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I feel like reading something with a smart super-sleuth, the kind of novel overtly or covertly inspired by the Sherlock Holmes mystique. My favourite genres are SFF and romance, though mystery is obviously also fine. I'd rather avoid any machismo. Bonus points for actually strong female characters (not the Joss Whedon kind). (Riffs and parodies also ok if they're smart-silly.) Can you recommend any?
comment posted at 2:44 PM on Jan-22-22

Mr. Dork and I are just about to finish the series finale of The Expanse (which we loved) and are in need of something new to watch.
comment posted at 2:52 PM on Jan-22-22

{rant} I've grown increasingly frustrated with iBook/Books habit of deleting important PDF titles every time I update the IOS and I've absolutely HAD IT with it's flakey offline functionality…
comment posted at 12:53 PM on Jan-22-22

Do you find the idea of being an empath to be useful in understanding yourself, or is it a rationalization of unhealthy coping mechanisms?
comment posted at 1:03 PM on Jan-22-22

I was born in the US and am a citizen, but live in Australia and have joint citizenship here. I recently transitioned and have just completed the process for changing my name and gender in Australia. In order to obtain a US passport that matches, I need to do the same in the US, but I can't figure out how. Help?
comment posted at 8:21 PM on Jan-21-22
comment posted at 8:23 PM on Jan-21-22

I'm 50ish business type person in tech and education. Had a conversation with a person similar demographics to me but in medicine. Conversation could be summed up as "I hate Slack, but everyone wants me to use it".
comment posted at 7:05 PM on Jan-20-22

As above. Like people don’t even send holding messages anymore. I would rather rip my lips off then send another carefully crafted breezy follow up. (I don’t express this frustration in follow ups and I do check them with trusted friends for tone.)
comment posted at 11:26 AM on Jan-20-22

This past weekend I planned to change my MX records to Fastmail but it didn't go well. This is purely a current best practices question, previous AskMeFi posts were pretty old.
comment posted at 4:55 PM on Jan-18-22

I went to pick up my car and my mechanic's helper decided this was the day to give me a hard time about my mask.
comment posted at 2:51 PM on Jan-18-22

A likely former friend said that years ago, at the termination of another friendship, they were heavily influenced by a blog entry suggesting that they "focus their energies on the people whom they do not have to prove themselves to," citing the philosophy as why they need not address or care about some concerns I expressed about our friendship. Continues inside.
comment posted at 2:20 PM on Jan-17-22

No one to fill or cover for me.
comment posted at 2:09 PM on Jan-17-22

I've been desperately trying to get access to my deceased husband's google account (gmail, Drive, etc.) for the past few months. I filled out the requisite form on Google's site, uploaded the needed docs, and received a reply that the account didn't exist. It's complicated, but he basically had an email domain he was forwarding to another gmail address. In any case, I replied with the actual gmail address. That was 3 months ago. I've heard nothing since.
comment posted at 3:36 PM on Jan-14-22
comment posted at 7:27 PM on Jan-14-22

I have a fear/intense dislike of being or feeling “wrong” or “bad.” I would like to temper this and live more calmly.
comment posted at 3:19 PM on Jan-14-22

Do you have any habits or rituals for starting work in the morning? Things that help your mind focus and get the ball rolling?
comment posted at 3:28 PM on Jan-14-22

Do you have real-estate dreams? I do, and they are very similar...
comment posted at 5:52 PM on Jan-13-22

When, how and how often do you read [books]?
comment posted at 2:28 PM on Jan-12-22

Recently was linkwandering on Metafilter, and saw a long, (I believe) twitter thread explaining the historical links between the various past flavors of gold-standard, silver standard and other forms of currency restriction and various eugenics/'race purity' movements. I think it was around January 5th/6th.
comment posted at 5:22 PM on Jan-11-22
comment posted at 11:18 AM on Jan-12-22

Our toaster oven is dead. Should I replace it with a multi-function countertop appliance? If so, what?
comment posted at 7:41 PM on Jan-10-22
comment posted at 8:12 PM on Jan-10-22

What is the origin of the modern use of the term "Member of the Tribe" as a description for Jews? When did it come about? What is the (historical) (linguistic) context in which "Tribe" is being used?
comment posted at 3:05 PM on Jan-10-22

A couple of years ago my wife decided she had had enough of her lunatic mom; she blocked all email and telephone communication with her mother. Then on one day in 2020 her mom showed up at our front door. We had never given her our address.
comment posted at 9:33 AM on Jan-9-22

How much do I tip movers?
comment posted at 2:31 PM on Jan-7-22

How do you keep fear at bay in your life?
comment posted at 2:43 PM on Jan-7-22

My boyfriend is concerned about how toxic my family is. He hasn't mentioned the details to his family and as we are both reaching "marriagable" age and aren't interested in messing around and wasting time, it is leading to a potential decision having to be made about whether to continue the relationship or not. I feel I can't talk to my family about this, I would appreciate some thoughts and opinions on here.
comment posted at 11:08 AM on Jan-7-22

