car still wouldn't start. At this point, I'd get a metallic staccato sound, but no turning over. Jump start worked perfectly, car drove home perfectly (note: it was night at this point, and my headlights were on) EXCEPT when I flicked my brights for a sec. Mayhem ensued...car kept running, but laggy/weird, and speedometer went dead and random dashboard lights went on. After a few minutes, all returned to normal. I got home, parked, shut off car, and tried to restart (headlights off, of course). Nothing. Is this alternator? thanks!!!
comment posted at 6:23 PM on Sep-4-08
comment posted at 6:38 PM on Sep-4-08
comment posted at 7:06 PM on Sep-4-08

I have volunteered to help my university procure gifts for speakers and alumni who come to campus to recruit students. What are some good commemorative gifts you have received?
comment posted at 5:59 PM on Sep-3-08

I'm directing a play that calls for an actor to be tarred and feathered on stage. It's a powerful moment, and I'd love to do it. But ... how?
comment posted at 5:16 PM on Sep-3-08

Who narrated Barack Obama's DNC profile video that aired before his speech?
comment posted at 8:27 PM on Aug-28-08

Advise for a 32 yr old amateur who wishes to dedicate the rest of their life to creating art
comment posted at 9:20 PM on Aug-11-08
comment posted at 9:21 PM on Aug-11-08

I'm looking for some particularly good translations (into English) of world literature, from *any* place, period, or genre.
comment posted at 8:23 AM on Aug-9-08

How can I cultivate a quicker wit?
comment posted at 7:08 PM on Jun-3-08

Going to Montreal next weekend (June 6-8) for pure recreation. I'm looking for great restaurant recommendations, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
comment posted at 9:54 AM on May-31-08
comment posted at 10:13 AM on May-31-08

Great San Francisco camera stores?
comment posted at 8:54 AM on May-17-08

My significant other said this to me today: "over the next 5 years or so you should build an argument for kids," but I can't think of where to start.
comment posted at 1:23 AM on Jan-30-08

Beginner's sewing: Please guide me to the most simple, step by step instructions on how to sew simple garments from simple patterns with a sewing machine.
comment posted at 8:42 PM on Jan-26-08

Did you ever receive explicit instruction on how to pronounce "February" from someone who is considered an authority on such things? Is saying FEB-roo-air-y more common than FEB-you-air-y?
comment posted at 11:19 AM on Jan-8-08

My wife and I are in Sedona, AZ for New Year's Eve. What should we do?
comment posted at 4:58 PM on Dec-30-07

One of my clients insists that NO businesses expect to be paid up front, even in part, before beginning work...
comment posted at 11:33 PM on Dec-24-07

Looking for ood bike rides for kids AND grownups in San Francisco? Bay Area?
comment posted at 10:38 PM on Dec-17-07

Every Subway smells the same, and it's rank and pervasive. What is it?
comment posted at 8:21 PM on Dec-13-07

Iguana ask you a question. Werewolf I be without your help?!
comment posted at 10:47 PM on Dec-6-07

Give me a ridiculous publicity stunt.
comment posted at 10:46 PM on Nov-26-07

I am interested in taking a pizza delivery job. Any tricks of the trade in performing this job as efficiently as possible?
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Nov-22-07

I am wondering if anyone has restaurant recommendations for Thanksgiving in San Francisco. I'm not really interested in a traditional meal: I'm mostly wondering if there are any good Chinese or Indian joints that will be open, or places that will be serving their regular menu.
comment posted at 8:55 AM on Nov-22-07

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