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So I've had a bridge for a while and I've never gotten the hang of threading floss under the bridge with the floppy needle-shaped flosser things the dentist gives me. I have big hands and a small mouth I just can never seem to get the right angle to thread that thing under there. Are there any other tools for getting floss under there that would be easier to use?
comment posted at 2:59 PM on Mar-24-21

This is going to sound kooky, but I'm looking for a name of an activity I recall from childhood gym class that was like skipping, but wasn't skipping.
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We’re expecting a son, which is tremendously exciting...except that we’re having a really hard time coming up with boy names. Do you have any great suggestions?
comment posted at 6:57 PM on Mar-19-21

I need a new washing machine. It MUST be a top-loader and should be a workhorse vs. sophisticated or pretty. I just want it to be reliable, accomplish basic laundry tasks (no fancy textiles here) and not unbalance easily. Do I want a Speed Queen?
comment posted at 7:12 AM on Mar-12-21

I love songs that have a big "reveal" in the middle where the song changes dramatically - help me find more of them!
comment posted at 5:28 PM on Mar-10-21

I have a Glade plug-in air freshener and it doesn't smell of anything. The tip (where the strength adjustment can be set) is warm. I have tried it in 3 different rooms and no dice. I also tried an Air Wick plug-in - same deal. Previously though (like a few years) I had an Air Wick plug-in which did work. What could it be or what could have changed? I can smell other things just fine. My house is old (built 1891).
comment posted at 1:29 PM on Mar-2-21

I'm trying to name the main character of a writing project, and can't seem to come up with the kind of name I want. Suggestions?
comment posted at 5:39 PM on Feb-22-21
comment posted at 2:35 PM on Feb-23-21

For health reasons, me and most of my family members have been trying to eat well. We are all abstaining from refined sugar, deep fried food, and most processed foods, since it's been easier to abstain entirely rather than moderate. But it's been difficult to find pleasure in foods for special occasions (e.g. we'd normally indulge in chocolates for V Day). Suggestions for how we can bring treats back into our lives?
comment posted at 1:44 PM on Feb-14-21

In my quest to find more fiction books to read that don't make me quit ten pages in, I've realised that there's a quality to literature I enjoy that could be described as engaging with morality, ethics, goodness, right living, those sort of things. And doing so deliberately and as the most important part of the book. As opposed to those things being kind of subservient to plot and character, etc. Some examples inside. I'd like to find more books like this, if you could offer any suggestions.
comment posted at 7:25 AM on Jan-29-21

I am trying to send a gift of navel oranges and there are numerous options. Have you ordered / received a shipment from one that was top quality? If so, what was the company / grove name? All suggestions welcome, thank you!
comment posted at 11:50 AM on Jan-26-21

How do I print out a series of text messages (all in one conversation with one person), for use in a police report? I have a Samsung droid phone.
comment posted at 7:00 AM on Jan-20-21

I write poems (often presented as spoken word) that are comprised of lyrics from 90's songs. Right now I'm working on one based off the worst songs. I've read a lot of listicles, but it's usually the same ones over and over. (Listed those below the fold.) What other songs are worthy of inclusion, either according to you or a site you link to?
comment posted at 3:33 PM on Jan-19-21

Help me compile a list on quality books with protagonists named after each month of the year. Last year I enjoyed reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January , which stars a girl named January. I also recently picked up The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, starring a girl named September. The question is: can I find a (good) book for every month of the year...?
comment posted at 12:09 PM on Jan-18-21

My parents are looking to adopt a cat, ideally yesterday. Their much loved and extremely senior cat passed a month ago, and there's a huge cat-shaped hole in their hearts. My mom has never ever not had at at least one cat her entire life. They are really good, loving cat owners! But they cannot find a cat! Looking for ideas or avenues to chase down.
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Jan-16-21

