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I am looking for information about an incident or multiple incidents of Puerto Ricans opposing the Vietnam War draft.
comment posted at 1:35 PM on Apr-22-24

A coworker has accidentally revealed a disruptive company secret to other staff; I was aware of the secret and am now being asked if I knew of it, how to respond? Multiple timezones & work cultures involved.
comment posted at 12:25 PM on Apr-19-24

Mom (80 y.o., white, US citizen) flew to Amsterdam earlier this week to embark on a river cruise with her 75 y.o. bestie. At customs, she was questioned by the agent more than others in line ahead of her. This isn't the first time it's happened with recent international travel and she's mystified as to why.
comment posted at 2:58 PM on Apr-19-24

My sister’s organization has a domain name that was registered by a now vanished member. The registrar is properly suspicious of this claim and I am gathering information before we go to the next step.
comment posted at 3:18 PM on Apr-18-24

My friend is a Canadian who was hit by a drunk & homeless cyclist in Tennessee earlier this year, and was severely injured. Neither party had insurance.... so what happens with potential criminal charges, injury settlement, and the hospital bill?
comment posted at 8:45 AM on Apr-14-24

This weekend I was watching an old episode of Columbo. He had some car repairs done and when he went to pay the mechanic, couldn't find his checkbook. He asked if they had a Counter Check. They did and he used that to pay.
comment posted at 4:05 PM on Apr-2-24

I’m looking for fun ways to gift my wife between $100,000-$250,000. This will be surprise proceeds from the sale of an asset, mixed in with some inheritance sharing. Get creative!
comment posted at 12:44 PM on Mar-14-24

For example, if I'm in a public restroom that has an overflowing bin (full of crumpled, used paper towels), I'll step on the top layer to squash everything down so there will be more room for future users to discard their paper towel. Or... some people are very alert on transit and yield their seat to the first person who looks like they might need to sit (elder, parents with lots of kids, etc).
comment posted at 10:45 AM on Feb-23-24

I have a close friend I'll call Xavier here. Xavier and I have been friends for many years, including high school (so around 20-25 years). He has been under a lot of stress lately, but he's been a kind and very considerate friend. Lately, though, things seem to be changing, and he had a really bad moment last night (not directed at me), which is affecting how I feel.
comment posted at 12:23 PM on Feb-8-24

I have a large MS-SQL database that I want to query and write the output to csv (or some other nice exchange format). One of the columns is text, and can be quite long (5000 characters). This is a real pain.
comment posted at 11:38 AM on Jan-27-24

My husband has been asked by a business associate to select a gift for himself off of Amazon, for less than $70. He has no idea what he wants.
comment posted at 1:15 PM on Dec-13-23

If you’re someone who says “be careful!” after someone has tripped, dropped, or spilled something - what do you really mean by it?
comment posted at 10:56 AM on Sep-8-23

I'm making an extremely difficult internal decision to discontinue chemo treatments, and am searching for ways to break the news to family/friends with the least possible negative impact.
comment posted at 5:10 PM on Aug-28-23

Hello all. I decided to start a second YouTube Channel to support the arts of visual and literary through showcasing artists' works, interviewing art historians, artists, and hoping to visit art galleries and museums if they allow filming with permission. I was wondering if could I call it Gough Support The Arts (taking Vincent Van Gough's name?). Or would that not be allowed for Trademark/Copyright reasons?
comment posted at 6:46 PM on Aug-25-23

#metafilterfundraiser2023 Are people in general just ... sucky? Were we all just born to be assholes? Explanation inside.
comment posted at 5:05 PM on Aug-22-23

I’ve noticed that almost everything I’ve watched over the past few years is set in the U.S. or in England, with South Korea making a very honorable mention. (Can only think of two shows set in Ireland, nothing in Scotland or Wales). I’d like to break that up and expand my horizons:
comment posted at 6:06 PM on Aug-9-23

I'm considering making cannabis tea to replace beer and had several questions about the process, costs, and recipe. I live in Austin, Texas, so finding a dealer would be necessary. Google suggests the national average price for a quarter ounce of weed is $68. However, I'm completely new to cooking and working with cannabis. I'd appreciate it if you could review the details provided in the Extended Explanation (it's what ChatGPT told me about the process, costs, recipe) to ensure accuracy and offer any guidance.
comment posted at 5:09 PM on Jul-16-23

A friend is upset she wasn’t invited when she saw I had gone to a community event, even though I didn’t plan the event and it was very last minute.
comment posted at 11:20 AM on Jul-9-23

