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I want to read about Munich to get a feel for the city and its inhabitants before I go there next year. What books are out there that a) feature Munich as the setting and a character in its own right, or b) interestingly detail Munich's history? Fiction and nonfiction are both welcome as long as they're awesome.
comment posted at 11:45 PM on Oct-24-13
comment posted at 1:02 AM on Oct-25-13

I sang once with a group in college because I was walking down the hall and piped up when I heard a bad note, so they brought me on. Back then, the lead told me I should never stop singing and that I had a gift, but I did - because I was embarrassed by the attention.
comment posted at 9:57 PM on Oct-22-13

My partner and I used to work at the same company. My partner was laid off this week. I was not.
comment posted at 10:13 PM on Oct-4-13

While I am waiting for the return of the plumber, what can I put in my very hard water bath to make it not feel like a hard water bath?
comment posted at 4:56 PM on Oct-4-13

Ugh, I left a load of dirty dishes in my dishwasher but forgot to run the cycle before a monthlong trip. Now it's full of mold and I'm not exactly sure if it's dangerous and how to clean it up (assuming I can still use the plates).
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Oct-4-13

I was gardening today when I noticed that an old treestump in our garden seems to have a small termite colony in it. The stump is about 10 foot or 2.5 metres from our wooden framed unheated garage which connects to our house how worried to I have to be? Is it time to call the pest control guy and get some baiting stations set up?
comment posted at 7:27 PM on Oct-4-13

So I went to a strip club when I was pretty intoxicated and feeling lonely and depressed. Long story short I got a series of lap dances where you were allowed to touch the strippers. I feel tremendous guilt and shame about going there and objectifying women.
comment posted at 2:53 PM on Oct-4-13

Previously I asked about bugs in our rented townhome - specifically about drains. The drain issue ended... but now we're getting all different kinds of insects in our home again. Roaches in various colors and sizes, nasty ass camel crickets, slugs, lovebugs, stinkbugs, etc.
comment posted at 7:38 PM on Oct-4-13

My brother calls his daughter, Hailey, HailStorm. He wants her (she's 20 months) to be a hail storm for Halloween. How do I do this?
comment posted at 6:42 PM on Oct-3-13

My parents have decided to relocate from Long Island, NY to Florida sometime in the next year. They will be taking a few trips down to try to get a sense as to where they might want to be, but are pretty clueless about the different areas/cities and what would work for them. Can you help me narrow it down for them? More details inside...
comment posted at 5:55 PM on Oct-3-13

Which carmakers these days (that sell in the US) have really good build quality? I'm thinking high quality interior materials, excellent fit and finish, as well as well thought out interior components like control layouts, displays, and compartments? Maybe carmakers (or models) that are known for little surprising details? I'm now starting to look for a smaller sedan or maybe hatchback/wagon under $40K. Some of the models I'm looking at so far are the Volvo S60/V60, Subaru Legacy/Impreza, Toyota Prius, Audi A4, maybe BMW X1.
comment posted at 9:38 PM on Sep-26-13

I recently started swimming laps about four days a week. I do breaststrokes, backstrokes, and forward crawls. Unfortunately, those latter two are harder than they ought to be, because my kick does no work. When I try to swim forward using only a kickboard and my legs, I don't go anywhere. Sometimes, I even start going backwards. Maybe my legs are too weak and my body too heavy, but I suspect it's a fault in my form. I'll talk with a teacher soon, and I'll probably take lessons again at the next available session, because this feels like a basic problem. (Personal) instruction aside, what online resources - videos and whatnot - are there to help me with this? How do you swim a length on a kickboard?
comment posted at 11:09 PM on Sep-26-13
comment posted at 1:11 AM on Sep-27-13

My ex attempted to committ suicide three months ago; I've come to know about this just today as I've been made aware of the fact he asked about me to a friend of his. I'm torn between not going and keeping him and our relationship in the past to protect myself or going and risking having him think that means we can become close again.
comment posted at 12:56 AM on Sep-27-13

