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How can I use Google Maps to map out the rail trails of the Nova Scotia Coast?
comment posted at 4:56 PM on Aug-23-21

I want to sit in a rainstorm and generally enjoy rainy weather. A thunderstorm would be incredible. I'm based in LA. What's the closest/easiest, and/or most-likely place I could go to experience rainy weather or similar conditions? I'm open to creative suggestions and not too concerned about transportation.
comment posted at 9:09 PM on Aug-9-21

I'm interested in writing a choose-your-own adventure style book, probably more picture-book than chapter-book, but I don't think that part should matter much. I would love some thoughts/experience or resources (online or actual books) on how to do this. Meaning both process and content/structure. I think it's possible there might be some materials about old school text-based computer-games might be useful, too.
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Jul-7-21

What are some cool or interesting ways you’ve found to experience music? Click inside to see what I mean.
comment posted at 4:41 PM on May-19-21

What is the video with Prince where he is basically turning people on in a club.
comment posted at 5:53 PM on Aug-18-20
comment posted at 11:33 AM on Aug-19-20

googling around has led to frustration.. maybe you guys have some insight - are you running some debian-related distro and having success with a particular webcam you like and didn't give you fits during setup? more, but not much more, below fold..
comment posted at 3:00 PM on Aug-16-20

Okay, here’s a long shot. For his upcoming birthday, my husband has requested “Italian chocolate bread.” It is not any of the versions I can find on google. Perhaps you can help with the info inside.
comment posted at 6:44 AM on May-14-20
comment posted at 7:50 AM on May-14-20
comment posted at 8:08 AM on May-15-20
comment posted at 7:08 AM on May-22-20

I'd like to hear about books and movies where the heroes do not manage to save the day.
comment posted at 8:24 PM on Apr-27-20

Please help me compile a list of Spanish covers of English songs.
comment posted at 1:04 AM on Apr-21-20
comment posted at 1:08 AM on Apr-21-20

Hints and tips for buying a car (likely used) in Los Angeles? Good/bad dealers?
comment posted at 1:51 PM on Oct-26-19

I'm hosting a meetup in Brooklyn next weekend and am looking for some fun activity for fellow mefites to partake in.
comment posted at 2:31 PM on Sep-7-19

Please help me remember the name of this indie rock song from the 00s. The most specific thing I remember about it is the chorus, cathartically sung at the top of the male singer's lungs, "I don't love you! La la la la!" and repeated a few times. The music is sparse but jangly-loud guitar and drum that is jaunty and rhythmic during the verses and thrashing during the chorus.
comment posted at 1:17 PM on Jun-10-19

I am looking for the term used to describe an image that uses the details of a scene to create a second image. For example, a painting of a forest where the details of the trees, shadow, landscape, etc, create the image of someone's face. I would provide examples, but I am at a loss as to what to search for.
comment posted at 10:34 AM on May-22-19
comment posted at 10:48 AM on May-22-19

I’m making a playlist called “Songs of Two Halves: Outros, Codas, and Tone Shifts” and I need suggestions of additional tracks to put on it. Essentially, I’m looking for songs that either develop or shift tonally in their second halves, with the stipulation that that development or shift be beautiful, sublime, or epic in some way. Examples inside.
comment posted at 9:00 AM on Apr-22-19

About a year ago, I impulse bought a very nice road bike (Specialized Sirrus) with some accessories for all told, around $800. Fast forward to now: bikes just aren't for me, and I want to sell it.* I'm sure I won't get nearly as much as I paid, and I'm ok with that. Wondering the best way to go about selling with some specific questions.
comment posted at 9:49 AM on Dec-29-18

I'm planning a quick and dirty bikepacking overnighter for next weekend, and need help sorting out which sleep system to take with me.
comment posted at 6:50 PM on Aug-26-18
comment posted at 8:09 AM on Sep-3-18

I need a board game for a fun business environment. Ideally the game wouldn't be frowned upon by the boss, so anything that helps us be better business people the better. If winning involves bluffing, negotiation or strategy great. Looking for a game that you could drop on a table in any meeting, with any group of people and have some fun / laughs and test our brains / acumen. Anything too complicated or long isn't good. Simple with depth is better. I'm looking for a game that people talk about and becomes a part of our culture.
comment posted at 5:37 PM on Aug-25-18

Every so often I take my friends to a new part of Los Angeles to look at a used bookstore with a good used romance selection. This town has lots of great used bookstores and it's fun using this as a jumping-off point to explore a new part of the city we're not familiar with.
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Jul-10-18
comment posted at 8:54 AM on Jul-10-18

What is the best way to get a car that maximizes low monthly payments and reliability?
comment posted at 9:16 PM on Jun-18-18

