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My late MIL made a thing that was likely sold as part of a random lot in her husband’s estate auction. What can I do to try to track it down?
comment posted at 1:08 PM on Sep-7-20

I was supposed to be the bridesmaid for a casual friend. I accepted until I had some problems arise (medical; I need surgery) and financial (I haven’t been working since the Covid lockdown). My surgery is coming up in the same time frame as the wedding. Now the bride wants me to pay for the brand new/untouched/unaltered bridesmaid dress. Help!
comment posted at 1:22 PM on Aug-17-20

I manage a building in midtown Manhattan. We're refreshing the listings on streeteasy and I need a catchy little phrase for us. Something like _________ at My Building.
comment posted at 9:08 AM on Aug-14-20

Is it worth purchasing and DIYing flatware, glassware, and linens for your wedding vs. renting them for a wedding event if it saves you $$$?
comment posted at 5:41 PM on Jul-18-20

Does anyone know of an add on for Zoom that will let you show your face and a document in the same window?
comment posted at 9:46 PM on Jul-10-20

Family member who is 70+ and considered high-risk for Covid because of diabetes and recent history of cardiac disease, now needs cataract surgery. The doctor didn't say now-now. Help me weigh the risk involved in a possible exposure at the hospital/follow up appointments and via any complications that might occur.
comment posted at 8:24 PM on Jun-29-20

Over the past 6 months I've developed a lot of lower belly fat that under certain circumstances makes me look oddly pregnant. The trouble is that this area *hurts* and is an ongoing source of pain, heaviness, and pressure. I also have a lot of lower back pain, a frequent need to pee, and frequent IBS-like symptoms. Is this just part and parcel of weight gain, or am I missing something?
comment posted at 7:08 AM on Jun-26-20

I need to be able to use dual monitors or an ultra wide monitor, a wireless mouse, and a wired keyboard (w/ USB) between two separate lap tops. I do not want to have switch cables all of the time to do so.
comment posted at 9:00 PM on Jun-20-20

Tell me everything you know about raising money to give to someone who is getting out of a domestic abuse situation. Are we talking GoFundMe here, or something else?
comment posted at 9:18 PM on Jun-19-20
comment posted at 9:33 PM on Jun-19-20

I'm looking for recommendations on where to buy good quality non-medical masks as we enter this new phase of "reopening."
comment posted at 10:55 PM on Jun-13-20

Our social service group has started a Paypal donations page. We set it up and paypal verified our bank accounts through 2 small deposits. Paypal allows us to make donations through debitcards with Paypal membership. The bank shows the money being taken out of the debitcards but the money is not showing up in our group account. How can I get Paypal to help? Their virtual assistant is useless. They appear to have no live support due to Covid-19.We are losing donations because we won't link to the page if it's not working.
comment posted at 10:53 AM on May-13-20
comment posted at 10:58 AM on May-13-20

How do I use a Zoom virtual background WITHOUT a green screen?
comment posted at 10:34 AM on May-6-20

ISO online criticism of the final three Star Wars movies that will provide a counterpoint to the typical misogynistic stuff my 13 year old is reading online.
comment posted at 8:31 AM on May-4-20

My daughter and her boyfriend are coming up to our home in very rural Vermont from Washington DC. We said no but then said yes because she just lost her job and needed emotional support. Now they are coming. It's not debatable. Tell us what we should be doing to keep ourselves as safe as possible while they are staying in our home.
comment posted at 7:38 PM on May-2-20

My 7 year old nephew (in whose house I am currently living) reeeeeeeeeally wants to read the Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook. He has the reading skills (can read The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion on his own). Is there anything in there that might be inappropriate for a seven year old? Inappropriate in this case means sex and drugs more than anything else. Fantasy violence is okay (otherwise there’d be no point, right?).
comment posted at 10:04 PM on Apr-12-20

This discussion raises a question for me that I hope someone can clarify:
comment posted at 6:06 PM on Apr-9-20

I've always considered myself a "tired person" -- and I'm tired of it. Working from home has presented me with a wonderful, unprecedented opportunity to identify the reasons behind, and potentially correct, my daytime fatigue issues.
comment posted at 6:04 PM on Apr-9-20

Are there any video games that might engage a total non-gamer either as a spectator or a participant? She's not into competitive things (doesn't like board/card games either), her attention span for things that require investment is low, and she's distractible. Is there any hope, or are we doomed to continue netflix and chilling? The only ray of hope is that she hasn't been exposed to many games for a very long time. So it's not like she's seen the latest options and shot them down.
comment posted at 5:42 PM on Mar-20-20