I don't have a lot of money, or experience, or tools, and about a year ago I asked about fixing up an old Fiat. Most people told me that wasn't a great idea, and that I should look into Volkswagens, and since then I've fallen in love with the VW Beetle. My question is this: what are some ways I can (1) find a VW Beetle that is a good candidate to wrench on that probably won't need everything but the chassis replaced and (2) get into the "old Beetle enthusiast" community without having a ton of disposable income?
comment posted at 11:28 PM on Sep-26-13

I need a pickup truck that is: a) 4-wheel drive / AWD ; b) is a crew cab (we have a child who needs to ride in a carseat; and c) does not get incredibly crappy gas mileage. What do I want?
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In addition to the well known sites for tracking Planes and Ships I've recently discovered I can track SHARKS! What other things can be tracked on the internet? I'm specifically keen to see sites with a map of the world (or I suppose a more local region if that is appropriate) with all the things moving around in real time, but any aggregation of real world data would also be interesting.
comment posted at 4:43 AM on Sep-26-13

I need a new job, and I have no idea what job I might be good at and enjoy. Please give me ideas for some jobs that I haven't thought of. I'm in my late 20s and working as a research analyst for a large firm, and I can't take the feeling that I'm not doing anything worthwhile (or even enjoyable) with my life. I'm not sure what to do. Do you know of any unconventional careers that might be a good fit? Please give me an idea of where to get started.
comment posted at 10:34 PM on Sep-25-13

I was just listening to Tiny Dancer by Elton John and really enjoyed the slide guitar in that song. What are some other particularly good songs I could listen to featuring it?
comment posted at 10:11 PM on Sep-25-13

Over the past week my internet speed seems to have taken a dive, and I'd like to make sure I'm correct before calling the cable company.
comment posted at 6:13 AM on Sep-25-13

My mid back length hair is very thick and is color treated. I've been thinking about lap swimming for exercise, but how can I manage my hair? I usually wash it once a week, do not use hair dryers and like to let it air dry. It usually takes several hours for my hair to air dry, which is fine for once a week, but I can't imagine having wet hair 5 days a week. Another concern is the chlorine effecting the dark blonde color and turning it green. A swim cap would be logical, but my research shows they are not waterproof. How do I keep my hair healthy while trying to keep my body healthy?
comment posted at 11:29 PM on Sep-24-13

How come the only color that looks OK on me is blue?
comment posted at 12:03 AM on Sep-20-13

As a creative outlet, I have started writing up "True Music Facts" to write to a friend once a week. (I turned one of them about the Steve Miller Band into a post on the blue last week.) My supply is running out much more quickly than I imagined, because I want the fact to be a fun story. So, a TMF isn't something like "the Beatles had the most number 1 hits" or "Boston's debut album sold X million copies." It's more like the story of the Beatles' "Butcher Cover" or Jethro Tull's odd Grammy win for best hard rock/heavy metal performance, or the etymology of a strange band name like Three Dog Night or a song like Cracklin' Rosie. So I ask of you: what are your favorite "True Music Facts?"
comment posted at 1:04 PM on Sep-19-13

What are your grocery staples that get the most bang for your buck?
comment posted at 8:34 PM on Sep-18-13
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What's the secret to a very fluffy omelette? I had an omelette at a non-fancy cafe today, and the texture was very fluffy, completely unlike most omelettes I've eaten or cooked. It was a folded omelette, did not have the wrinkly texture of many "country style" omelettes, and was not particularly brown on the outside. I don't believe that it was a french omelette (it wasn't cigar shaped). A quick google turns up a few different tips: add cold butter cubes to the beaten egg (today's omelette did not taste rich at all), or beat the whites into peaks before cooking (this cafe wasn't very fancy at all). Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.
comment posted at 4:41 PM on Sep-18-13

I never learned to hold a pen correctly. My extremely awkward method involves pressing my index and middle fingers hard on the top of my pen. As a result, my hand quickly gets tired and cramped. Can I change this? How much practice would be involved? It's easy to find descriptions of better grips, but I don't find advice for adults who want to change long-established bad habits.
comment posted at 3:45 AM on Sep-17-13

I need some help from the fans of TV’s Annie Oakley, Gail Davis. My mom sort of remembers a song that Davis sang either at the end of her shows or on a show. Sounds like a lullabye to me. The words are something like “Go to sleep baby, your mama and daddy love you very much.” Anyone know this song?
comment posted at 7:26 PM on Sep-16-13

