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What are low-hassle ways of selling mildly-valuable antiquarian books?
comment posted at 11:08 AM on Feb-2-23

My on-again off-again friend has called to try to mend fences. I don’t want to. But she is the mother of my son’s best friend…
comment posted at 11:32 AM on Jan-31-23

We have a family event that takes us to Hanover NH in late June so we are planing to meet up with some favorite relatives and sneak in a little vacation. We will fly into Boston, rent a car and then spend a few nights a place A (maybe Cape Cod?) and a few nights in place B (??) and end up near Hanover NH. Where should we stay and what should we do on the two parts of this trip?
comment posted at 11:25 AM on Jan-31-23

I'm looking for song examples where the singer "speaks" over music in a more or less plain voice (possibly in a rhythmic fashion). The first forty seconds of The Butthole Surfers "Pepper" is the best example I know. I am not looking for rap or hip hop or trap unless it's very different. Not looking for people using recorded samples of speaking over music. I am looking for diverse examples of people using a speaking voice over music. It can be just a short section of a piece.
comment posted at 2:59 PM on Jan-29-23

I need help with words to de-escalate my father's REACTION to my mother's bipolar episode. She's not too manic, I believe she's relatively safe, but ABSOLUTELY annoying. Earlier my father sent frantic texts for HELP!, "She's threatening to leave him and will not see a doctor." A few hours later, I'm thinking it was mostly just a fight between two emotionally dysregulated people. I'm more concerned bout talking him down than I am about her.
comment posted at 2:55 PM on Jan-29-23

Have you experienced or heard about one of the major fast food restaurants not being able to accept cards for that day, or so? If so, is it a one off thing, so need to make sure to have cash at all times, or could it happen again, and maybe even at more than one place? What is the conclusion that different people would come to as a result of that experience? P.S Is there a better category this question should be in? I guess it would be too late to edit after a day or so.
comment posted at 2:03 PM on Jan-28-23

Looking for scripts I should have used instead of (eep, I know how bad this sounds) going silent on these people.
comment posted at 1:45 PM on Jan-27-23

I am a new pellet stove owner and other than following along with the relevant subreddit, are there other places you have gone online that have good info, or do you have advice that you gained after some pellet stove ownership time that you think might be helpful?
comment posted at 7:47 AM on Jan-8-23

My wife and I have an ongoing disagreement in the kitchen about the best way to handle tough stains and build-up on dishes and the impact water temperature has on getting cookware clean. Can you help?
comment posted at 7:46 AM on Jan-4-23

Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice, for people staying on Elon Musk's Twitter, from a liberal perspective? How to deal with trolls, data security, blocklists, or anything else is all helpful. Any apps, plugins, usage guidelines, or other ways for progressives to make the most of Twitter? Thanks!
comment posted at 8:05 AM on Jan-4-23

My job just sent out an email saying that covid is now endemic, so we can all start to spend more time on campus. Okay, but it's not. It causes severe, lifelong disruptions to health. People can become totally disabled. It makes me extremely anxious, especially when I'm in conference calls with coworkers and I can see they're in tiny rooms with each other with no masks on. Is anyone else having to work hard on suppressing their instincts to tell the truth about what's going on?
comment posted at 2:45 PM on Nov-29-22

I'm pondering _how to find_ companies, academics, foundations, granting organizations, or non-profit organizations that are doing innovative, exploratory, or results-based work to help communities, small, large, and global, build trust and communication to actually solve fundamental society-affecting problems. (I mean, more systematically than reading Metafilter and watching TED Talks.)
comment posted at 3:38 PM on Oct-29-22

What's a part of your job that you actually like? What task or part of your work day, other than lunch, do you really enjoy, to the point of thinking, yeah, this is it, this is where I fit?
comment posted at 3:19 PM on Oct-29-22

A friend in Burlington VT is has to stop using his beloved 1995 Volvo because his present garage has changed hands and the new owner will not work on the older cars. Who in this part of Vermont still works on them?
comment posted at 5:38 PM on Sep-29-22

Is it a normal thing for home buyers (who are not new to the area) to directly contact the seller (after obtaining seller’s cell # from their new neighbors) after the closing with questions about recommendations for repair people, questions about which appliances do & don’t work (when that info was clearly spelled out in the contract), & requesting other information? Especially when the buyers & sellers have never met, all details were handled by respective realtors, & the seller didn’t specifically invite questions? Is this strange, or is this actually expected, acceptable behavior from home buyers?
comment posted at 4:45 PM on Sep-27-22