There was a really funny/disturbing video I remember which satirized happy home DIY videos during an ecological collapse. The host was trying mightily to mask her anxiety with cheer while offering tips about (iirc) re-using filters and making mandatory medicines taste ok, in a way that implied everything outside the house was very, very bad. I would like to watch it again, for obvious reasons. Does anyone here remember it?
comment posted at 10:41 AM on Mar-9-20

Did you manage to lose weight in your thirties and kept it off? If yes, how did you do it? I'm only interested in personal experiences, thank you.
comment posted at 5:34 AM on Mar-9-20

Help me find a short story that I read on the web (possibly linked through Mefi) about life during quarantine.
comment posted at 9:51 AM on Mar-7-20

I currently use a Bank of America debit and credit card. I review my recent transactions online to make sure I actually made the purchase (that it was authorized) and the charge amount is correct. I find myself wishing the descriptions were more specific (with the item description), so that I can more quickly remember or pull up the specific purchase on the online vendor's website.
comment posted at 9:14 AM on Mar-7-20

I’m looking for the best tea sachets out there. The kind with pyramidal bags with loose leaves that smell really fragrant and fresh, not dusty and old. The tea leaves can swirl around in the bag at least a little bit. A wide variety of flavors would be great. (I do not want non-bagged loose leaf tea.) Available in San Francisco or online.
comment posted at 3:08 PM on Feb-8-20

My son is ~5’4” and wearing a 31W x 30L jean, but there are problems. His pants slide down in the back, and he seems to have trouble keeping them zipped. Does he need to go up a waist size? Or is there some other pants intervention we can try? Assume that “he needs to pay more attention or try harder” is way off the table.
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Feb-5-20

My husband and I are buying a house. We are currently in inspection negotiations. It needs a new roof, a new sewer line and some other things. It also needs cosmetic work, like new floors and a bathroom renovation. But recently, we found out the the roof is not really but kinda under warranty and we could get it replaced...
comment posted at 11:36 AM on Feb-4-20

Do I need to BURN IT ALL WITH FIRE? What is a realistic way to proceed? I have already carried out the usually recommended security measures. I have a lay person's ability with iT. I need realistic advice for an ordinary person, not advice that the NSA would give to Morgan Stanley or the US Secretary of State.
comment posted at 7:41 PM on Jan-12-20

Where should I rent a house for a week of hiking, lobster, and fun in coastal Maine?
comment posted at 7:20 AM on Jan-6-20

We got a switch for christmas and we've been playing minecraft. I launch the game under my profile and my wife plays as player 2. I don't really understand player data and how her information is saved, but she would like to be able to open our world in single player and play as her, not me (with her items and map, etc).
comment posted at 2:45 PM on Dec-30-19

A dear friend who lives in Portland, Maine just experienced a loss and I'd like to send him a delivery of food, ideally some prepared meals. Are there any places you'd recommend? Thank you.
comment posted at 2:52 PM on Dec-30-19

My 9 year-old daughter was assessed by a psychologist to have ADHD and dysgraphia. She also tested gifted and talented. I am wondering - is it common for ADHD and dysgraphia to be confused with dyslexia? Is dyslexia often a missed diagnoses?
comment posted at 10:37 AM on Dec-16-19

My 7-year-old niece is OBSESSED with strength/agility obstacle courses like those on American Ninja Warrior. She is constantly building physical challenges for herself at the playground, and running them repeatedly in order to improve her time. She is super strong and LOVES feeling strong. For Christmas, I’d like to gift her with something that lets her do more of that!
comment posted at 12:02 PM on Dec-11-19

How would you pronounce the name ‘Acer’? With a soft c like ‘ace-er’ or a hard c like ‘acre’, and with a long or short ‘a’ (or another way)? I would assume a soft c, but it’s from the Latin for maple tree, so I’m not sure if that would make it a hard c? No idea if Latin would be long or short a. Also related, do you know if it has any negative meanings in languages other than English? Considering it for a middle name.
comment posted at 9:43 AM on Dec-11-19

I would like to know more about the realities of starting a small retail business; specifically, new and used books. If you've been through it, please tell me what your steps were like. I'm especially interested in hearing about how you negotiated the financial side- did you have money said aside? Did you get loans? If so, what was that like?
comment posted at 11:00 AM on Dec-9-19