I have US citizenship and urgent need to travel to the US ASAP. Apparently my passport renewal application has been approved, but the local Embassy staff I have been able to speak to have been unhelpful in providing information or options beyond waiting the 1-3 weeks it will take for delivery.
comment posted at 12:29 AM on Jun-19-18

I recall from a book of trivia that a Scot/American by the last name of Train proclaimed or considered himself King/Emperor/Dictator of America. Was there such a person?
comment posted at 10:19 AM on May-31-17

I have a mild problem that I'd like to solve regarding electric toothbrushes and their storage.
comment posted at 12:07 PM on Mar-3-17

My four story apartment building is about 15 feet from a nearly identical four story apartment building to the south. I live on the third floor, and my apartment windows face south into the space between the buildings. Today at midday I can see the sun shining fully on the windows of the fourth floor apartment above mine, with the shadow from the other building starting just below their windows. How many days until it starts shining into my apartment and onto my cat?
comment posted at 12:49 PM on Feb-14-17
comment posted at 1:02 PM on Feb-14-17
comment posted at 1:06 PM on Feb-14-17

It turns out I cherished movies.google.com as my go-to location to look at movie times. It was up to date, had no frippery, and was fast, and now the jerkwads at Google have shut it down. What can I use instead? I want to set my location, and I want to see theaters and movies and today's times, I want it all in as plain black and white, a poster thumbnail is acceptable. I want to see all the movies playing today and nothing else, ideally on as few pages as practical. The aesthetic I seek is craigslist, but for movies.
comment posted at 7:44 PM on Dec-27-16
comment posted at 7:47 PM on Dec-27-16

Rehabilitation and injury care advice wanted.
comment posted at 11:36 AM on Dec-15-16
comment posted at 11:44 AM on Dec-15-16
comment posted at 11:52 AM on Dec-15-16

I'm looking to get immersed in a really great book... or audiobook? What book is everyone reading right now that's going to get made into a mini-series in about 18 months and everyone will say "The book was so much better!"
comment posted at 9:49 PM on Nov-25-16

What are these coins?
comment posted at 7:05 AM on Sep-16-16

I need a new phone. Everything I see is too big. So far, only the iPhone SE is on my list. Anything out there comparable to the SE? (U.S. use). Big phones allow doing things I do not do with a phone. I just want the thing to fit comfortably in my jean's pocket.
comment posted at 8:56 AM on Aug-7-16

I saw this remarkably borked road sign and got mildly curious for the nth time in my life about the process by which road signs get made, start to finish. What's the modern Big Green Road Sign production process, how has it changed over the years, and what, exactly, is the likeliest explanation for this particular fuckup?
comment posted at 7:34 AM on Jul-24-16

What's the best way to see the giant redwoods in Northern California, but with a dog?
comment posted at 8:25 PM on Jul-11-16

I work from home most days and lately my boyfriend has gotten into the habit of working from my place as well or hanging out with me at other times at my invitation and his pleasure. I love this and am happy to have him around. Since he is over here so frequently, he has requested that I stock some of his favorite things regularly in the fridge for snacking/meals and most of them I'm happy to do so except for this - bottled water.
comment posted at 8:57 PM on Jul-11-16

I was unable to resist adopting a stray kitten from a co-worker. During the five days the co-worker had her, she was eating dry food meant for indoor adult cats. Now she won't switch. Is this a problem?
comment posted at 8:48 PM on Jun-27-16

I love old Sierra adventure games. I am currently obsessed with making Gold Rush! work on my Macbook. It was going so well at first. But now the number keys are mapped as directions instead of numbers (emulating in Boxer). The weird thing is that I COULD type numbers when I started the game a few hours ago! I've read everything I could find that seemed relevant in the last hour, and still, I can't type numbers; typing numbers is required to move to the next stage. Hope me relive my childhood game, hivemind!
comment posted at 7:01 PM on Jun-25-16
comment posted at 7:04 PM on Jun-25-16

Heading to Phoenix mid-July for work and will have a couple extra days off to explore around Phoenix. Would love to find a nice, scenic and quiet swimming hole (or maybe a great shaded hike with awesome views) within short drive from Phoenix. Can you help?
comment posted at 10:35 AM on Jun-7-16

I participated in the Washington Post puzzle hunt this year and loved it. What are some other opportunities, either local to DC or virtual, to employ the same kind of creative, collaborative problem-solving that is involved in Post Hunt?
comment posted at 12:30 PM on Jun-6-16

I have a dog. He is shedding. A lot. I use lint rollers to get most of the hairs off my clothes but the blankets I use to protect the furniture are really covered in hair. What's the most effortless way to get it off them? Surely there is something more straightforward than lint rollers or try to hoover them. (I am brushing the dog and the floors frequently.)
comment posted at 11:43 AM on May-18-16

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