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Mrs. 10ch is the absentminded professor type and has developed the habit of asking Siri to set an alarm for meetings throughout the day, "Set an alarm for 1:25." The alarm goes off and the meeting at 1:30 is attended. Except occasionally Siri sets the alarm for 1:25am. Please help us prevent this.
comment posted at 8:45 AM on Nov-25-20

I know you are not my lawyer. But I need a lawyers opinion. A family member with a history of bipolar disorder got a pretty disturbing message to me insinuating suicide. I know this family member very well and I feel they are serious. I dont want to understate my concern (cont)
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Nov-25-20

I read this article recently about toddler tantrums. Can you recommend anything like this for an adult who has problems regulating their emotions?
comment posted at 5:44 PM on Nov-23-20

My Partner believes a gracious dinner guest should accept the wine offered by the host. I have a strong distaste for red wine, and I always politely decline it when it's offered. Partner says I should force myself to drink more of it so I acquire a taste for it (as they've done). Doing so, they say, will make things "easier" for me at dinners. Is there some social norm I'm missing out on here? More details under the fold!
comment posted at 12:09 PM on Nov-22-20
comment posted at 2:13 PM on Nov-23-20

Staying overnight in New Haven tomorrow, coming from NYC. Primary reason for visit is to try their pizza, after having New Haven pizza in another city I want to go to the source. I'm not sure what COVID restrictions are like there, but what would be some fun things to do? It looks like a nice town to explore on foot, and I won't have a car but will be staying in the center of the city in a hotel. I like to walk around and explore architecture, take photos, etc. Would also love it if there's an amazing local coffee shop to check out. For pizza (no cheese), I've been told that Frank Pepe's is the spot. So just anything interesting in general that a solo traveler can fill a day with. Thanks!
comment posted at 9:51 AM on Nov-22-20

I want to learn how to organize information better. What book(s) do you recommend?
comment posted at 10:14 AM on Nov-21-20

Will I have problems at the border? Details below.
comment posted at 10:00 AM on Nov-20-20

I am looking for a collection of stories or a chapter book with ornate, gorgeous illustrations for every page. When I was a child I read fairy tales that seemed to be illustrated with beautifully detailed paintings that brought to mind golden thread woven into each page. I’d like to get something like that for my kid this year.
comment posted at 7:20 PM on Nov-19-20

What are some of the most unusual and/or clever ways of building small structures?
comment posted at 3:44 PM on Nov-19-20

Help me make my half bathroom a cozy place to pee in the middle of the night.
comment posted at 10:29 AM on Nov-18-20

My friend, tired of being the one who 'never knows anything about other countries' in our weekly trivia/quiz get-togethers, is starting a new project to learn about geography. She's bought herself a new notebook and pen, and has a plan to learn about a new country or two each week - and is now totally unsure how to start due to information overload. What magazine or book can I gift her for Christmas that will give her inspiring overviews of the different countries of the world?
comment posted at 4:37 PM on Nov-16-20

Why is my relative (not SO) falling asleep watching battle scenes on TV, and why is it irritating me so much?
comment posted at 2:15 PM on Nov-15-20
comment posted at 4:58 PM on Nov-15-20

My wife's boss forwarded to her an email purporting to be from an ER doc in Atlanta who says COVID is withering away. My wife is beside herself. But, I'm at a loss as to how she might respond.
comment posted at 12:06 PM on Nov-15-20

My dad loves The Revenant and other books about revenge and survival. What should he read next?
comment posted at 11:48 AM on Nov-14-20

I shipped an insured media mail package via USPS. The transaction was done at the counter where a worker weighed the package and applied the (supposedly) correct postage. Despite this, the package was returned to me "postage due". I was wondering if anyone who's dealt with a similar situation might know why the package was returned when the postage was correct, and/or if I have any options in fighting this and/or getting reimbursed for the postage.
comment posted at 1:37 PM on Nov-13-20