I use an iPhone and MacBook Air for my day-to-day computing needs which include texting, email, social media, Netflix, YouTube, and online shopping. I don't feel very sophisticated when it comes to my online privacy and security. What should I be doing to protect myself and my identity online? I have been updating my passwords, but I don't know what else to do.
comment posted at 2:09 PM on Jun-19-23

Help me find a (no doubt terrible) story that I read on an early dial-up BBS in the 90s! Details inside.
comment posted at 11:40 AM on Jun-18-23

I just read this comment on Ask A Manager, and it reminded me that people have said similar things to me: “I tried knitting when I was a Peace Corps volunteer and had to sit through 8-hour sessions without an agenda. I was told that my knitting was “distracting” – by a woman who had a three-months-old baby attached to her naked bosom.”
comment posted at 12:13 PM on Jun-15-23

We are staying two nights at the Boston Logan Hilton Hotel (the one attached to the airport), one on each end of a long trip. Can you recommend any places that will deliver dinner to us at the hotel (lobby or out front is fine)? Kid-friendly a must, something like decent pizza would be fine.
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Jun-14-23

I'm a therapist. My clients that I've seen longest, I've seen for about a year and a half. I love those therapeutic relationships and occasionally daydream of having a practice that is mostly people I've had for years, and then I think: wait, what? Is a year a long time? Is therapy supposed to do something more efficiently than that? I know there's not one answer here but it feels helpful to me right now to hear a bit more about how people think about this in a general, not very rigorous way.
comment posted at 3:25 PM on Jun-8-23

Do you have a smartphone, eyes over 45, and no hatred of texting? What is your secret? The right phone, screen protector, usage patterns, special exercises, keyboard attachment, a commune with no cell phones but miraculously good health care...any, any creative thoughts welcomed. This is a safe space for your synesthesia-SMS, I-only-text-the-dead, totally off the wall approaches.
comment posted at 3:37 PM on Jun-4-23

Unfortunately helping plan a memorial. Have you had experiences at memorial services that you found... helpful, useful, helped hold you and made room for your feelings, made people feel welcome, that we can repeat?
comment posted at 10:30 AM on Jun-4-23

Planning a road trip for mid-June over the course of a long weekend. Where to go? What to see? Where to stay? What to watch out for?
comment posted at 10:38 AM on May-31-23

I'm an Agatha Christie adaptation addict, who's run out of Agatha Christie adaptations to watch. Please help.
comment posted at 9:12 AM on May-28-23

My friend's father is slowly sliding into senility and can't keep himself safe from scammers, etc. while using his computer. I've recommended a few things to help my friend make their dad's online activities as safe as possible, but this isn't a situation I have much experience with and I wonder if there may be more/better options. All the online articles I can find are too basic and vague to be much use. I'm looking for specific suggestions.
comment posted at 9:40 AM on May-28-23

I've noticed for the past couple of years a pattern in our utility bills. Our water usage goes way, way up (double or more) in the cold weather months (December through March). Our daily habits don't change much as far as I can tell. Certainly not enough to explain such a drastic increase in use. My initial thought is it must be linked to our (gas) furnace, but I am not sure why it would be using water like this. There is a humidifier attached to the furnace, but I had turned the line to it off this year and our usage still went up. Watching the meter, I don't see any evidence of a leak. If there's not running water in the house, I don't see the meter move. This is in southwestern Ontario, Canada.
comment posted at 8:41 AM on May-23-23

How To Blow Up A Pipeline was released on April 7 in the U.S., but typing zip codes into the Neon site results in just 1 theater each in NYC and LA and none for the other largest U.S. cities. Did I miss it going wide? The Wikipedia page has a "Concerns raised by authorities" section. Did Neon get scared to release it widely? Did theater chains reject it?
comment posted at 4:16 PM on May-22-23

You all helped me a lot find good poems for an autumn wedding. Now the mother of one of the people in that couple is getting married and I am looking, at her request, for readings on the subject of "finding love after hitting rock bottom."
comment posted at 7:35 AM on May-28-23

Going to a hotel for a weekend with 2 friends. One just discovered they have ringworm. How do we keep from getting it?
comment posted at 9:43 AM on May-21-23

I discovered recently that I'm heir to a reasonably large fortune, in addition to already having a lot of liquid net worth.
comment posted at 11:35 AM on May-21-23

I need to overcome my Twitter addiction. For me, it's not really outrage porn so much as an opportunity to have fun with language and humor and get the dopamine from my narcissistic and childish desire for recognition of being clever or witty. Especially when I'm lonely working at home, it can feel impossible not to get sucked in. Would appreciate any sources of inspiration that making the effort to resist will pay off in the end...
comment posted at 7:44 AM on Mar-23-23

