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My lovely boyfriend likes interesting shows, but he has some very finicky tastes that make it hard to find something we would both enjoy watching. Seeking recommendations for streaming shows that we might enjoy together.
comment posted at 11:23 PM on Oct-27-20

For the past, say, decade (?) I’ve just turned on NPR and left it on for basically my entire 10+ hour workday. This has become beyond unhealthy. Looking for an alternative *something* to listen to, that I can literally let run all day without interruptions.
comment posted at 1:17 PM on Aug-26-20

I use Skype to make work calls because my mobile reception at home doesn't work well (and I need to record the calls, and Skype works well for that). Recently, several people have mentioned that my number shows up as "potential spam" in their caller ID.
comment posted at 5:17 PM on Jul-8-20

I'm looking for a very simple feature in an Android podcast app that I can't seem to find. I want it to allow me to sort episodes based on user feedback/most listened to/most shared.
comment posted at 5:08 PM on Jul-8-20

My kid wants a photo editing app to replace their beloved, but no longer supported, app, Enlight (the earlier version). They want particular a particular feature but the only application they've seen that has it, Affinity Photo, costs $50. This could be on either a Mac or an iPhone.
comment posted at 3:40 PM on Jul-6-20
comment posted at 3:56 PM on Jul-6-20

I seem to remember reading, many years ago now, about a Japanese word that refers specifically to the kind of love that manifests as a deep contentment on feeling one's lover warming their cold feet on one's body. Is there actually such a word? Bonus points: where am I likely to have read about it?
comment posted at 5:05 PM on Jun-26-20
comment posted at 2:48 PM on Jun-27-20

I am looking to compile a long youtube playlist of driver's eye view videos, or other videos that scratch the same itch. I've been watching a lot of train journey videos and find it relaxing to have these playing throughout the day silently in the backround on my tv. I am looking for recommendations for train journey or other types of driver's eye view videos (hiking? boats? car drives?). Or even ideas on what search terms I could use to find these videos more easily?
comment posted at 8:23 AM on Jun-14-20

I've recently noticed instances of usage of the singular tense for referencing indefinite objects and I am curious if there is a term for that usage, if it's regional or age-based, or derived from usage in another language, or what. It's difficult to explain and frustratingly non-Google-able (at least for me).
comment posted at 8:33 AM on Jun-14-20

I was hoping to use this Toshiba TV as a monitor for my 2013 vintage Mac Air, but the video output over HDMI is grainy and fuzzy and noisy. Help?
comment posted at 7:58 AM on Apr-28-20

I've been trying to download an e-book in epub format from archive.org to my android phone and it sort of looks like it's doing something for a second and then ... nothing . Has anyone been successful in doing this ? Is there some special approach I need to take to this ? Background details inside ...
comment posted at 12:51 PM on Apr-23-20

After having spoken to people who've lived in war and other conflict zones, I always appreciated how lucky most of the Western world is enjoy simple freedoms such as going to a mall or enjoying a coffee in a cafe with relative peace of mind.
comment posted at 12:48 PM on Apr-16-20

I've come to realize that my least favorite thing about modern radio drama/ podcasts is their jokes, especially in the scifi/ fantasy realm. Are there any good genre dramatic podcasts that avoid jokes, pop-culture references, wry sarcasm, and are NOT influenced by the Whedon-verse? Like the most boring, dry, un-fun hard scifi podcast serial would be my ideal.
comment posted at 10:28 AM on Feb-28-20

I teach test prep classes professionally, and I have just been put in charge of making a podcast about one of the tests I teach. Yay! I was a music major in college, so I do have some good experience doing sound engineering, and I have all the equipment and software I need. But I don't have any experience actually putting together a podcast, and I want to avoid screwing anything up royally. Anyone who has made a podcast, is there anything you wish you had known when you started? (Inside: a few specific things I've been wondering.)
comment posted at 6:13 AM on Feb-19-20

I have a feeling y'all would be the right people to ask about this.
comment posted at 9:02 AM on Feb-7-20

My boss is fond of the phrase "hangalachangala." Not sure if I'm spelling that right, but from context it seems to be the process equivalent of "yadda yadda yadda." Example: "The order wasn't flowing through the system, but we did a little hangalachangala and now it's working." Is this a phrase other people use? Where does it come from?
comment posted at 9:41 AM on Feb-3-20
comment posted at 9:40 AM on Feb-4-20

I wish to earn money online as a disabled/mobility limited person.
comment posted at 5:59 AM on Jan-24-20

I'm making a key lime pie for a fancy communal dinner party. What can I do to make it amazing? Either interesting changes to the pie itself or cool little ways to plate it up?
comment posted at 6:38 AM on Jan-22-20

I am an independent IT consultant for Apple centric small businesses and residential in Manhattan and nearby areas. I’ve been in business for 10 years and all of my clients are word of mouth referrals. I’d like to expand my business to help people setup 1Password, 2FA, and otherwise secure their accounts. This would be over the phone and shared screen sessions so clients could be anywhere. How do I find those new clients?
comment posted at 8:19 AM on Jan-2-20

My mom has a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I'm trying to come up with a way for her phone photos to automatically sync to her Windows 7 PC in some way so she can move them into her organized photo folders on her computer without needing to download them. I need it to happen automatically because my mom is terrible with technology and will struggle to manually transfer the photos off her phone onto her PC.
comment posted at 11:47 AM on Dec-30-19

I need to auction an antique photo that is very rare but no one searches for the word "rare". And no one really knows the photographer's name. Halp!
comment posted at 7:36 AM on Dec-29-19