My aunt passed away very suddenly last week. For various reasons, I came to an acceptance of her death very quickly, and my grieving process hasn't involved much sadness. The rest of my family is struggling mightily with this, and I'm wondering if I'm a monster for not being more sad. Please help me assess.
comment posted at 10:31 AM on Jan-14-21

I am at my wit's end trying to find a good litter box solution for my 2 cats. My current problem is primarily scatter - no matter what I try, I end up with litter all over my house and I'm over it. Help!
comment posted at 7:08 AM on Jan-11-21

How should my wife and I address religious issues with our children resulting from years of indoctrination by a narcissistic grandparent?
comment posted at 4:53 PM on Jan-4-21

(Some of the) big numbers in the Old Testament: 1 Chronicles 21:5. 2 Samuel 24:9. Jesus and his squad had that background. So I've been thinking lately that Matthew 18:21-22 has not been preached well.
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Help recommend me some new running shoes?
comment posted at 1:51 PM on Jan-1-21

I'm wondering if there are any statistics on whether or not the "Book of Mormon" musical resulted in any new or renewed interest in Mormonism. I've heard from several people who said they heard that Mormons were gently discouraged from seeing the show. But I can't believe many didn't go to check it out. Reading interviews with Trey Parker, he said many Mormons came up to him and essentially told him he "nailed" it.
comment posted at 10:59 AM on Jan-1-21

So my parents did not get my kid anything for Christmas. There is a complicated family dynamic with a million moving parts, but I need a way to gently say to them, "This is hurtful." Help?
comment posted at 11:18 AM on Dec-27-20

My coparent and I have differing views on planning ahead and its causing friction. Am I being unreasonable by asking him commit to a pick up time?
comment posted at 12:51 PM on Dec-18-20

I'm looking for scenes in Christmas films where people suffer an injury or accident. This is for a Christmas-themed first aid training, so if treatment, first aid or any other kind of response is shown then all the better, but also not required. Comical/cartoonish/unrealistic is fine.
comment posted at 6:30 AM on Dec-12-20

My 17-year old son, who doesn't/hasn't read for pleasure, expressed some interest in giving it a try. He said he's most interested in futuristic technologically advanced society type fiction. I'm going to the book store tomorrow and was thinking I'd like to try to get something for him. Any suggestions? I think it needs to really grab his attention from the beginning and it'd be best if it were an easy read. Whatcha got?
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comment posted at 7:52 AM on Dec-13-20

I am a light sleeper after about five hours of sleep, but I really need eight hours of sleep. My boyfriend's kids wake up at 2 or 3 am most nights, and I can't get back to sleep. We have been looking at houses together, but after a trial of staying with them for two weeks, I feel sick and miserable from lack of sleep. Should I give up on this?
comment posted at 8:36 AM on Dec-7-20

Suggestions please for edible treats i can make and gift to my family. Various family allergies make this complicated: treats must be dairy-free, gluten-free, with no soy.
comment posted at 4:13 PM on Dec-4-20

I teach a comparative text study to high school students and am considering Educated as a possible text of study. Can you recommend some films, plays or a novella that would compare well, thematically?
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Nov-28-20

There was a sci-fi novel I read around 1997. I don't remember the title, but it involved empaths, climate change, orbital stations, and blind navigators. Also had an Israel-related plot arc.
comment posted at 11:15 AM on Nov-4-20

I was raised on Lyle Lovett and Bonnie Raitt. I love that they tell emotionally real stories about individual characters that aren't just battle-of-the-sexes caricatures (on either the macho side or the down-with-men side). And I love that their musical style mixes in blues, soul, maybe a tiny bit of Laurel Canyon, etc. Who else should I be listening to?
comment posted at 8:19 AM on Oct-31-20

I'm hoping you can help me find a short, nice quote for our holiday card that acknowledges the horribleness of 2020 without being too hokey or depressing.
comment posted at 7:29 PM on Oct-9-20