I have a CNC machine and I usually use it to cut plastic, wood, metal, etc. But recently I've been doing a lot of my own g-code programming and I'd like to do some testing with foam materials.
comment posted at 9:57 PM on Sep-13-13

I have recently started rehearsing for a show in which I will be acting and playing the violin. Exciting! But also, painful. How the fuck do I relax my neck? Help!
comment posted at 2:48 PM on Sep-12-13

I'll be towing a UHaul trailer 4500 km across Canada next week with my 2005 manual Toyota Rav4 (4 cylinder), including across 2 mountain ranges. As a relative newbie to towing, how do I not doom my transmission or new shiny vehicle to a early demise?
comment posted at 4:49 PM on Sep-11-13

Dear mefites: please steer me to some good fictional (and preferably entertaining) depictions of haggling.
comment posted at 7:05 PM on Sep-10-13

What are some songs with "na na na" moments in them? These four songs are examples of what I'm talking about: "Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin" by Journey; "Centerfold" by the J. Geils Band; "Hey Jude" by The Beatles; and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam.
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This guy came home with us from the shelter tonight. Help us name him .
comment posted at 1:37 AM on Sep-5-13

I bought a new house recently, and with it came a John Deere L110 tractor that the previous owner had kept in great condition even though it's 8 years old. I bumped the tube that transports the grass into the catcher-bags last week, and now it doesn't bag any more. I've googled and googled, and read the manual, and been completely and embarassingly unable to get the grass into the bag again. Is this common? What causes it? Any help would be wildly appreciated. Thanks!
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I've met this guy, I'm developing on crush on him, and now I just want something to happen! What do I do from here?
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My friend's wife pushed me from their deck into their in-ground pool on Sunday at a party. Now my knee is damaged. I could barely walk back to my car; saw a doctor tuesday; complete tear of the ACL + more (evil triad if that means anything to you.) I'm married, have a 21 month old and work for myself (I make money when I'm mostly on the road, although I do some writing/consulting from home.) Minimum I'm off my feet for a month....yes, I'm consulting lawyers, but I'd like to keep the friendship, if possible. Help!
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All of my wisdom teeth are impacted. I only have one that's even slightly erupted, but the rest never erupted at all. My old dentist used to recommend having them pulled, and now my new dentist also recommended extraction after I had problems with my slightly erupted wisdom tooth, i.e. gum swelling and pain due to a food particle getting stuck in the gums.
comment posted at 8:43 PM on Sep-3-13

From Star Trek (original series) to this evening, I have a burning food prep question?
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I have a pair of admittedly cheap shoes with thin rubber soles. Sharp objects poke through them, and I've recently been painfully pricked by a thorn, and by broken glass. Can I save these shoes by adding leather insoles to protect me?
comment posted at 7:20 PM on Sep-3-13

I managed to acquire a set of high and midrange isodynamic (aka orthodynamic) Sawafuji drivers, and i want to build a cabinet for them. One problem -- no clue what that should look like.
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I have off-white carpeting throughout most of my condo. I vacuum and steam-clean the carpet as necessary but a back problem has made on-going vacuum attachment attention problematic. I now have a dark margin along my baseboards that I am unhappy about.
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Yum camping meal for two. Difficulty factor: no camp fire.
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What are some good historical sources on the Reformation?
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What are some albums that feature fast and virtuosic acoustic guitar playing/shredding? For example, I really like a lot of the Candyrat guitarists (Ewan Dobson, Gareth Pearson), and most recently I really enjoyed Paul Gilbert's Acoustic Samurai album. I also know that Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen have done some acoustic shredding. Any really good ones you could recommend?
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We have a car that can't be started following a serious oil leak. The mechanic in the family has requested me to find someone who will steam-clean the engine on a mobile basis. I called a bunch of places, but none of them makes house calls, except for a guy who does pressure-washing, which our mechanic says won't work—the pressure will damage the electrical components of our elderly VW Vanagon. Do you know of anyone in the Portland OR area who does mobile steam-cleaning? Or another way to degrease the engine besides towing the car to the steam-cleaning place and back?
comment posted at 2:28 PM on Aug-30-13

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