I have a spare laptop I could use, I don't want to be able to view the videos online, I can aim a camera out my front window. I'd just like to see what's happening during the day when I'm not around. Apparently I have a pet vandal and I'd like to know who it is, but it would really irk me to have to spend a lot of money because of this creep. Got any simple suggestions on how to make this happen?
comment posted at 6:32 AM on Dec-11-19

What OCR program to use on a PDF, to make it searchable, while retaining the format?
comment posted at 3:50 PM on Dec-9-19
comment posted at 3:52 PM on Dec-9-19
comment posted at 3:57 PM on Dec-9-19

I like throwing the occasional anachronistic slang into my speech to throw a bit of outdated folksiness into the modern world. What's your favorite under-used slang from the 60s or before?
comment posted at 2:01 PM on Dec-7-19

Are you a person that used to react to what is right in front of you without taking a step back to see things in context? Are you a person that felt a sense of immediacy to address grievances, and couldn't prioritize them but then learned how to do so? Please tell me how you changed this.
comment posted at 3:29 PM on Dec-4-19

Gf and I seem to disagree about what constitutes good communication. I honestly didn't even know that this was even up for debate.
comment posted at 6:03 AM on Dec-2-19

I'm planning to end my podcast soon, maybe forever and maybe for just a season. I currently pay $15/month to host my episodes using Libsyn and would like to eliminate that expense if it's possible. If I cancel my Libsyn account, does that mean my podcast goes away from all of the podcast places? Or, is there an archive process where my podcast can continue to be heard indefinitely? Or do I need to keep my Libsyn account active to make sure I keep all of my episodes available?
comment posted at 6:44 AM on Nov-19-19

I have multiple 2TB portable hard drives with various media on them. Is there a hardware solution that would let me stream this media from anywhere in the house?
comment posted at 7:25 PM on Nov-17-19

I use Voice Access on Android to control my phone, but it doesn't play well with Firefox for Android.
comment posted at 6:15 PM on Nov-12-19

A friend asked/offered to live together in a new apartment, but now seems to be dragging their feet a little. Should I chalk it up to them being worn out and short on time, or bail on this whole idea, and if it is reason one, should I be doing more to help with the apartment search>
comment posted at 5:29 AM on Nov-7-19

I need to transcribe 15 to 20 hours of interviews. Someone recommended Express Scribe software and the foot pedal, but I see that it gets pretty mixed reviews. Do you have any tips for transcribing efficiently? What has worked for you? I have a Mac, and I'm recording my interviews both on my iPhone and also with an Olympus recorder. I've found AI transcription software to be useless. And for various reasons, I'm not keen on paying someone else to do it.
comment posted at 5:14 PM on Nov-3-19

I convinced a spoken word star to stop in my town on his world tour, and the people who indicated they'd support me...kind of disappeared. What's the best way(s) to advertise?
comment posted at 5:00 AM on Oct-29-19

Does anyone have a way to get the Cisco IP Communicator softphone (v. working on a modern Mac (OS 10.13.6, High Sierra)?
comment posted at 4:33 AM on Oct-26-19

How can I organize my text messages to make sure I don't forget to respond to them, even if I can't respond in the moment? Is there an app for iPhone that will let me organize or categorize the messages?
comment posted at 6:25 AM on Oct-23-19

I have a mid-2014 MacBook Pro. I like my mid-2014 MBP. It can basically handle all the tasks I ask it to, though there is an occasional glitch and it can certainly run hot. In the happy universe, I'd be waiting another year or two to replace it. However...one of my Command keys and my 'i' key have stopped working, and it's a huge pain--I've remapped a couple keys to keep it usable in the short term, but that's not a long-term solution.
comment posted at 3:12 AM on Oct-7-19

Looking for podcasts or broadcasts similar to NPR/WAMU's 1A or WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show, but in Spanish.
comment posted at 4:54 PM on Oct-4-19
comment posted at 4:57 PM on Oct-4-19

I would like to get a new word processor for my (newish, adequately powerful) Windows 10 computer, specifically for writing fiction. I don't need it to have a lot of features or do a lot of powerful formatting, but I am a little picky. What's out there that I should look into?
comment posted at 5:27 AM on Oct-3-19

Do you have personal experience with at-home skin tag removal?
comment posted at 4:54 PM on Sep-30-19

My father, who lives in a very rural area with poor digital TV reception and almost no broadband access, just got a Roku and a WISP data connection, so he and my stepmom can watch movies. I talked him into Netflix and he already had Prime for shipping, but I didn’t realize how much he would care about live TV, and he didn’t realize I didn’t realize, so I never thought to check into it.
comment posted at 7:32 AM on Aug-31-19

Me and my teen want to take a trip together. So far our only criteria is a Spanish speaking country.
comment posted at 6:51 AM on May-17-19

What are some examples of activities that kids might ask to do over and over again but that are significantly less fun for any adult involved?
comment posted at 7:01 AM on May-17-19

I'm giving up on the increasingly useless Google news app. It insists I love football. I do not. Is there a customisable news app for Android that doesn't actively hate me?
comment posted at 7:11 AM on May-17-19

I am unexpectedly going on a business trip in two weeks to Mexico. I speak absolutely no Spanish. What are the best online options for gaining some basic conversational abilities if I had time to put in, say, 30 minutes a day? Duolingo looks like it is focused on long term learning and would not be a good fit.
comment posted at 3:45 PM on May-6-19

There is nothing like walking into a pleasant smelling home. I just got cats and it smells like them. What are my options?
comment posted at 6:42 PM on Apr-22-19
comment posted at 8:46 AM on Jan-13-20

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