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When using ios on my iphone or ipad, I can no longer save images from Google image searches. It used to be that clicking on the image would enlarge it and I could then save it. That is no longer the case. Now when I click an image, I have the options to "visit" "share" or "save" and none of them appear to work.
comment posted at 6:35 PM on Dec-16-17

After discovering Metafilter a few years ago I became increasingly interested in American social issues but there is still a lot of pretty basic stuff I do not fully understand. I have been watching a lot of liberal YouTube channels and political comedy and I recently came across one showing Bill O'R getting corrected live by his guests and it was very satisfying.
comment posted at 2:15 PM on Dec-16-17

People with good project management/calendaring/planning skills: can you hope me? I need to move my parents from a large house to a small apartment and would like to create a calendar, start calling moving people, etc...
comment posted at 1:45 PM on Dec-14-17

Are you good at searching for historical images or searching Getty Images using non-obvious terms? I'm trying to find a high-quality copy of the photo on the left side of this image about Martin Luther King, which is just credited "Corbis.com" (and Getty bought Corbis). Here's another low-quality copy of it (my photo of the airport display where I first saw this photo, but I haven't found out yet who designed the display). Based on Bernice's apparent age here and her early-1963 birth, photo's date is probably 1966?
comment posted at 10:38 AM on Dec-14-17
comment posted at 10:40 AM on Dec-14-17

New 1099 employee, and cannot figure out if it matters that it will be less than a month when I try to write off expenses for 2017 [More Inside]
comment posted at 8:36 AM on Dec-14-17

Partner and I have modest assets we want to protect from the possibility of either of us experiencing an illness/medical condition that would destroy a reasonable retirement for the other.
comment posted at 8:33 AM on Dec-14-17

Please explain credit card interest to me like I am five years old.
comment posted at 3:13 PM on Dec-13-17

I need to divide estate assets between 3 siblings who will not agree on anything.
comment posted at 9:28 AM on Dec-13-17

My car frequently won’t start in the morning...but only when my friend borrows it. What gives?
comment posted at 8:06 AM on Dec-12-17

Tom Petty dropped a message to CD listeners in the middle of his Full Moon Fever record, which was not on his cassette or LP. An early-in-the-HDTV-days episode of My Name is Earl had a sign that was visible to people watching in 16:9 HD but not in 4:3 SD. Do you know other pop culture easter eggs that are format-dependent? (Note: I am not looking for "this deleted scene is only available on the special-edition DVD;" instead I am curious about little additions that exploit the format itself.)
comment posted at 6:54 AM on Dec-12-17

So I'm not sure what to call it exactly. Maybe financial betrayal is the wrong term. My spouse spent a long time unemployed, not actively looking, despite being treated for depression, and it's made money a bigger deal than I would like. I want to be supportive but find myself resentful. Help me find my balance here.
comment posted at 7:01 AM on Dec-12-17

What are some books -- fiction or nonfiction -- that will help very privileged kiddos develop a sense of empathy for and obligation to other people?
comment posted at 12:56 PM on Dec-11-17

I basically need to change my habits and relationship to my cellphone. I spend too much time checking in on it (legitimately for work, stupidly for facebook and the internet) and it is messing me up, my relationship to my family, my sense of self.
comment posted at 6:09 AM on Dec-11-17

Tell me about the steps involved (after obtaining an MLIS, which I already have) in becoming a law librarian, and/or a public school OR university librarian. Bonus points if it relates specifically to those jobs in Virginia, but this is not a requirement!
comment posted at 4:01 PM on Dec-10-17

I've been dating someone for a few months. He's great and everything is going well, but we keep disagreeing over how much time I should be spending with him and his friends.
comment posted at 4:14 PM on Dec-10-17

What should I do? How can I feel better about this?
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Dec-9-17
comment posted at 2:35 PM on Dec-10-17

I just finished Sing Unburied Sing and I could read the book again. It was stunning. Such gorgeous writing! I dislike magical realism (this book featured ghosts) but this person can really write.
comment posted at 6:37 PM on Dec-7-17

We're considering taking a vacation next year somewhere in the "southwest" (of the United States, to be clear). Where should we go?
comment posted at 1:27 PM on Dec-7-17

I would like to make vegetable soups this year. Recommend any primarily-vegetable soup - I cook mostly vegetarian but sometimes cook with meat for holidays.
comment posted at 9:11 AM on Dec-7-17

A friend from grad school made a generous donation in my honor to a very-local-to-me charity and I'd like to reciprocate with something specific to San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland that's focused on relief from homelessness or something more general (and progressive and hopefully not religious in anyway) related toward improving income-disparity-related misery. I can use a search engine but would prefer a recommendation from a local who can direct me to somewhere local, doing meaningful work to address the needs of its own community.
comment posted at 8:20 AM on Dec-6-17

I'm looking for examples of successful virtual conferences! Events where there is little-to-no opportunity for an in-person presence, and the presenters are likely presenting from different remote locations.
comment posted at 6:44 AM on Dec-6-17
comment posted at 11:44 AM on Dec-6-17

I have issues with incecurity around earning and money, in particular not earning enough, not having enough for retirement and not earning megabucks. These issues are impeding my quality of life. Looking for recommendations on books that might help with rationalising my thoughts
comment posted at 7:03 AM on Dec-5-17

This isn’t a Charlotte Perkins Gibman story, I fear it might be a little more hairy. What do?
comment posted at 7:11 AM on Dec-5-17