I've gotten to the "Know Your Enemy" phase of my New Hampshire residence, and I'm looking for some books to read so that I can better understand my unpleasant neighbors.
comment posted at 8:38 AM on Dec-4-19

My son is 8, and still having bathroom accidents. It honestly doesn't even look like he is TRYING to wipe his bottom at all, and there have even been times that it is bad enough that it looks like he didn't even go to the restroom. What could be the issue?
comment posted at 10:18 AM on Nov-21-19

About 5 years ago I bought some silver and turquoise original earrings in Santa Fe. I lost one and would like to contact the store, whose owner *might* have been the artist, to see if they can make me another single one, or if they would sell me the same earrings again. Do you know what store it might have been?
comment posted at 5:53 PM on Nov-18-19

I've finally reached that age and girth when I've been asked to play Santa Claus for our local early childhood centre. How do I be the best Santa possible?
comment posted at 1:55 PM on Nov-14-19

So my beloved iPhone SE got run over and I guess I have to go out and look for a new phone. Are there any iPhones that are close to the SE in size & weight, maybe ones that aren't in stores anymore but they're still for legitimate sale (like I can buy them from someplace I've already heard of?) Or should I just go out to Best Buy and just get whichever one has the best hand feel?
comment posted at 1:14 PM on Oct-24-19

[Embarrassing question filter] I'm not exactly an outstanding physical specimen. As a result of high body weight, lack of coordination, weak ankles, and fear that I will fall and hurt myself, I lack any kind of physical courage and will often avoid activities that might require normal levels of functional fitness and coordination. Becoming more physically active has helped me a little with this but I seem to have reached a plateau and it's not currently possible to incorporate more exercise into my schedule than what I am already doing. How can I become braver, physically?
comment posted at 9:24 AM on Oct-23-19

We're traveling to Boston for a conference at the end of October, and have tacked on 4 days afterwards to stay somewhere in the area for a brief vacation, as neither of us have spent a lot of time in the New England area. Lured by the possibility of going to the Gorey House, we were thinking of going to the Cape Cod area for that time. Researching the area, though, it appears that a lot of Cape Cod will be shut down. Would we be better off heading elsewhere--and if so, where?
comment posted at 1:09 PM on Oct-21-19

What would you recommend for kids requesting spooky movies/shows that are fundamentally not scary, because the kids are very sensitive to conflict and violence?
comment posted at 9:46 AM on Oct-7-19

My 10yo (cis-gender) daughter is on the higher end of the weight range (100lbs, 54inches tall). Ms Catalyzer and I are having a hard time finding where to buy clothes that fit her - hopefully with minimal alterations. What are your recommendations?
comment posted at 8:05 AM on Sep-19-19

I will staying on Peaks Island, off Portland, Maine, for a week mid-August, renting a cottage. My daughter will be driving up and staying with me for a few days mid-week. She'll need to put her car somewhere in Portland for up to 4 days.
comment posted at 7:33 PM on Aug-1-19

My partner and I are taking my toddler to NYC for two to three weeks in August. We will be living out of a hotel while we are in NYC. I am looking for your advice on hotel living with a toddler, specifically around food and laundry. I also welcome activity recommendations.
comment posted at 7:52 AM on Jul-26-19

We don't have a land line, but we want to have an emergency phone available at our house. It would theoretically be used if there was an emergency and our smartphones were dead, couldn't be found quickly, or if one of our children needed to make an emergency call. It might also be used if close family members needed to reach us in an emergency and we were not answering our regular phones. We live in a semi-rural area with poor cell coverage, but we have a Verizon range extender at our house (and are already Verizon customers), so it makes sense to get a phone that works on the Verizon network.
comment posted at 1:07 PM on Jul-1-19

I recently moved back to my home state to care for my aging mother. She died and I need to find work. The bulk of my working life has been in academic libraries followed by a few years of miscellaneous support positions in a community college. I would love to be an executive assistant; while I have the skills for it, my resume reads library and miscellaneous work.
comment posted at 11:39 AM on Jun-30-19

Just returned from a cruise where musicians performed in various venues on the ship. Looking at the schedule, it seemed that none of them played more than 3 or 4 hours out of every 24. What other jobs do they do when not performing? (FWIW - this was not a cruise focused on music.)
comment posted at 9:51 AM on Jun-10-19

In what part of the house do your middle schoolers do computer homework? Do they have dedicated desks? Float around with laptops? Share a family computer in an open space? How do you keep them on task and away from distractions? How did you figure it out?
comment posted at 12:02 PM on Jun-7-19

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