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Flickr. Easy to upload to. Easy to publish. Easy to share. Finding it not so easy to download from. What tools if any exist so that I can do a batch download or otherwise automated capture of my photostream?
comment posted at 10:00 AM on Oct-26-05

I just bought a new PSP (Sony Playstation Portable). It has 5 dead pixels at the bottom. Through reading on the internet I discovered that having a few pixels like this is 'acceptable'. Other PSP owners, is this normal or should I trade it for another one with better display quality?
comment posted at 11:40 AM on Oct-19-05

Information about Microsoft and their plans for Office 12
comment posted at 10:08 AM on Oct-18-05

My 2 yr old daughter chews on her nails/cuticles. How can i get her to stop? she somes times chews it all the way down and complains because it hurts.
comment posted at 10:11 AM on Oct-18-05

I just opened my own post- moderated blog. Its kid of dead right now and I get 10-15 visitors a day and I am the only one who posts there. This is very depressing and I started to lose my motivation. Is there any place that I can draw more attention to it? Yes, I know about the ad sense but I cant really afford it. Thanks!
comment posted at 12:11 AM on Oct-12-05

Do Ultrasonic Pest Control devices really work for mice and rats? When we moved into our current house there apparently was a bad problem with rats that we only found out about by one dying in the walls. We have since gotten rid of them but I have this fear that they will find a way back in. So, if I set a couple of these devices up in our crawlspace and attic would that work to deter them? And will they really not bother my dogs?
comment posted at 9:30 AM on Oct-7-05

What to do in the Bangkok airport for 12 hours?
comment posted at 10:49 AM on Sep-22-05

What is that small, long pocket inside the large right hand pocket of jeans for?
comment posted at 11:22 PM on Sep-8-05

Help me get through long classes without Internet access - I want to click one button while I'm online and download all my newspapers, blogs, etc. into a flat file that I can view offline. Bloglines often doesn't give me the full article.
comment posted at 11:21 PM on Sep-8-05

why does coca-cola at mcdonalds always taste better than coca-cola at other fast food places?
comment posted at 11:27 PM on Sep-8-05

Is there any way to retrieve data from a Sony Memory Stick that has inexplicably become unreadable?
comment posted at 2:26 AM on Sep-5-05

Help me defrag my hard drive! I haven't defragmented it in a long time, and now it just won't work.
comment posted at 9:15 AM on Sep-2-05

How can a stay-at-home dad make a bit of cash on the side?
comment posted at 4:10 AM on Aug-30-05

I just got braodband internet after 5 years of living the dial-up lifestyle. Help me use my new-found bandwidth effectively.
comment posted at 4:12 AM on Aug-30-05

healthiest monitor settings: how should I set my computer's display settings to minimize eyestrain?
comment posted at 5:43 AM on Aug-29-05

I found this nifty device: it's a pen that scans text and lets you load it up to your computer.
comment posted at 5:47 AM on Aug-29-05

When I try to use the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) in Firefox and Opera to open a link in a background tab it will sometimes "jump" down a few lines, not clicking the correct link and sometimes clicking a wrong one, and then jumping back to the first position as soon as I let go of the button. This is unbelievably annoying. The mouse is a "Genius NetScroll+Eye PS/2".
comment posted at 12:34 PM on Aug-27-05

I’m writing an article about Flickr and I’d like to point to similar sites.
comment posted at 5:25 AM on Aug-27-05

Looking for a service to set up and host community websites/blogs for free.
comment posted at 8:31 AM on Aug-26-05

How do I fix my dried out print cartridge, when "clean cartridge" won't do it and I know there's plenty of ink in there?
comment posted at 8:37 AM on Aug-26-05

I downloaded the updates for Firefox and now the browser refuses to open. How can I get my life back?
comment posted at 8:02 AM on Aug-5-05

What are your favorite extensions for Firefox?
comment posted at 11:54 PM on Jul-28-05

Is Technorati broken? I have used it in the past to see who is linking to something, but now it misses even MetaFilter links.
comment posted at 11:01 AM on Jul-28-05

Please Help Me. I need a blog. I am so busy and scattered, though. I post stuff all over the place, and I try to connect with folks with snippets. I think a blog would work for me, even in it got few hits. But since I am so busy, I don't have much time to learn detailed shortcuts, software, etc. I would like to find a place on the web where it is easy to post stuff in a cool layout, including of course links, pix, etc. Maybe with sidebars, contact info, etc. It would also be nice if it were within a community of bloggers. And maybe "Blog" is the wrong term, as it might be simply a personal web page. But a blog seems more interactive, and I want that. My interests are eclectic, but they include radical social, and personal, change. Will you please help me with ideas? Thanks!
comment posted at 7:32 AM on Jul-27-05
comment posted at 8:04 AM on Jul-27-05