Metalheads of Mefi - What music is this man listening to? Please help me identify song titles and groups. I need to try - and fail at - this challenge at home! Or possibly at work.
comment posted at 8:29 PM on Jan-6-22

Attempting to fiddle with and migrate my WordPress install to a new host but same domain name has gone completely pear-shaped. Please hope me.
comment posted at 3:16 PM on Jan-6-22
comment posted at 5:18 PM on Jan-6-22

I'm looking for non-fiction articles or books about the COVID-19 pandemic that people have found particularly insightful. Ideally, this should be as big-picture as possible: What does the pandemic mean for society, history, science, and the world?
comment posted at 3:09 PM on Jan-6-22

In follow-up to my question yesterday. I quit on the spot. The situation became unbearable. I guess quitting in and of itself won't ruin my career, but certainly quitting without notice might. I don't know what to do now. What have I gotten myself into?
comment posted at 9:08 AM on Jan-6-22

I need YouTube tutorial videos for an older adult who has zero computer literacy. She needs to learn how to 1. Make a pdf from a photo and 2. Use google drive to upload and store documents online and 3. Use google sheets to manage a simple ledger. She doesn't know what "control c" means or that the key board has arrow keys or how to open a new tab in a window. There must be something out there. Help?
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Jan-6-22

I'm a new library manager, I've been at my role for 6 months and it's getting worse and worse by the day. I want to quit. Can I quit a job after 6 months without ruining my career?
comment posted at 12:43 PM on Jan-5-22

When someone mentions to you that their background is Ashkenazi Jewish, what associations does this activate in your mind? What would you understand or assume based on them or their ancestors being Ashkenazi Jews? What might someone expect the other person to understand by mentioning this?
comment posted at 7:04 PM on Jan-3-22

I recently realized I love books that are about managing a finite number of resources. Recommend more books that might qualify? Examples under the fold.
comment posted at 2:28 PM on Jan-1-22
comment posted at 3:43 PM on Jan-1-22

My understanding is that the arrangements most libraries have with publishers mean they pay by the read, or have licenses for specific time periods for specific formats. What's the way to get library ebooks that will be most cost-efficient for my library?
comment posted at 5:23 PM on Dec-30-21

I'm thinking of getting a set of snow tires, fronts only, in part because this vehicle will be heading on a trip that might involve sketchy conditions. What should I consider before doing this?
comment posted at 12:59 PM on Dec-30-21

Are snow tires worth it? I’m in Massachusetts. The weather is wildly variable. It could be 70 in January, followed by a skyscraper’s worth of snow in February. I mainly drive on main highways and streets, and I’ve survived until now without them.
comment posted at 5:37 PM on Dec-25-21

How is everyone, um, ""coping""? In an adult emotionally mature healthy way? (Do people even cope healthily anymore?)
comment posted at 3:41 PM on Dec-23-21
comment posted at 3:10 PM on Dec-24-21

Two of my 4 stepdaughters came with us to our house on Sunday after spending a few hours at my extended family's house fully masked and isolating from others while eating. Their mom texts us that she was exposed Friday, and initial test was negative but today's test was positive. My issue is that the other 2 stepdaughters were supposed to join us today. They have been in the home with mom since Sunday and I don't know how risky it is for them to come.
comment posted at 1:49 PM on Dec-22-21

I've never used a humidifier before, but this winter, like every winter, the inside of my nose is dry and painful, so I'm thinking of getting one. Honestly, the last thing I want is another gadget to figure out and tend to. But if you use one, do you find it worth it? And is it enough to just use it at night while I'm sleeping?
comment posted at 10:05 AM on Dec-22-21

Long time partners considering marriage for practical benefits. We know some pros/cons, interested in filling in the list. Any gotchas? It's hard to back out!
comment posted at 2:26 PM on Dec-21-21

What questions would you ask of your elders about their life experiences? I purchased a Storyworth subscription for an older family member after reading about it here on AskMe. This service sends a question to someone every week, they answer it via email, and at the end of the year they receive a hardbound book of their stories. What custom questions should I add to the list?
comment posted at 2:29 PM on Dec-21-21

]Is it normal for a doctor to move a woman's hair out of the way in order to examine her or is that a bit unusual/out of the norm/overly familiar?
comment posted at 1:15 PM on Dec-19-21

I've found a guy who I think I'm very compatible with on a number of levels but I keep worrying that I don't find him physically attractive enough. I'm looking for perspectives!
comment posted at 2:11 PM on Dec-16-21

Looking for recipes that are so simple that you know them by heart. I've found that I gravitate towards making dishes that are easy to memorize.
comment posted at 2:21 PM on Dec-16-21

Wells-Fargo told me in September that poor dirtbags like myself with less than $500K in assets would be charged $150 a year. So I want to move my money. Where to?
comment posted at 10:18 AM on Dec-15-21

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