I want to enjoy watching sports, because it seems like a fun and social way to escape from the world for an hour or two at a time. But I can't seem to enjoy it. What's a good way into sports fandom?
comment posted at 2:00 PM on Nov-11-20

Over the summer, I had a hummingbird feeder on my balcony, and I loved watching them come and feed. Now they're gone, I'd like to keep feeding birds through the winter months, but I need a feeder that won't drop seed and draw mice or other vermin to the building.
comment posted at 1:40 PM on Nov-10-20

I need to tell a longtime collaborator and very dear friend that we need to pick up the pace on a project we're working on. Complication: this is because I am starting a new project with a different collaborator, and I feel awkward about it for reasons that probably don't make sense rationally. Help me with verbiage?
comment posted at 8:55 AM on Nov-10-20

I'd like to donate to a political campaign, and encourage others to do the same, by setting up a "matching donation" program. Basically, I'd match my friends donations up to $300 of my money. Is there a technical solution (a website, probably) that would facilitate keeping track of this? Or if not, do you have other suggestions for how to do this well?
comment posted at 3:48 PM on Nov-8-20

What is the easiest way for a tech novice to send videos?
comment posted at 4:08 PM on Nov-8-20

I just inherited a couple bags of birdseed, one a mix for parrots and the other just plain sunflower seed. Both bags are showing expiration dates from January 2019. Can I put any of this food out on my birdfeeder, or is the risk of harm/illness too great?
comment posted at 4:47 PM on Nov-8-20

A relative died, and now I have to figure out how to navigate the "No, it's a Global Pandemic, and I can't come..."
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Nov-8-20

Is there an easy, automated way to archive the entirety of a mac laptop, but exclude program files and system files? (i.e. only move documents, movies, photos, etc. to an external hard drive)
comment posted at 3:17 PM on Nov-7-20

This question reminds me that my mother's father, who had a career as a PR bureaucrat for the US Atomic Energy Commission (and later, nuclear energy companies), released a novel in the mid-90s under a pseudonym. I'm unsure if it was self-published or not. How might I identify the book today, given that he passed away 15 years ago and I'm not on speaking terms with that side of my family? Where would one start?
comment posted at 3:11 PM on Nov-7-20

my linen closet is a horror. Surely there are methods/tools out there I don't know about?
comment posted at 5:01 PM on Nov-6-20

My aged father seeks my approval and expects praise from me about his not great amateur poetry and I'm unable, for various reasons, to engage with his needs. I can't treat my parent like a child.. More inside.
comment posted at 4:53 PM on Nov-6-20

I'm close friends with a person who, unintentionally most likely, crosses my boundaries with questions relating to my job with a major technology retailer. Resentment is starting to build. I'm a people pleaser, in therapy, and trying to figure out how to draw better boundaries with her. More details under the fold.
comment posted at 8:44 AM on Nov-2-20

Disclaimer: I've written this question and deleted it several times. It's the most difficult thing I've ever pondered. I have talked to my doctor but the other side of this equation lives 250 miles away and doesnt have access to insurance. I know you are not my therapists so just use as empathetic (cont)
comment posted at 4:48 PM on Nov-1-20

I am working outside with my trainer now in Ontario. The temperature now is 41F, 5C. It promises to get colder. I am wearing a tank top and hoodie and it's way too cold for me now. Please suggest the best base layers that will keep me warm, are not too expensive, and where I'll still be able to move easily doing all the exercises. I know it's all about the layering. Thank you so much!!
comment posted at 4:52 PM on Nov-1-20

Where can I find a complete list of Caldecott and Newberry books with info as to their AGE appropriateness?
comment posted at 4:33 PM on Oct-31-20

I'm being "gifted" a car by a friend in California and within a few days driving it to my new state of residence, (Kansas), can you help me sort through how it's best to transfer ownership based on registration rules?
comment posted at 4:18 PM on Oct-30-20