I live in Vermont and am a Justice of the Peace. I perform weddings. People love getting married here in the Autumn. I very often write the ceremonies myself or make suggestions to the couple. I am looking for more fall-themed wedding-appropriate poems for my collection and would love to know what poems you like along these lines.
comment posted at 12:36 PM on Oct-27-22

My father passed away a bit over a year ago, as a result of which, my brother and I each essentially inherited a house. Both houses had small existing loans active on them that are still active. What's the best course of action for dealing with those loans, especially for tax purposes?
comment posted at 8:53 AM on Sep-27-22

There are some hygiene tasks I don’t like doing. How can I make them more fun?
comment posted at 8:43 AM on Sep-27-22

In the past, I have enjoyed getting tipsy and was a happy drinker. I can not imbibe, and I have good reason to believe I can’t tolerate other substances, either. I would very much enjoy being able to get into that spacy dreamy place again, and from anecdotes along the years I suspect that’s possible through breathing techniques or meditation or chanting or … something. Just to be hyper extremely extra clear: I can not imbibe in ANYTHING. I’m interested in music or other experiences or practices that have helped you get to an altered state without putting anything into your body or fasting. I would like to spend some happy time in the clouds without creating any clouds.
comment posted at 8:47 AM on Sep-27-22

We have two sets of very steep, polished wooden stairs in our house. Every one of us has taken a tumble down the stairs at some point since moving in. As winter arrives and I like to wear warm wool socks, I know this will get slipperier. What kind of non-ugly, unobtrusive solution can I apply to the stairs to avoid going ass over teakettle? No, I will not be putting rubber treads on my handknit socks, it’s got to be the stairs.
comment posted at 9:12 AM on Sep-27-22

Are there 'before' pictures of what pill bottles/etc. looked like before the 1982 cyanide-laced Tylenols? I am wondering how they looked like/worked before they changed it.
comment posted at 5:32 PM on Sep-26-22

Where do you buy household and hardware items online these days? Things like a carpet sweeper, wastebasket, or garden clippers? In addition to being horrible for all mankind, Amazon is also rife with counterfeit garbage.
comment posted at 7:38 AM on Sep-26-22

I dislike the phrase 'good luck' and I would like to replace it. What are your 'good luck' alternatives?
comment posted at 7:21 AM on Sep-26-22

Do you like your electric blanket/throw? Why or why not, and what brand is it? Especially curious about cheaper brands but interested in all.
comment posted at 7:26 AM on Sep-26-22

I recently read Susan Juby's delightful novel, Mindful of Murder, which is a murder mystery, whose main character, Helen, is a former Buddhist nun who has just graduated from a school for butlers when the story begins. (I know, that sounds preposterous.) I love Helen, her equanimity, her openheartedness, her interactions with other wonderfully drawn characters in the course of the story. So I am interested in finding more fiction with specifically Buddhist characters like Helen. Can you help? Preferably fairly light reading, such as mystery or other genres.
comment posted at 7:40 AM on Sep-26-22

In real life couples tend to share in jokes, slang, neologisms, tones of voice etc that they use privately and not with other people. I'm looking for examples of this kind of couple talk in novels and short stories.
comment posted at 2:20 PM on Sep-25-22

I want the most comfortable reading/watching TV in bed setup possible, by any means. what is yours?
comment posted at 3:41 PM on Sep-24-22

I've been assigned to teach an introductory 1 hour class about Google Workspace. It will be a group of 8 adults (most at a very basic tech level), all will have laptops, and I'll be sharing my screen. I have little experience with Google Workspace --what are the most important/helpful things I should cover to give participants the basics?
comment posted at 8:13 AM on Sep-24-22

[CW: medical assistance in dying] My beloved aunt, who has been a second mother to me, is planning to end her life under our state's Medical Assistance in Dying Act (MAiD) in the next several days. I am not supposed to know this. I respect and support her decision 100%, including her wish to keep this a secret. But I am struggling with the ethics of knowing the date and time of a loved one's death in advance yet not acknowledging it to them in any way. I am afraid I am making the wrong choice. If anyone has experience with physician-assisted suicide--either as a family member, a professional, a patient, whathaveyou--I'd be profoundly grateful for any thoughts you'd care to share. Thank you so much in advance.
comment posted at 8:02 AM on Sep-24-22

There's a guy where I swim who struck me as very lonely and eager to talk, so I indulged him a few times (he talks about himself, I listen). Then, he started mixing in insulting comments (how slow I swim lately, how beat up my car looks, etc.) into his patter. How and where do people draw the line in situations like this?
comment posted at 12:05 PM on Sep-23-22

My 12 year old son's grandparents are visiting from out of the country. They dropped off Chik-fil-a at the front desk of his school for him to eat as a surprise lunch. His lunch went missing. Video cameras captured the female perpetrator of the Great Chicken Nugget Caper. As a parent, how should I handle this?
comment posted at 3:02 PM on Sep-21-22

