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Help me with this casual-texting block in a long-time friendship.
comment posted at 2:26 PM on Mar-25-20

My partner is miserable most of the time. We are co-parenting a child from a previous relationship together. They are already in therapy and on meds. We are in couples' counseling, but our therapist is on a five week vacation. Assume DTMFA is not a viable solution here.
comment posted at 3:54 PM on Mar-2-20

My Aunt's lived in Phoenix for the past few decades. She's mentally sharp and mobile. So am I! Last year we visited Taliesin West and enjoyed it. What do you recommend for this year? How can we best get us some culture?
comment posted at 8:40 PM on Mar-1-20

Caveat: no nuts
comment posted at 7:33 PM on Feb-23-20

We adopted a new cat, and we are struggling with a name for him. He is a nine month old black and white kitty, with the softest fur and a little pink nose (pics here). His personality is super friendly, snuggly and sweet.
comment posted at 4:40 PM on Jan-14-20

How can I make a little extra money?
comment posted at 3:38 PM on Jan-14-20

I love "Silver Springs" by Fleetwood Mac - there's just something about the way the energy changes in the second half that really resonates with me. It gets witchy, and threatening, and vengeful. I also just refreshed my memory of "Medea" by Euripides, which has a really similar, even darker, feeling. What else can I read, listen to, or watch which might have the same sort of effect?
comment posted at 6:21 PM on Jan-3-20

What does your non-traditional Christmas dinner look like? Bonus points if you're of South Asian heritage!
comment posted at 11:29 PM on Dec-15-19

Up until recently, I never worried about getting enough sleep. I grew up in a typical suburban house, and the noise insulation was really great. Every single night I wanted to go to sleep, there was no background from either inside or outside because my bedroom was in a distant part of the house facing the backyard.
comment posted at 6:49 AM on Dec-14-19

Who was this man I'm thinking of and where did I read an article about his mysterious death?
comment posted at 4:51 PM on Nov-23-19

I want to make a slice or small cube snacks out of seeds - pumpkin, sunflower, chia etc - but I don't want to use sugar, honey, syrup or other carb-heavy ingredients. What else can I use to bind the seeds into something I can mix together, bake for a bit, then cut into cubes?
comment posted at 3:32 PM on Nov-22-19

Creative manager looking for the exact right word to describe a brand. Is there a word that means "Able to customize and adapt based on your needs because of how absolutely, thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced we are"? Caveat: it can't be "solution-oriented" because it sounds so meaningless to me.
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Nov-21-19

Please help me discover the name of my new best friend. He's a four-year-old Australian cattle dog that I picked up from a rescue a few hours ago. He hasn't had a great life up till now. Photos here, here and here. I'm not a fan of cutesy names. In the past my companions have been named after scientists and musicians, but I'm open to anything. Thanks!
comment posted at 2:05 PM on Nov-16-19
comment posted at 9:01 PM on Nov-16-19

I need an eggless vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. Over the years I've tried many, and they've mostly sucked. Parameters inside.
comment posted at 10:25 AM on Nov-7-19

I have houseguests. Last night one of them made dinner and put a lot of turmeric in it. So much of it that 24 hours later the taste is still lingering in my mouth. I've brushed my teeth several times. I've used mouthwash. I've drunk lemonade hoping the acidity would help. Nothing is helping and I really really don't like this taste. Am I the only one who has experienced this? Any suggestions? Yeah, I know, it will eventually dissipate.
comment posted at 5:07 PM on Nov-6-19

I feel like I've seen this trope a lot in popcorn movies: a mother is grieving something (usually the loss of her husband or another child) and for that reason she's not emotionally available to her kids. Then something threatens the family and by the end she's like, SUPER into her kids. Can you give examples of movies that do this (not TV shows?)
comment posted at 6:09 PM on Nov-5-19

Help me fill 20 4x4x4 boxes with wonderful little things!
comment posted at 8:37 PM on Nov-2-19

Do you have any experiences you can tell me you had with small pets on an airline? I am considering Delta or American Airlines. I have a small dog that I will be putting in a small kennel and have her with me under the seat ahead of me for the flight.
comment posted at 7:45 PM on Oct-22-19

