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For those of you in medical fields, what books, sites, or organizations reinforced your career decisions?
comment posted at 5:58 PM on Dec-28-08

Can someone explain why despite the fact that every one of these incidents occurs at a unique time and place, each involves a complex history of events and personal decisions leading to its very unlikely outcome, that the death toll on the roads year-on-year is so predictable? See here and here.
comment posted at 2:35 PM on Dec-28-08

I think my sister and her boyfriend have a drinking problem. How can we help?
comment posted at 2:52 PM on Dec-28-08
comment posted at 7:07 PM on Dec-28-08

I used to get sciatica as a result of a lower back problem. It mostly went away, perversely as I put on some weight. Now, I am losing the weight to deal with the lower back pain itself, and the sciatica is coming back as the weight comes off. Coincidence, or to be expected? It seems kind of backwards to me.
comment posted at 11:54 PM on Dec-26-08

My sixteen year old brother is trying to turn his bedroom into the ultimate chill room. He has a laser stars projector, multiple lava lamps, one of these Luminglass lights, and a fog machine that really works well with the laser stars projector. What other trippy, spacy, unusual, outlandish, and freaky decor (lights, art, etc.) is necessary for the ultimate chill room?
comment posted at 12:09 AM on Dec-27-08

Am I being unreasonable in my expectation to live with my boyfriend alone (ie. not share a house with other people)?
comment posted at 2:44 AM on Dec-26-08

I know that survivors of abuse often develop mental disorders. But what disorders/illnesses are associated with being abusive?
comment posted at 11:28 AM on Dec-25-08

Asking for a friend. 2005 Lincoln LS - bought secondhand. There are a set of buttons to open the door (as opposed the key). How do we get them to work / program it? I know we have to enter the factory preset code - how do we find that out.
comment posted at 7:43 PM on Dec-23-08

I have a bottleneck in my home network, and I can't find it. Any ideas?
comment posted at 2:54 PM on Dec-23-08

My company is very eager to give me a car allowance. I wanted a raise. They countered with a lower raise, but added in a car allowance to bring the total higher than what I asked for. Why?
comment posted at 1:24 AM on Dec-23-08

Like many people, my retirement fund took a hit when the market crashed. My question is--who should I have been reading before this happened? Who was the consistent voice of sanity telling everyone, "Hey, stick your retirement in something safe RIGHT NOW."
comment posted at 11:29 AM on Dec-22-08
comment posted at 11:32 AM on Dec-22-08
comment posted at 11:34 AM on Dec-22-08
comment posted at 11:39 AM on Dec-22-08

So I left my car running earlier today to warm up the engine because of the sub zero temperatures here in Iowa. And then forgot about it for eight hours. Did I just ruin my car?
comment posted at 7:48 PM on Dec-21-08

Should I go through with my planned plastic surgery?
comment posted at 1:48 AM on Dec-21-08

Are there other products as effective in reducing plaque which take up less space in my luggage? Or is there some way to find listerine in a powdered form?
comment posted at 12:45 AM on Dec-20-08

Please help me come up with a story twist! I need an idea for a highly valuable, secret cargo smuggled on-board an oil tanker. Difficulty: no warheads or drugs.
comment posted at 6:49 PM on Dec-19-08

Does anyone have advice for getting through difficult long-term Celexa (SSRI) withdrawal?
comment posted at 9:08 PM on Dec-19-08
comment posted at 9:10 PM on Dec-19-08

Please help me rectify my biggest regret from my high school and college days - - - not taking enough math!
comment posted at 8:27 PM on Dec-19-08

Buying a new car considering the current US economy. Have the rules changed?
comment posted at 9:23 PM on Dec-19-08

OS X crisis.. Please help with a system that won't boot Mac gurus.
comment posted at 1:33 AM on Dec-19-08

How do I get over my jealousy of my boyfriend's sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, and how do I not take it out on him if I can't rein it in? Sorry, this is kind of long.
comment posted at 9:58 PM on Dec-18-08
comment posted at 7:40 PM on Dec-20-08

My doctor says my insurance only pays him twenty-one cents per visit. Help me understand this.
comment posted at 8:16 PM on Dec-18-08
comment posted at 10:19 PM on Dec-18-08
comment posted at 11:03 AM on Dec-19-08
comment posted at 6:09 PM on Dec-19-08
comment posted at 6:17 PM on Dec-19-08
comment posted at 6:28 PM on Dec-22-08

What's going on in December with hiring? Do people pretty much NOT hire in December?
comment posted at 10:15 PM on Dec-17-08

Looking to buy a new watch, something nice for daily wear but that won't break the bank. Suggest some great watch-makers. Looking for reputable and quality watch company suggestions. Criteria and background expanded on in full q!
comment posted at 7:54 PM on Dec-17-08

Travel/medical insurance question. In order to qualify for preferred rates I must answer the question "have you in the past 12 months taken medication for cancer?"
comment posted at 9:26 AM on Dec-16-08

Will meditation help significantly reduce my general level of anxiety? If so, how do I learn how to meditate?
comment posted at 12:34 AM on Dec-16-08

Do (physically) abusive people ever change their ways?
comment posted at 9:25 PM on Dec-15-08

$10,000 available to borrow from a pension plan, and $10,000 in credit card debt.
comment posted at 9:44 PM on Dec-15-08

How do i become an interesting person to speak to?
comment posted at 10:37 PM on Dec-15-08

How do I discuss sleeping arrangements with my boyfriend's mom?
comment posted at 12:13 AM on Dec-15-08

I need help identifying these symptoms my dog displayed today. We were walking outside, and all of the sudden she started acting disoriented (like she couldn't see). I stopped and looked at her, and her eyes were darting quickly back and forth. These were the only two symptoms; there was no head tilt or anything else.
comment posted at 12:39 AM on Dec-15-08

Chicken Pox, or not? Also, what tricks or tips have you learned in your experiences with Chicken Pox?
comment posted at 12:42 AM on Dec-15-08

How can I buy a butterfly knife cheaply if I just want to practice opening it? The hinge should work well, but the blade itself can be hammered out of somebody's garbage can for all I care. The first thing I do will be to dull it. In fact, since I spend a lot of time in Illinois, New Jersey, and New York City where butterfly knives are illegal to carry, it'd probably buy me some peace of mind if this thing didn't have a blade at all, just some appropriately weighted piece of metal. Anyone know where I can get something like this?
comment posted at 6:55 PM on Dec-14-08

My oldest friend got a job in the justice system. How can we stay friends? (long. sorry.)
comment posted at 12:33 AM on Dec-15-08

What is the healthiest "upper"?
comment posted at 10:47 PM on Dec-13-08

My partner and I need to pay off some debt, and unfortunately we need to dip into our retirement funds. Our tax accountant is on vacation and we can't find the answer to our question. We have two sources–either sell some stock or cash out a couple of short-term IRA CDs. Which is the lesser of two evils?
comment posted at 12:30 AM on Dec-14-08

Removing nail polish from a diamond & white gold engagement ring?
comment posted at 12:34 AM on Dec-14-08

So she slapped me twice, for, I think -- no reason. Time to go?
comment posted at 10:59 AM on Dec-13-08

Can doctors really diagnose illnesses like they do on TV?
comment posted at 11:46 PM on Dec-12-08

one world government? a bad idea?
comment posted at 11:08 AM on Dec-12-08

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