I'm a 23-year-old guy who's never used a real razor to shave -- I've only ever used electrics. (Why? Because I'm a pussy and can't bear to think about cutting myself.) I've recently started to think that the electric shave is less than ideal, and that proper shaving would be a good life skill to have. Of course, it'd be a little awkward to ask Dad to show me how like everybody else, since I'm not thirteen and he's in another state. How can I teach myself to use a razor without causing myself grievous injury? What kind of razor gives me the smallest chance of cutting myself? Am I ridiculous for even asking about this?
comment posted at 10:29 AM on Jul-26-05

Find me the superbestest wallet ever!
comment posted at 4:03 AM on Jul-25-05

Is there a doctor in the house? Does the human body contain one gluteus maximus muscle (spanning both buttocks) or two (one at the top of each leg)?
comment posted at 4:11 AM on Jul-25-05

How can I create "additional" pages on my Blogger site?
comment posted at 9:06 AM on Jul-23-05

What's the best way to migrate HTML tables to CSS?
comment posted at 9:03 AM on Jul-21-05

Picky beverage question: I like hanging out with my friends in bars and such but I'm rather limited in what I'll drink. I don't drink alcohol for one, or caffeine or sugary beverages for that matter...
comment posted at 3:30 AM on Jul-20-05

How do people with no permanent address handle mail delivery, photo identification, property taxes, etc?
comment posted at 3:32 AM on Jul-20-05

Can anyone tell me the name of the font used in the opening credits of the Love Boat?
comment posted at 3:36 AM on Jul-20-05

Google Adsense Secrets: Is this ebook worth buying? (I really want to know, I'm not shilling for it.)
comment posted at 11:38 AM on Jul-19-05

I've got a website which is generated by Blogger, featuring articles I've written. My problem is that it seems that Blogger's maximum archive period is a month. As I only write 1 or 2 (or sometimes 0) things per month that I want to put up, the monthly archive doesn't really work; I really need an annual archive thing. Can anyone suggest a way that I can get round this? Do any other blogging services support this? I'd hate to have to investigate the murky world of Movable Type, but I'd rather do that than leave things as they are at the moment.
comment posted at 8:16 AM on Jul-19-05

Has anyone written a tool that lets you manage multiple Gmail accounts? I'm envisioning something similar to the Gmail notifier, that lets you log on to 3+ accounts at once and easily check them.
comment posted at 8:49 PM on Jul-15-05

Exercising in the extreme heat... Bad idea?
comment posted at 6:21 AM on Jul-15-05

Can you suggest a free service that will make a smart logo for the heading of web sites. (Something similar to the nice logos at Gotlogos gallery, which is a paid service)
comment posted at 2:36 AM on Jul-15-05

Anyone know a good source of tiled wallpaper backgrounds for a computer desktop?
comment posted at 12:38 AM on Jul-12-05

Recently purchased a mosquito repellent device from Thermacell and am wondering if anyone else has used a similar device, and how effective they really are.
comment posted at 10:50 PM on Jul-4-05

I moved to san francisco two months ago and have been bitten by some type of insect about 40 times since then. the favorite spot appears to be my left arm with 17 bites scattered from my hand to my shoulder. i never feel myself being bitten, the bites are very small and they itch unlike anything i've ever experienced. i have not had this reaction to mosquitos before, and usually feel them as they bite me and see them. does anyone have any idea of what could be biting me and any natural remedies for itching and/or insect repellent for the body?
comment posted at 10:51 PM on Jul-4-05

How do I force another website to get rid of my stolen content?
comment posted at 10:13 AM on Jul-2-05

What's the funnest way to destroy about 200 CDs and 100 floppies without explosives?
comment posted at 11:13 AM on Jul-1-05

When I had a c/section in 2002, I was given a medication through my IV shortly before surgery that caused a bizarre reaction. I'm possibly going to have surgery again soon and would like to know what this was so I can avoid it.
comment posted at 9:17 AM on Jul-1-05

LCD monitor brightness&contrast setting.
comment posted at 4:36 AM on Jul-1-05

OK, I know how to stay awake all night if I'm at home or working, but what if I'm driving?
comment posted at 8:05 AM on Jun-29-05

I hadn't intended to use my question for this, but I just can't get it out of my head right now ... what skin ailment would cause this? (Warning: semi-icky, but not disasterously awful, picture.) And is she wearing some sort of leather slacks, or are those her legs?
comment posted at 5:09 AM on Jun-29-05
comment posted at 12:39 PM on Jun-29-05

My computer (Windows 98) no longer network connects to my girlfriend's computer (Win2000). Is there some setting I'm not getting? I'm googled out on this....
comment posted at 4:47 AM on Jun-29-05

I recently put Adbrite on my blog. But no advertisers have signed up in one month. I reduced the price every week for a text ad from $30 to $10 per week now for a good location in the sidebar. For 2000+ pageviews per day, is it too much to ask for? Many sites with lesser page views and higher rates are full of Adrite advertisers. What is the secret of making money with Adbrite?
comment posted at 12:37 PM on Jun-29-05

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