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Tell me about chain restaurants still operating near you that had been successful in the distant past, but where there's now only a few remaining restaurants nationwide.
comment posted at 8:41 PM on Jan-17-10

Please explain the current Leno/O'Brien Donnybrook to this non USAsian.
comment posted at 10:20 PM on Jan-16-10
comment posted at 5:36 PM on Jan-17-10

What happened to The Simpsons?
comment posted at 7:21 AM on Oct-19-09

Looking for 90's video games I played as a kid.
comment posted at 7:50 AM on Oct-17-09

What mp3 player should my wife get?
comment posted at 10:04 AM on Sep-12-09

I'm looking for songs in which the singer specifically references listening to another musician, song or album. Please help?
comment posted at 1:31 PM on Sep-11-09

I love Chris Brown's song "Forever." Help me find more like that.
comment posted at 1:11 PM on Sep-2-09

I was conned out of $5,000 by a "friend" She does not have a bank account. How can I get my money back? I am in NYC. Please help. CATE
comment posted at 2:36 PM on Jul-22-09

Let me count the ways...of answering a question, "where did you go?"
comment posted at 9:17 AM on Jul-15-09

How might I disable or muffle the beeps that my appliances make (when buttons are pressed, when cooking cycle is finished) without risking my life or that of the unit? The toaster-oven is the most egregious offender, but the microwave is problematic too.
comment posted at 9:06 AM on Jul-1-09

What are some good songs about baseball?
comment posted at 2:12 PM on Jun-26-09

Can you get food delivered from outside restaurants to hotels?
comment posted at 9:26 AM on Jun-11-09

Epistolary songs?
comment posted at 10:19 PM on Jun-10-09

Children's movies with no scary parts that a parent can stand to watch?
comment posted at 8:48 PM on Jun-6-09

Music about unrequited love.
comment posted at 6:36 PM on Jun-4-09

What Is That Song They Always Use...?
comment posted at 1:27 PM on Jun-3-09
comment posted at 1:29 PM on Jun-3-09
comment posted at 1:37 PM on Jun-3-09
comment posted at 1:48 PM on Jun-3-09
comment posted at 6:43 PM on Jun-3-09
comment posted at 3:56 PM on Jun-4-09

Why is portland called PDX? (aside from it being the airport code)
comment posted at 3:35 PM on Jun-2-09

I had my wallet stolen while out of town and had to fly back on an expired license I had as a backup (Not easy to do anymore). The problem is I'm back at my hometown airport for a 5 hour layover before flying out again. My documents are in storage a few hours away at my house (where no one is). I've thought of mail/ prescriptions/ and the like, but there is no way to make it home or have anyone bring it to me. Does anyone have any creative ideas on what I can use as backup ID? Keeping in mind all I have is this expired license and no way to get back to my house before flying out again.
comment posted at 12:06 PM on Jun-2-09

What are some examples of "classic" webiste design?
comment posted at 10:20 AM on Jun-1-09
comment posted at 4:01 PM on Jun-4-09
comment posted at 8:04 AM on Jun-30-09

How long should I wait before making another credit card application? I was denied for a specific card I'd like (Amazon.com card through Chase) in February for "too many credit applications." Can I apply again for it now?
comment posted at 11:50 AM on May-31-09

Help me make an awesome homemade (adult) Slip N' Slide.
comment posted at 10:12 PM on May-30-09

The track www.nevergetoveryou uses the ICQ "Uh oh!" sample. What other commercially released music uses samples from computer programs, OSs, or related geeky sources?
comment posted at 4:20 PM on May-29-09

Going to a concert at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pavilion this Saturday. It starts at 7:00, and it takes about an hour to get there from Shadyside/Oakland. What can we do to eat a tasty dinner?
comment posted at 4:15 PM on May-29-09

So, it looks like I'm going to Vegas next week for three days. Uh... I don't like strip clubs. I don't gamble. I don't drink much at all. Is there much I can do besides stare at the hotel walls? Any and all suggestions welcome. Nightmare Mode: I HAVE NO CAR.
comment posted at 6:31 PM on May-22-09

Want to find wholesaler of nicotine gum. Referral fee paid
comment posted at 6:06 AM on May-22-09

This motion technique is used all the time on History Channel shows and the like, and I'd like to learn more about it.
comment posted at 5:04 PM on May-15-09
comment posted at 5:07 PM on May-15-09

Need help preparing for a budget vacation in Vegas.
comment posted at 10:03 AM on May-11-09

What is the craziest #$%^ photo or video you've ever seen on the internet?
comment posted at 11:51 AM on May-8-09

I have two U3 "smart" drives. I find the pop-up windows they generate on insertion into a USB port incredibly annoying. How do I get rid of the damn U3 mojo?
comment posted at 8:07 AM on May-8-09

How do I block certain feeds on Facebook!
comment posted at 7:57 AM on Mar-17-09

I'm looking for annual community bike rides around the world, particularly where there's a big participation or closing of regular streets. As an example, I've done Chicago's Bike the Drive and just found out about Perth's Freeway Bike Hike. Are you aware of anything else that's similar?
comment posted at 9:29 PM on Mar-9-09

What is Jack Bauer's cell phone ring tone?
comment posted at 8:01 PM on Mar-2-09
comment posted at 8:03 AM on Mar-3-09

Recommended Oscar live blogs, twitter etc?
comment posted at 11:57 AM on Feb-18-09

To what level was pinball banned in New York in the 1940s?
comment posted at 10:23 AM on Feb-11-09
comment posted at 10:29 AM on Feb-11-09

"Set As Homepage" - I have a client who is obsessed with the notion of adding a "Set As Homepage" text link or button to the header of their website - you know, like everyone used to do circa '02. Now setting aside for a moment how worthlessly moronic that may be, I am curious, do any current browsers even permit that kind of javascript anymore - like from a security standpoint? Is it a moot point? (Hoping so)
comment posted at 2:33 PM on Feb-10-09
comment posted at 2:54 PM on Feb-10-09

Help me get my wii online with a WRTP54G wireless modem.
comment posted at 9:20 PM on Feb-9-09
comment posted at 7:45 AM on Feb-10-09
comment posted at 11:16 AM on Feb-10-09

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