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A minor home repair has pushed me to finally an old power drill that was never all that great to begin with and that I seem to have lost in a recent move. I'm seeking advice on getting a regular drill/driver, impact driver, hammer drill, or what.
comment posted at 10:39 AM on Jan-30-21

What is the best cookbook for Mexican food? I order a lot of take-out from the local taco trucks and I would like to start making some of this stuff at home.
comment posted at 1:02 AM on Jan-16-21

My ancient yard-sale machine has decided now is the time to fail me. I am a basic sewer, hoping one day to be able to make a skirt and install a zipper, etc. I think a Brother or a Janome. Is there a model you would recommend? Can I just order one online, or is this something I have to see in person? I live in Toronto, downtown, but have a car. Budget around $300.00. Thanks.
comment posted at 8:30 AM on Oct-30-20

It is officially the hottest day of the year in my neck of the woods, and I'm serving dinner for six. We want a cold meal, and it needs to be vegetarian (not necessarily vegan) friendly! We're a little burnt out on gazpacho and greens salads, so what else can we prepare?
comment posted at 9:42 AM on Aug-23-19

I have a pair of high-end glasses but the sticker decal became all gooey and eroded. I bought a second pair online and I want to prevent it from happening again. I'm thinking some sort of seal on them to prevent it from happening. Any idea what would work best?
comment posted at 9:09 AM on Sep-3-18

Are you someone who used to have a messy workshop, craft room, or shed, but now reliably keeps it organized? How did you make the switch to being organized, and, most importantly, how did you learn to maintain it? Do you have any secrets or lessons learned? I keep my kitchen organized but my workshop is a mess.
comment posted at 11:29 AM on May-1-17

Like many people lately, I'm feeling low about the state of things--specifically, language. My recent reading consists solely of political news and analysis as well as, for relaxation, hard-boiled detective novels. I've lost, over the past few months, all sense of language as exuberant, playful, abundant, dazzling, rich with pleasure. Can you help pull me out of my language funk with suggestions of novels, short stories, poems, essays that will delight and surprise me, that I can sink into like a warm luxurious bath?
comment posted at 1:38 AM on Jan-23-17

Craigslist has been (too) good to me, and I find myself in need of some kind of workbench to hold various tools. Please help me think about my construction requirements.
comment posted at 8:55 AM on Dec-10-16

Life is stressful right now. Please give me your best stress relief hacks.
comment posted at 4:39 AM on Jun-21-16

Mr. 26.2 and I will be on O'ahu for a bike race in September and we'd like to extend it be a vacation. What can we do and where can we stay on O'ahu that will be incredibly relaxing?
comment posted at 11:32 PM on Aug-16-15

My neighbor, a respected local general contractor, has been generous about evaluating my house project. He's done this twice for me now, and for the second time, I'm not going to go forward. I feel guilty. What's the neighborly way to thank him for his time and let him know I'm going to use someone else?
comment posted at 7:10 AM on Jun-5-15
comment posted at 7:11 AM on Jun-5-15

Our friend is turning 40 - we were thinking of a 40 year old [wine,scotch,bourbon..?] as a gift. But we have no idea what to pick?
comment posted at 12:26 PM on May-30-15

Are my kids forever damaged? Can I teach them to show love?
comment posted at 9:45 AM on Apr-17-15

I'm working waaay too much at both of my jobs and I have no social life, I see my boyfriend once a week, and I am super bitter about all of it. Help me talk to my boss and make it through the holidays, please!
comment posted at 12:24 AM on Dec-15-14

Hi Mefites, I just finished a huge project, and now I'm in this awful vacuum state… I've never had a baby but my friends joke it might be a postpartum thing… Please help me. It destroys me, it destroys my relationship with my SO.
comment posted at 5:07 PM on Dec-11-14

What are some movies with dramatic voiceover introductions?
comment posted at 8:38 PM on Dec-7-14

My nephew has had a shitty shitty year and I want to spoil him rotten for Christmas. I want to get him the awesomest of awesome presents. The sort of present that will use often & he can show off to all his friends and have them be jealous. Bonus points if that present is something he can't get in Australia but I can in the US.
comment posted at 9:11 PM on Nov-13-14
comment posted at 9:16 PM on Nov-13-14
comment posted at 9:26 PM on Nov-13-14

I am going into San Fransisco for tomorrow for a last day in the US- only I don't know the area and where anything is. Someone gave me a mildly large pile of money to spend with the idea that I need to spend all of it- HALP.
comment posted at 10:27 PM on Oct-5-14

I thought for sure there would be a device that would keep bath water warm while you're soaking in it since it seems like such a simple thing. All I can find so far however are little warmers for aquariums to keep the fish swimming in nice warm water. Why not something like this for humans? Am I just not using the right search terms? Even just a heating mat that can go under water would be fine. I could just lay down on it to keep it from floating up.
comment posted at 3:39 PM on Feb-5-14

