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I have a Baume & Mercier watch that I'd like to sell as painlessly as possible. It's probably worth about $1-2K. I'd like to simply walk into a store and get cash for it (I'm in New York City), or utilize a similar service online. I do not wish to put up my own listing, ad, auction, Craiglist's post, or the like. I know this will mean less money in my pocket, but the tradeoff is worth it to me. Thanks for your advice!
comment posted at 10:30 PM on Jul-12-22

We're visiting for 4 days and I've never been. What's good? I know about beingets and such but otherwise don't have a lot to go off. We're staying at the Ritz Carlton this month. Looking for great restaurants, neat sights, fun ways to kill an afternoon, and off the beaten path gems, if you got em!
comment posted at 9:23 PM on Jan-2-19

Why would it be more expensive to book two travelers on a flight than each one individually?
comment posted at 10:29 PM on Sep-7-18

This looks like a logo I've seen before but I can't pin down what it is. I think it's a tech startup or product type company: http://imgur.com/i5Ppfll
comment posted at 1:57 PM on Nov-9-16

I'm looking for TV shows (or movies) that star, or heavily feature characters who are kind and loving to each other, who grow and develop into better people, and who are (often) genuinely trying or doing their best. If there are multiple characters you would want to hang out with in person, that's probably a show for me! I'd especially love to know who you'd want to hang out with and why in your answers.
comment posted at 11:24 PM on Sep-15-16

I'm looking into buying a house for the first time, and I need opinions on whether the amount of mortgage I'm looking at is a bad idea.
comment posted at 2:53 PM on Sep-15-16

I need a new phone, but I don't want to lose my favorite feature.
comment posted at 1:19 PM on Aug-9-16

My daughter loves to read, especially Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate. Unfortunately, she's read almost all of them and she dissolved into tears when I said there wouldn't be many books left for her to read in those series. I'm looking for books for her to try next.
comment posted at 2:29 AM on Jul-24-16

I cannot find good sheets for super hot weather. Not humid, just desert hot.
comment posted at 1:29 PM on Jul-22-16

We're hitting up Chicago this week, from Wednesday through Sunday, for a wedding on Saturday. Looking for tips on what not to miss.
comment posted at 1:22 AM on Jun-15-16

This song has been in my head since I last saw a Coyotes game a week ago... and this is the best I could record from tonight's broadcast. It's the arena's music behind the announcer so it's tough to make out, fades out for a bit, but then comes back at the end on what sounds like the hook/chorus. Please hope. Here's the clip.
comment posted at 10:49 PM on Mar-26-16

I've seen four dermatologists, and followed their advice, but my vulval eczema hasn't gone away. Maybe you can help?
comment posted at 10:49 PM on Jan-8-16

Please help suggest books for my 4th grade son that he will actually read and like. A number of requirements inside.
comment posted at 10:54 AM on Sep-10-15

There's an old PC (Windows) game that was basically a collection of board games, in the setting of a cabin, of sorts, where there could be different weather and seasons outside.
comment posted at 7:55 PM on Sep-7-15

What do I do to get Aisha Tyler to sign a still from Archer?
comment posted at 5:56 PM on Jun-3-15

I have these speakers: link. I have a pc monitor with 2 hdmi and one vga. My ps4/xbox one are connected to the hdmi ports and my pc is vga. The speakers are hooked up directly to the monitor so that sound works for everything. I bought a xonar dg for the sole purpose of getting rid of the hiss from the onboard crap in the pc I have. I was wondering what the best way to hook up the speakers are? The speakers themselves have a headphone output so I just plug my headphones into them rather than on a case by case basis of whatever console I'm using. I just don't want to ruin my headphones in the process. 99% of the time I'm just watching youtube or listening to a podcast while playing a game of fifa so i don't feel like upgrading speakers right now. Headphones are hd 558 if that helps at all. Should i just hook up unused sony studio monitors to the back of pc and call it a day?
comment posted at 10:22 AM on May-19-15

I was rear-ended last night - at a complete stop waiting for a light; the car behind me was going about 40mph when it hit us. Called the cops, called my insurance, it is completely the other driver's fault. My insurance said I can either have the other driver's insurance (Traveler's) handle my claim, or I can pay my $500 deductible and have my insurance handle the claim (repairs, rental car, etc.) with the knowledge that they may not be able to recover my deductible.
comment posted at 12:00 AM on Mar-30-15