What is the difference between friendly conversation and flirting? Recently I was told that I am a flirt but I am not aware of being one or of going into conversations with the intention of flirting. What are some key hallmarks of flirting as opposed to regular friendly conversation?
comment posted at 8:09 AM on Oct-11-19

My birthday is coming up next week, and I'd really like to create a playlist of songs about being fine with NOT trying to keep up. In the vein of John Lennon's Watching the Wheels. The wide and varied tastes of the Ask crowd would be super handy at adding some flavor to this endeavor.
comment posted at 7:16 AM on Oct-9-19

My son is turning five, and sucks his thumb when he is really stressed and upset as a way of regaining control of his emotions and calming down. We're trying to get him to break the habit; what are good alternatives to thumb sucking that he could use to regulate his emotions?
comment posted at 4:56 PM on Oct-6-19

So, I have this PTSD thing going on with a lot of presentation of physical symptoms when it's bad. Part of those symptoms are nausea and vomiting. One particular thing that I have a question about is... I'm a side sleeper. When my symptoms are being bad and I'm lying on my left side to sleep I'm fine but if I change to be on my right side I'll be up and vomiting within 60 seconds. This doesn't happen if I'm not having nausea as part of my expressed symptoms but does happen about 99% of the time when I am. Is this indicating something I should have investigated (like a known symptom of a disease) or is this just part of the annoying raft of symptoms that my PTSD is presenting?
comment posted at 11:33 AM on Jul-7-19

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years, and I'm finding that I am dreading our upcoming anniversary. I am very tempted to end things with him for a few reasons, but I do love him dearly and don't want to back out without giving the relationship a good try. However, I am running out of steam. Since I have no one to share my doubts with I'll have to publish them here in the hope that some kind stranger will offer some advice. Buckle up, because it's a novel. To save boring the pants off you I haven't included every single detail, but I'll make any clarifications you like in the comments. I'm sure I'm not perfect and I welcome insight into my own behaviour, but be kind with me please! I'm only human.
comment posted at 6:14 PM on Jul-4-19

It's stupid hot and humid outside. Disrespectful. I seek imaginative escape.
comment posted at 6:15 PM on Jun-29-19
comment posted at 9:05 PM on Jun-29-19

What are some futuristic things we were supposed to have by now? What are some futuristic things we have now that weren’t predicted?
comment posted at 11:53 AM on Jun-29-19

I’m working on a story with a cis gay male main character, but I’m having trouble choosing the right words to describe him.
comment posted at 10:39 AM on Jun-29-19

Films are made into trilogies (or, Pirates of the Caribbean, made into a trilogy after the success of the first). Then studios sometimes push it further... usually poorly but sometimes they end up good. In all cases they're unnecessary, though. Can you help me think of those cases? The ones I can think of are after the fold..
comment posted at 6:17 PM on Jun-26-19

What did I just see flashing almost directly overhead? About 2235CDT, I was letting the whiney dog out and saw something flash almost overhead in my peripheral vision. I thought it was a meteor, but about 15-20 seconds later I saw it again.
comment posted at 9:23 PM on Jun-15-19

I own a 2014 Kia that I have maintained well. I received an engine recall notice for replacement and lifetime warranty and before bringing it in, my car died due to malfunctioning crankshaft sensors. It's a fairly new recall, and my car is still under power train warranty with 50k miles. This is my mistake, but I've taken my car to several different stations for oil changes (always on time), due to poor customer service or wasn't satisfied. I wasn't able to get into the dealership because of location. Anyway, I failed to keep all of my oil change receipts and they are now telling me that they will not service the recall and that my warranty is void because they can't ensure I've properly maintained my vehicle.
comment posted at 2:36 PM on May-31-19

What was this band my dad and I listened to in the late 80s and early 90s? Here's what I know: we lived in Southern California, and the albums were on cassette tape. I think my dad had at least two albums. I have the impression that this band was fairly popular, not really obscure at all. It was a group, not a single person. The band's name had multiple words that might have included one or more Bs and Zs or Xs. It might have rhymed.
comment posted at 8:26 AM on May-31-19