I just saw a Kahl Drogo/ Daenerys Meme and immediately had to think of that insane megalomaniac speech Khal Drogo gave where he promised Daenerys to take over the world for her. What are some of the greatest and grandest (fictional) rants/ speeches/ monologues in history? One I also love, although from the opposite end of the spectrum, would be th No Cape! monologue from the Incredibles.
comment posted at 5:58 AM on Sep-18-20

Hello! A friend of mine is looking for memoirs about people who endure some tragic incident -- i.e., terrible car accident, spinal cord injury, etc. (does not have to be physical, but life-changing), then thrives and/or finds a way to make peace with what happened/channel their life in a new way. Probably best if one-off tragedy, rather than years of abuse, for example. Any suggestions?
comment posted at 6:43 AM on Sep-16-20

We don't eat a lot of packaged/prepared foods but I'm about to have to juggle ALL the things and it's time for my 9 year old to start making her own meals sometimes. We have a few things she can make and she's used the microwave a bit and the toaster oven but I'd love to know what you keep on hand to get the kids to "help themselves." We are going to have a small pod of kids here somewhat regularly and I want to be able to let them do it themselves as much as possible.
comment posted at 4:55 PM on Sep-9-20

I am finishing up an intense two weeks of all Criminal Minds, all the time. What should I watch next?
comment posted at 6:50 AM on Aug-26-20

The truth is my kids need better (more fitted, more comfortable) masks than I do. My children will be returning to school in a few weeks.
comment posted at 7:55 AM on Aug-1-20

I need songs about guys who are bad. They can't be fair at all. Like, do they need to be unfair? No, but they need to not have that femme-socialized thing where they're like "oh yeah I know your life is hard" or "I wish you well" or whatever. Just pure anger/criticism/hatred/criticism. Any genre - I know "angry" will probably make you think "rock" but there are definitely angry songs in other genres, like "Caught Out There" by Kelis. Thank you
comment posted at 2:32 PM on Jul-24-20

I am living with someone who is becoming increasingly, needlessly nitpicky and critical of me. I do not have the choice to leave until September. How do I get through the next few months without it wrecking my mental health?
comment posted at 7:44 PM on Jul-12-20

My husband has started reading books by John Grisham and loves them. Not my cup of tea at all, so I don't know where to start, but for his birthday, I would like to give him books that scratch a similar itch but by different authors. Specifics below.
comment posted at 1:05 PM on Jul-5-20

I’ve realized that to me, the most compelling TV shows have an antihero protagonist along with some lovable sidekicks. We just finished Homeland, and before that watched Ray Donovan and Breaking Bad. Please recommend some more shows where you can’t decide whether the main character is a good guy or a bad guy but you love them anyway.
comment posted at 7:33 PM on Jun-18-20

So, my sister wore me down and we have a new puppy. He's big, 60 pounds at 6 months. They tell me he may double in size in 6 months. He not afraid of barking, but seems very gentle and is shy. So, what should we call him?
comment posted at 6:24 PM on May-22-20

Nineties or aughties sitcom, I think. Female character would say “iiii KNOW!” and (playfully) shove the other person. What character, what sitcom? Thanks in advance!
comment posted at 6:10 PM on May-7-20

My grandfather has been pretty ill over the last few months with mild heart failure. He has stabilized for now and his doctors are treating him with medication. He has really lost his appetite and we don't want him to lose anymore weight then he has already. The doctors haven't give much diet advice other than protein shakes like ensure. I'm looking for any other good quality food sources that are calorie dense that can help him maintain his weight, and are relatively easy to make.
comment posted at 5:03 PM on May-6-20

My birthday is coming up later this month and I know I can convince my friends to drive and bike by for a party. My question is what can I do to surprise them and make them laugh when they do it?
comment posted at 6:59 PM on May-3-20

I'm putting together a breakfast-themed film series for some friends, and I need your help thinking of movies for us to watch.
comment posted at 7:36 AM on May-1-20

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