I just started a new job and am at in box zero. In my previous job, I never deleted or filed any emails because I couldn’t keep up with a filing system, and it seemed easier to search for what I needed. Is this a bad habit? Should I take the opportunity to reform?
comment posted at 9:37 AM on Mar-22-23

How to handle a close friend who complains a lot of being miserable in a specific situation, and also talks of making changes, but then never does?
comment posted at 9:47 AM on Mar-22-23

I'm curious about your experiences with noise-reduction earplugs (for sound sensitivity) and fidget rings (for what I guess is now called "excoriation disorder"—metal!).
comment posted at 10:14 AM on Mar-21-23

I’ve been using a TheraGun lately (SO GOOD). When I direct pressure to the fleshy middle part of my tuchus, I can feel a slightly painful sensation running through the front of my hip, as well as a deep part of my abdomen, at a level with my uterus but closer to the surface. You are not my anatomist/physical therapist, but do you have any idea what muscle-relationship might lead to this particular feeling?
comment posted at 10:17 AM on Mar-21-23

I am not interested, mostly, in sharing images of my life, apart from texting family and using a private Instagram. However, in a recent free thread I had the urge to share images of my recent pottery, and am thinking of signing up for Imgur specifically to share the occasional image here on Metafilter Dot Com. What is Imgur's reputation? If I post things there can other people use them? Do people regret using it? What are best practices when using it?
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Mar-21-23
comment posted at 3:51 PM on Mar-21-23

I would appreciate advice or lessons from experiences sorting out and cleaning up a family home, particularly around any of the following: sentimental feelings with the house being in the family multiple generations, logistics of sorting a lot of personal items, timeline of doing so with respect to still grieving the loss of the loved one who was living there.
comment posted at 10:43 AM on Mar-21-23

Yesterday I saw a video somewhere which I now cannot find, where a young woman was standing in front of a Kitchenaid mixer holding a Microplane. Attached to the mixer on a spike jutting out from the top was a lemon, so when the mixer was turned on the lemon rotated. She held the Microplane against the lemon and the zest came off in about ten seconds.
comment posted at 11:22 AM on Mar-19-23

What strategies do you recommend for getting your work-from-home day on track faster? My brain can't seem to work immediately in the morning no matter how hard I try, but using the internet to warm it up has sent me down rabbit holes that can derail the entire day.
comment posted at 11:33 AM on Mar-18-23

I have an iPhone SE 2020 using 15.3.1. My phone has been giving me the "storage full" message for days. I've probably removed 20GB, but the number on my phone hasn't dropped. Restarting doesn't help. I was going to sync with my Macbook AIr, but since there's "no room" on the phone, I can't. The files I removed weren't one like "photos" that have their own trash. How can I fix this>
comment posted at 11:49 AM on Mar-18-23

I need to set my mom up with some updated computer systems, including a password manager. If you've been doing tech support for elderly family members, what are your go-tos? What's worked well and been accepted and used? I don't mind throwing money at this problem if required.
comment posted at 2:16 PM on Mar-12-23

I just moved into a rental house (free-standing) in a lake community on top of a mountain (700ft above sea level, if that matters). I previously lived in apartments in town and rarely had to deal with winter storm issues other than digging out my car. There is a pretty significant winter storm coming tomorrow night into Tuesday and I am looking at ways to prep my house (and myself) for this.
comment posted at 2:27 PM on Mar-12-23

Somehow having trouble jogging my memory for this earworm. I made a little sign at our polling place on Tuesday that said "Hooray you did it" at the end of the voting process (we had a LOT of ballots). And while I can hear this phrase in my head, "Hooray, we did it!" I am having trouble figuring out where I am remembering it from. A game show? One of those little spots at the end of a TV show telling you who the production company was? The Simpsons? Something from when I was a kid? Something more recent? Could use help.
comment posted at 4:40 PM on Mar-11-23

With limited prior knowledge in this area, I would like to learn more about the various approaches different places have taken towards housing policy, and in particular how these decisions affected lower and middle class people in those places.
comment posted at 9:16 AM on Mar-11-23

I'm solo parenting for the first time for this year's summer trip with my kids (10 and 14). Spouse will be working. Trying to decide between Nova Scotia's north coast or Prince Edward Island. And then figure out a good strategic base to plant ourselves so we can do a few reasonably short daytrips. Current mood: feeling overwhelmed by the travel guides.
comment posted at 4:48 PM on Mar-9-23

When my mother passed away a few years ago, one of the things I inherited from her was a small, dark chunk of resinous material with an intensely sweet and penetrating odor. I suspect that it's natural ambergris. If so, I don't think I can lawfully possess it or sell it in the U.S.
comment posted at 4:53 PM on Mar-6-23

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