I would very much like to buy some things for my business which does yet technically exist. How does that work? Business owners of metafilter, pleas help me!
comment posted at 4:56 PM on Feb-6-15

This is a 100% serious question. I pooped a dead bug. Little, tiny wings, maybe sort of mosquito-looking. It was definitely my poop on the sort of outside of a piece of poo. Just one bug, just one tiny poop - I was constipated. What does this mean? How did it get in there? Should I do anything about it?
comment posted at 12:29 AM on Jan-19-15

I'm getting laid off next month. What will happen, or should happen, to the nonrefundable airline tickets that have been booked in my name, on the company dime, for future business travel?
comment posted at 11:37 PM on Jan-16-15

I'm visiting my brother in Seattle this weekend, flying up Saturday morning and back down Sunday night. I'm already doing Theo Chocolate tour and I've done Seattle underground but he's never been to Seattle at all and I haven't been in a few years.
comment posted at 1:47 PM on Dec-9-14

I’m not entirely sure where to post this on the Internet, because it seems that there are a million different opinions out there. It’s like asking, what’s the best diet to lose weight, when everyone will tell you his or her favorite diet. Regardless, I need some help. I need some guidance, a model to follow. I need to know how to get laid and/or a girlfriend. Preferably, a girlfriend.
comment posted at 2:58 PM on Oct-31-14

My friend is buying a house and received the original 1942 deed to the place, in Arizona. There's a (blatantly racist) provision we're having trouble parsing.
comment posted at 2:36 PM on Oct-1-14

Thinking about having bariatric surgery. Have you done it? What was it like for you? Do you regret it or love it? What's life like now?
comment posted at 5:09 PM on Sep-30-14

The owner of the condo I'm renting has informed me that he's putting it on the market, and had a realtor check out the place and talk to me. He thinks any future buyer will likely be a professional real estate buyer, who will continue with the lease arrangement I currently have, but there's no assurance that this will be the case. Meanwhile, another apartment has opened up in the same complex, a complex which I love. Do I stay or move?
comment posted at 12:14 AM on Sep-29-14

The mortgage on our house was transferred from a local bank that we really liked to SunTrust. I would appreciate any best practices for dealing with SunTrust, which does not have a good reputation as a mortgage servicer.
comment posted at 3:06 PM on Sep-22-14

I make $93,000 net a year and want to buy a $95,000 car. I'm 28, and keen to enjoy life before I get tied down with family and other commitments. I'm seeking your wisdom.
comment posted at 1:55 AM on Sep-3-14

In the enjoyable Parker Bros party game, Taboo, if the "guess word" is "Dr. Jekyll," is it a legal clue to say: "There are two crows in a cartoon, one of them is named Heckle"?
comment posted at 11:17 PM on Aug-2-14

What's the coolest hotel/inn/B&B you'd recommend in Boulder, CO for one night?
comment posted at 11:22 PM on Jul-31-14

I'm going through a breakup. My ex very suddenly served me a Notice To Quit today. I'm not sure what rights I have here. I'm also pretty destitute because of recent medical bills. Further details inside.
comment posted at 12:02 AM on Jul-31-14

I'm in need of a new bank. I've decided to go with an online only bank because of their lack of fees and 24/7 customer service. My choices have been narrowed down to Ally Bank, Capital One 360 or Charles Schwab Bank. Comments based on personal experience with any of these banks would be greatly appreciated.
comment posted at 10:58 PM on Jul-20-14

Once again while driving tonight I did not hear an ambulance's siren. This happens to me all the time, and it's not related to being on the phone or listening to music. It would be great if there were a way to transmit some type of signal that could be heard in cars within so many yards of an emergency vehicle. I'm not sure how this could work, or if it is possible. I imagine the ambulance would deliver some signal that could be picked up in a car outfitted with a sensor. What do you think?
comment posted at 2:01 AM on Jun-13-14