How do you navigate a potentially fraught situation, when it doesn't directly involve you, but you find yourself in the middle nonetheless?
comment posted at 7:15 AM on Dec-5-17

I'm meeting with a traditional rabbi in a business context. His secretary was gracious enough to warn me that he does not shake hands with people of the opposite sex that aren't his wife. Is there anything else I should know as to not offend?
comment posted at 4:09 PM on Dec-4-17

Where are all the nature photographs at? I am looking for photos (or sites that reliably host them) of forests, deserts, tundras, what-have-you, which are NOT retouched or color saturated. This can be anything from an artist's portfolio to family vacations, it just has to be real.
comment posted at 8:39 AM on Dec-4-17

The title says it all - we're a community of about 300,000 with a massive influx of homeless from surrounding communities. We want to make things better for as many people as possible.
comment posted at 6:21 PM on Dec-3-17

My friend has been on a quest for years to identify the song played at 1:28:53 in this skateboard video from 1990.
comment posted at 2:36 PM on Dec-2-17

Piefilter: I'm making my first tourtiere of the season, and I want to hear how you make yours! For filling, I'm going in a classic direction (beef, pork, onion, a little potato, herbs de provence, cinnamon and nutmeg), and it's good... but it's not quite perfect. It needs a little... something... and I'm not quite sure what. I'm looking for suggestions! Recipes are great, spice suggestions are great, Best Tourtiere I Ever Ate descriptions are great, hearing about your favourite sides or accompaniments is great (I'm partial to mango chutney). Tourtiere is great. Talk to me about tourtiere.
comment posted at 1:08 PM on Dec-2-17

We just bought a house. Yay! But it's in rural Massachusetts, and is not quite like any house I've lived in. It has a septic system, oil heat, and well water. What do I need to know about these things?
comment posted at 1:16 PM on Dec-2-17

I don't drink coffee, but other people do, what kind of coffee maker do I buy?
comment posted at 7:58 AM on Dec-1-17

I will soon be leaving my full-time job to make a go of it as a consultant. What should I know/do?
comment posted at 12:06 PM on Nov-30-17

It's late 1997. Frank Costanza has everyone saying "Serenity now!" Thanks to Dirk Diggler, we're all gonna be big bright shining stars. What other catch phrases and pop culture references would have been popular?
comment posted at 7:17 AM on Nov-30-17

I want to be able to set and track a few goals each month. One is fitness related. Another is a don't -- like, don't be on my phone after I get in bed. What app can help me with this? I know about HealthMonth but it seems to cost $5 per month now (also I don't care about being in a group with others) and I'd prefer to maybe pay $5 once for an app.
comment posted at 5:14 PM on Nov-29-17

Looking for a basic, yet thorough, stretching routine; non-dramatic functional fitness. Old-school may not be glamorous, but it suits just fine.
comment posted at 1:46 PM on Nov-29-17

Lately, we've been thinking about buying a house in the next few years, but have come upon the existential questions of Why? Why do we *need* to buy a home? How will it better our lives? It doesn't seem to be worth the hassle, and almost feels like a societal push to buy. Bean-plating below the cut.
comment posted at 2:30 PM on Nov-29-17

Blue Apron sent me this dented can of coconut milk to use in one of its recipes this week. I want to cook said recipe tonight. Must I go buy new coconut milk?
comment posted at 7:08 AM on Nov-28-17
comment posted at 5:37 AM on Nov-29-17

I've got an 11 inch Macbook Air from 2011, which 4GB of storage and 1.6 GHz processor. It runs Yosemite. It is second hand from my boyfriend and works fine. A lot of my work is online, or using sharepoint / google docs, so it doesn't need heaps of storage. However, I'm freelance so this thing is my livelihood to an extent - and I want to be as efficient as possible without replacing tech for the sake of it.
comment posted at 6:40 AM on Nov-28-17
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Nov-28-17

If you were making a list of things you love about your partner/spouse/significant other, what would you include?
comment posted at 1:19 PM on Nov-27-17

Now that I've moved back near my extended family, I'd love to create a holiday tradition that I host in my home for my family. I'm trying to come up with some ideas -- they could be cultural celebrations, theme party ideas, types of party ideas, just looking for the right peg to hang my party on, both this year and for years to come.
comment posted at 6:11 AM on Nov-27-17

What are some ways families and groups can exchange gifts or otherwise do a Christmassy thing without everyone getting a gift for everyone else?
comment posted at 12:30 PM on Nov-27-17

My family (two adults, one 13-year-old boy) are planning a vacation to Australia the last two weeks of August in 2018. It's a big country with a lot of possibilities, but at the moment we're thinking of doing a Sydney-Uluru-Darwin-Cairns-Sydney loop. Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.
comment posted at 2:33 PM on Nov-26-17

More specifically, where do you set one up if you are an independent freelancer? Pros and cons for different places. Also, I understand that some health insurance plans aren't compatible with HSA's. I'm not sure what this means exactly. I've had an FSA before but need to understand how an HSA works. I am in Missouri.
comment posted at 2:42 PM on Nov-26-17
comment posted at 5:24 PM on Nov-26-17

We have an exterior door we have never once used, and we don't foresee any situation where we might use it in future. I need to do the weather stripping on it but it occurred to me there might be a more effective solution given that we don't actually need to open or close the door. What can I do?
comment posted at 7:48 AM on Nov-26-17

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