This has happened over at least 3 different cellphones, from HTC and Samsung. The battery will work fine for months, and then the phone will lose the ability to recognize that it is charging.
comment posted at 11:07 AM on Sep-8-13

Right now I'm poor, I'm in debt, and I don't know the best way to proceed. Please help me make a plan to tackle my debts.
comment posted at 9:17 AM on Jul-3-13

People who like to take things apart - I need to find a way to keep roughly thirty screws organized when a housing is removed and replaced. They all go in the same size hole, and they're not all the same screws.
comment posted at 6:12 PM on Mar-29-12

In San Francisco, will DPT ticket me if I park on the street in front of my own driveway without a residential parking permit?
comment posted at 10:43 AM on Jan-23-12

Before noon booze. Tomato juice gives me heartburn and I don't really want to open a bottle of champagne for two drinks. So, what are the alternative brunch cocktails. NO VODKA DRINKS. Preference for drinks which are not simply an ounce of alcohol added to a glass of juice/cup of hot coffee or chocolate.
comment posted at 11:17 AM on Jan-22-12

My soon to be 10 year old daughter just told me she wants a camera for her birthday. What to get?
comment posted at 6:41 PM on Dec-11-11

Who should pick up the poop? Owner of the dog, or roommate who gets home first?
comment posted at 11:56 PM on Dec-1-11

I am looking for a good sewing machine brand/model to start sewing with.
comment posted at 9:46 PM on Aug-16-11

I'm looking for recommendations for books for someone who has the following preferences: Loves Salinger, especially Nine Stories ("Teddy") and "Franny" in Franny and Zooey (the mystical aspects are particularly appealing); loves Steinbeck, especially East of Eden, favorite parts were those discussing the Biblical philosophy/hermeneutics. Any recommendations for books with a really good story but some strong elements of theology or philosophy, especially Eastern-influenced?
comment posted at 4:37 PM on May-5-11

Ties. Around the neck. For men. Help!
comment posted at 10:18 PM on Mar-1-11

Fire safety filter: My husband thinks that a lit candle left unattended on the back of our toilet in the bathroom is not a fire hazard, and I disagree. Please help us settle this argument with facts and figures.
comment posted at 10:00 AM on Jan-23-11

I hate my job, but it pays me well. Seriously, I make more than $130k, have great benefits (paid health insurance, 4 weeks vacation etc). I am very lucky to have landed this position. Without divulging too much more, lets just say that the industry I am in, it won't happen again. I will likely make 35% less anywhere else. So, I know that no one can truly answer this but me, but am I crazy for wanting to just walk away from it if I truly dislike it?
comment posted at 8:59 PM on Oct-18-10

Where was this photo taken? It's on the Northern California coast in 1960. There's a house that is probably recognizable in the photo.
comment posted at 8:01 PM on Sep-20-10
comment posted at 8:20 PM on Sep-20-10

Help me make the best tuna fish sandwich ever!
comment posted at 11:21 AM on Sep-18-10

I found a secret room in my apartment. How do I decorate it?
comment posted at 8:21 PM on Aug-25-10

Help me build a giant parabolic reflector planet-o-scope of SCIENCE!
comment posted at 10:48 PM on Jun-13-10

I moved to a new city and I'm lonely. tl;dr inside.
comment posted at 9:01 PM on Jun-1-10

Should we let our child choose the terms of his joint custody?
comment posted at 10:31 AM on Mar-14-10

Looking for recommendations on novels/nonfiction about (ideally modern or underwater) archaeology.
comment posted at 6:57 AM on Mar-7-10

I want to possess the knowledge, tools, materials, and workspace to make whatever the hell I feel like making, whenever I feel like making it. Because I can’t do this overnight, I want to start with the most versatile tools and skill first.
comment posted at 1:06 PM on Feb-23-10
comment posted at 4:07 PM on Feb-23-10

Our kids are 2 and 5. Their mom and I have a marriage that is clearly only lasting because we both love our kids so much and they need us. That said, we do NOT fight, either in front of the kids or alone. We just have a big ol' blank where the love used to be. On a daily basis we just basically ignore each other as much as possible and focus our energies on the kids. I do not foresee this lasting forever. However: When to break up?
comment posted at 8:18 PM on Feb-21-10

CostumeFilter: I want to go as Sputnik for Halloween. How to best accomplish this?
comment posted at 9:14 PM on Oct-13-09

When I was young I drew all over the neck of one of my guitars with a sharpie, thinking it would make me "metal." I am now older and wiser. How do can I remove this mistake?
comment posted at 12:48 AM on Aug-31-09

This is a question about a 30 year old Volvo and making it awesome. HHO generators, paint, and maintenance included.
comment posted at 8:10 AM on Aug-17-09
comment posted at 8:12 AM on Aug-17-09

I'm looking to rent a fake cop car for a quick, no-budget film shoot. My question is, how the hell do I transport it without getting pulled over for impersonating an officer or getting similar attention from law enforcement?
comment posted at 8:20 PM on Aug-16-09

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