I bought $500 of lumber from the local hardware store/lumber yard. They will delivery it tomorrow. Assuming there are two guys and it takes them 5-10 minutes to unload it, how much should I tip each of them, if anything?
comment posted at 5:03 PM on Jun-9-14

I want to have a non-gmail/slightly more professional address for my freelance work, so I'm planning to buy a domain. What companies would you recommend for a) buying a domain and b) hosting the site? I just want to have one page with a background photo, a line of text, and a link to my email. Is Squarespace worth it, since I don't know how to build the page myself?
comment posted at 5:13 PM on Apr-27-14

My husband and I have been married almost a year (lived together before that) and have a good relationship with his 12-year-old son, who lives about an hour away and is with us in summers and every other weekend. Now I am pregnant. We are excited to tell stepson this weekend, but I want to think a bit about...
comment posted at 11:56 AM on Apr-25-14

How does Google make so much money on advertising when everyone I know says they rarely click/tap on search ads and display ads?
comment posted at 2:19 AM on Apr-16-14

Ms Stewie and I are getting married next year and are hung up on a point of ethics and protocol: who pays for our guests that will be traveling from out of state to the wedding?
comment posted at 4:22 AM on Apr-12-14

So, I'm in my 30s and I had my first car accident last night.
comment posted at 1:29 AM on Apr-7-14

I don't need to soundproof an entire room, just where I sleep. Basically, I want to construct a dark quiet box with the bottom side just big enough for my mattress.
comment posted at 1:52 AM on Apr-4-14

My husband and I are considering flying Allegiant Air from Tennessee to Ft. Myers, FL in a few weeks (prices are about 50% of other airlines). Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with this airline? Thanks,
comment posted at 12:03 AM on Apr-4-14

I played a demo of this a long time ago, and its bugging me. It was a PC game, possibly late 90s/early 2000s, I think it was a Microsoft game.
comment posted at 12:55 AM on Apr-3-14
comment posted at 1:37 AM on Apr-3-14

I have a client who has an existing website written in PHP spaghetti code and has been through a few developers. He wants to add features and upgrade to a modern framework (Django). The website is quite involved (tests, shopping cart, user authentication) and the requested features would add another layer of complexity (teachers and students). I have experience working with Django but I'm not confident enough to estimate the whole thing. Worse still, my client is non-technical and keeps asking for updates while remaining cagey about cost/ trying to lowball instead of considering technical difficulties. How does one proceed?
comment posted at 1:55 AM on Apr-3-14

Is it possible to convert my LLC to an S-Corp to avoid paying $10,000+ in 2013 self-employment taxes?
comment posted at 11:53 AM on Apr-1-14

I volunteer for a non-profit organization. We've had a work agreement with a small company (Basically one or two guys) to do Drupal development work for a year. Short story: the point person in our organization is suddenly no longer with us (deceased), the developer has terminated the contract, almost none of the specifications are complete. "Agile development! Hand waving! You don't understand." We're out a LOT of money and he is holding any not yet tested code hostage for another 15K in billing. All invoices past (approved by previous guy) and present (which I don't want to approve) consist of a single line: "X number of developer hours at Y rate = gimme Z money". They are autogenerated since the number of hours is always the max allowable under the work agreement and still addressed to the deceased. We are going to the lawyers soon, but...
comment posted at 5:30 AM on Mar-16-14

What's a good free or cheap service for load/stress testing a website?
comment posted at 10:06 PM on Mar-14-14

I've been to LA probably a dozen times or so, but mostly for events or a quick trip to Disney. My friends and I are taking a cruise that disembarks next Sunday morning, around 10am. Our flight from LAX doesn't depart until 7:50 PM, so we have a day to kill in LA proper.
comment posted at 5:29 PM on Mar-13-14

I received a tin of Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate for Christmas, and have enjoyed it down to the last tablespoonful. But when I went to TJ's this weekend to pick up more, I found out it was a seasonal item and won't be back until next November. Wahh!! Hope me!!
comment posted at 1:47 PM on Feb-10-14

I'm a software developer that contracts for a company. I like the company, they want me to join them full time. Their offer is below my ask by quite a bit, should I even counter offer?
comment posted at 5:45 PM on Jan-24-14

How to cry on command
comment posted at 3:25 PM on Jan-23-14

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