I'm looking for good action-adventure movies, released in the last decade or so, that aren't grimdark or hyperviolent. More fun and adventure; less brutality – the real world is brutal enough these days.
comment posted at 8:05 PM on May-6-19

My mom is having a big number birthday in a few weeks. What's a good gift? Caveats inside.
comment posted at 11:32 AM on May-2-19

I volunteer for a national charity that supports people with severe mental health issues, feelings of despair and suicidal ideation. I have been given the opportunity to design and facilitate a session on mental health for the volunteers. The catch is I only have 30 minutes. What should I cover?
comment posted at 11:22 AM on May-2-19

I'd love some ideas of places I could go to write. I'm unable to write at home due to a lot of distractions and negative feelings I have being at home. So, I need to find a place I could go to write, with a few restrictions.
comment posted at 6:03 AM on May-2-19

How do you, as a woman who dates men, navigate your needs for emotional support?
comment posted at 12:40 PM on Mar-7-19

Plan a couple days for me trail running or hiking based in or near (~1-2hrs drive) Phoenix. Female traveler. Loves cacti, desert landscapes, lizards, and tacos.
comment posted at 7:27 AM on Feb-27-19

I love my bed, but my boyfriend does not. He gave up his much loved bed when we moved in together this past summer and he has not adapted to it over the past 7 months like I hoped. What can we do to make him more comfortable without buying a brand new bed?
comment posted at 8:34 PM on Feb-23-19

Hi friends, I'm on the hunt for helpful critique of a section of my cover letter, which I've revisited several times. (I WILL get it right!).
comment posted at 11:19 AM on Feb-17-19

My wife and I are expecting a baby girl in April. Since the beginning of the pregnancy we've been partial to a combo family name after each of our maternal grandmothers. It isn't feeling like "the name" though so we're going back to the drawing board.
comment posted at 9:34 AM on Feb-9-19

I like my job just fine once I get there and get underway. But I find I dread getting up in the morning. How can I brain hack/life hack this?
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Feb-8-19

I like books about tiny “people.” I particularly like when they live alongside or under the noses of humans. There must be people writing these books now as with YA or adult reads, especially with the growth of urban fantasy. Are there books or series or authors you can recommend?
comment posted at 6:58 PM on Feb-6-19

Amazingly, I seem to have caught up on all the shows I wanted to watch, but there must be more!
comment posted at 5:12 PM on Feb-6-19

My current favorite snack is eating thin slices of very sharp cheddar with small bits of raw very hot peppers (habanero and such). The fattiness of the cheese tempers the hotness of the pepper so I can really appreciate the taste as well as the capsaicin glow. But I probably shouldn't be eating so damn much cheese. Any suggestions?
comment posted at 1:48 PM on Feb-1-19

A friend of mine, who describes herself (accurately, I believe) as an open-minded creationist, reached out to me, asking me to recommend a book to her about Evolution.
comment posted at 10:14 AM on Feb-1-19

Can you help me figure out what shoes I saw? No photo available, but will do my best to describe. Lace-up terra cotta/light brick colored leather, low hi-top/ankle bootie-ish women's shoe with gum rubber soles.
comment posted at 11:36 AM on Jan-22-19

I have $211 to spend with Southwest by April 11. It is usable in my name only. I welcome any outside ideas, as I am fresh out! Details and mitigating factors inside.
comment posted at 5:50 PM on Jan-20-19

Have you had a colonoscopy without sedation? How was it? Did it hurt? On a scale of bad gas cramps to gallstones how bad was it? Is this even an option I can bring up with my doctor? Have you had one with sedation? How was the sedation is it less bad than I'm picturing?
comment posted at 2:25 PM on Jan-16-19

I'd like to watch more of my favorite type of tv show: an android, robot, alien, or supernaturally cursed or just plain old traumatized person learns how to be a person when they're not sure they can. The key to humanity should not be the love of a good woman (or women's emotional labor in general, unless it's reciprocated). Some examples inside -- I would love your recommendations for more!
comment posted at 8:54 PM on Jan-7-19

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