Seeking entertaining, thought-provoking essays about or related to mall culture, primarily in the 1980s, 1990s, and early '00s.
comment posted at 4:18 PM on Sep-21-22

I’m at a restaurant with a friend. At the end of the meal, he pulls out his wallet and says, "It's on me." If I argue, I feel rude for rejecting a gift. If I don’t argue, I feel rude for freeloading. What am I supposed to do?
comment posted at 7:50 AM on Sep-21-22

Looking for help with describing symptoms to my doc in a way that is most likely to result in effective treatment.
comment posted at 6:59 PM on Sep-20-22

I want to hire someone to clean my home. A friend. recommended a service she uses and really likes. I went on their web site and got an estimate and can book. THe thing is that they are estimating my place gets clean in 5 person hours. But they bill based on actual time. That's fair, of course, but I don't want to be surprised when I get the bill. Has anyone use a cleaning service that does estimates and then bills based on time spent? Are the estimates usually accurate? 5 hours seems low, but maybe professionals are just more efficient then I am?
comment posted at 4:31 PM on Sep-20-22

How does one go from being a Notary Public at the UPS store to being self employed?
comment posted at 5:23 PM on Sep-19-22

When I was growing up, when one of us sneezed my dad would say “Gesundheit!” instead of “Bless you.” He (and I) grew up on the west coast of Canada. I am curious how common this usage is/was in non-German speaking countries. If you didn’t grow up in Germany, do you remember people saying Gesundheit after someone sneezed? Where did you grow up, and do you have German connections in your family? (My dad’s grandmother was German and I’m sure this is where he first heard it and why his mother, my grandmother, said it.)
comment posted at 4:57 PM on Sep-18-22

This may be one of those things you think sounds fun and never do, but I have done all kind of musical this and that in my life, am not prodigiously musically talented, but am reasonably proficient, and I want to be in a band. Maybe you did this at an appropriate life stage, like college. Help me daydream about how to work toward this.
comment posted at 5:04 PM on Sep-18-22

I am looking for an insight into a getting an ex-demo iPhone SE (2nd Addition) for my dad to replace his current Android phone. He has struggled over the past few years with phones as he has been buying various cheap ($100AU to $150Au) brands of phones with the Android operating system and they need replacing in a year or so and it's new learning curve every time. Thinking of getting him a into iPhones as they might be bit more future proof and easier for him to use.
comment posted at 7:44 AM on Sep-18-22

Should I ask a childhood acquaintance whether he witnessed sexual abuse in my family?
comment posted at 10:29 AM on Sep-17-22

How is "talking about something other than a man" usually defined when applying the Bechdel test?
comment posted at 12:43 PM on Sep-15-22

Should it be possible to breath through one's mouth while wearing an OTC thermoplastic mouth guard? Or do you have to keep your mouth closed to hold it in place?
comment posted at 1:06 PM on Sep-15-22

I'm several decades out of knowing anything about stereo equipment, but now find myself with a small amount of space where I could set some up and get some LPs and CDs out of storage. I need some help in knowing what to buy.
comment posted at 4:45 PM on Sep-13-22

I have a galley kitchen in my new place which I mostly like. However, in the two corners at the far end (which you can see in this photo and this photo) there are two lazy susan cabinets which I can't stand. I am looking for options.
comment posted at 9:08 AM on Sep-14-22

I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted/compulsive about viewing certain web sites. I need an industrial strength web blocker for my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I am very savvy with a computer so I'd prefer something password protected that I could use to keep myself locked out for an extended period of time, say a week or a month at a time. Something without a backdoor where I could turn the protection off myself. I have tried will power but I am helpless against this behavior. Suggestions welcomed.
comment posted at 12:54 PM on Sep-13-22

I'm reading Next Level by Stacy T. Sims, and recommend it for older female athletes. There's one section on hydration that has me wondering, though. I have no science background; can anyone who does explain this to me?
comment posted at 12:58 PM on Sep-13-22

Everywhere I look on the internet, ethnonyms and nationalities (Turk, Serb, Pole, etc) are considered proper nouns. Same for members of a religious group (Jew, Christian, etc). This doesn't seem to fit with the definition of a proper noun. Why is this?
comment posted at 8:04 AM on Sep-11-22
comment posted at 8:44 AM on Sep-11-22
comment posted at 9:15 AM on Sep-11-22

My father died and it's time for me to kick into gear as his executrix. But I dunno how you do that, though. Does anyone know where is that AskMe thread where everybody provided death checklists?
comment posted at 1:54 PM on Sep-10-22

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