We are making a commemorative book for one of our clients (M&M's candies). We are trying to include some "feel-good" quotes about the M&M's brand - anything that has been said about the brand, in trade magazines, song lyrics, printed books, said in the news...anything positive. Because this is a work project I can throw some money at this but am having trouble finding a researcher.
comment posted at 4:23 PM on Oct-30-20

I've recently been experiencing bad insomnia. I need to know if there is hope! Is this something that might come right, or do I need to make an appointment with my GP or my therapist? Making appointments are expensive so would like to avoid if possible. Sorry for the length of this post :/
comment posted at 4:46 PM on Oct-30-20

Someone hired me to transfer old VHS tapes for him. We agreed on a price and I transferred them. He's come back and asked about some issues with the digital files that I'm 95% sure are just problems with the tapes and I'm not sure what the best way to deal with it is.
comment posted at 9:24 AM on Oct-29-20

I am volunteering as an election worker on November 3. I'm not particularly at-risk, but I am anxious. Help me optimize safety.
comment posted at 11:01 AM on Oct-28-20
comment posted at 11:58 AM on Oct-29-20
comment posted at 12:00 PM on Oct-29-20

Have you experienced a situation where you are doing something, and then you suddenly realize that you are in the middle of doing something else, with no memory of how you got there? Has this happened more than once? What is it called?
comment posted at 11:09 AM on Oct-28-20

My mother's house suffered a water leak in February and has been getting a long and complicated set of construction and repairs. This has been lengthened, of course by COVID concerns so I've been trying to roll with it as best I can. I just received some photos of the final appliance installs and I think they look wrong enough that they need fixing but would like second opinions. Could you look at this oven/range hood alignment, and this washer/dryer alignment, and this radiator alignment and let me know if you think that is acceptable?
comment posted at 3:34 PM on Oct-26-20
comment posted at 4:07 PM on Oct-26-20
comment posted at 11:27 AM on Oct-27-20

My 88-year-old mother was diagnosed with a meningioma (non-malignant brain tumor) many years ago. She undergoes semi-annual MRIs to track the growth of the tumor, even though her neurologist doesn't recommend surgery at her age. They apparently are mainly tracking its growth to determine the type/amount of pain meds they prescribe. Before she gets the MRI she has an Rx to take beforehand: one pill at home, and then one pill while en route to the clinic. (Is this typical? I don't know.)
comment posted at 2:22 PM on Oct-26-20

I'm trying to understand why shopping is often listed as a low risk activity for COVID exposure. If COVID is transmissible by aerosol as the science seems to indicate, shouldn't spending time in an indoor, semi-ventilated space be considered a higher risk? Or is it because of the lower concentration of people and expected spacing and movement (compared to say, sitting in a restaurant)?
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Oct-26-20

For those of you working on piecing together your family genealogy, what threshold of evidence do you use to feel confident of a link in your family tree?
comment posted at 4:48 PM on Oct-24-20

Both US citizens, both in NY state, both women, and we don't plan to move in together. It's just that one of us is unemployed, and so can no longer afford much-needed health insurance. Would it be legal for us to marry? We anticipate the situation will change in a year or so, and we'll just get divorced then. FWIW we love each other very much. As friends.
comment posted at 9:07 AM on Oct-24-20

For various reasons, I'm renting a drafty, poorly insulated house this winter. I only plan to live in this house for one winter. Is there any money well spent to improve the warmth and efficiency of the house given the short time scale?
comment posted at 7:21 PM on Oct-23-20

yes you read that right. I want to drink more alcohol. deets inside. let's do this.
comment posted at 3:40 PM on Oct-23-20

My non-profit runs a reading program where kids ages 6-10 meet with adult volunteer "reading buddies" once a month to chat, do arts & crafts, and read books. In Before times, we gathered in person and had a cart of children's books that kids could pick from to read with their buddies. In Pandemic times I'm looking for an online platform that would allow the kids and adults to have access to a collection of eBooks while meeting remotely over a platform like Zoom, the idea being that we can screenshare over Zoom so that the kids and adults can all see the book.
comment posted at 12:39 PM on Oct-23-20

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