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How likely is it that my life circumstances will torpedo my mortgage application? Negatives: Divorce is not final; 2016 taxes were filed late (ie, over the weekend, not accepted yet): 2017 & beyond income is good, but 2016 was terrible. More inside, plus some positive aspects of my situation.
comment posted at 4:10 PM on Mar-26-18

I'm a male nearing 50 who's only ever had one long-term relationship, and isn't wired for short-term ones. For multiple reasons including but not limited to long-term unemployment and mental health disability, I would estimate my odds at another as very slim (I also have social anxiety so have never been able to be the "pursuer"). I'm looking for recommendations for either online resources to have a good life nevertheless, representations of permanently single men and women in fiction or on film whether uplifting or downbeat, or good how-to guides on living alone.
comment posted at 1:25 PM on Mar-10-18

When my divorce is final, I expect to get a payout big enough to pay cash for the full price of a modest home in the city where I live. I want to do this, but enough people have told me that this is a terrible idea that I am getting nervous and would like help understanding the pros and cons. A few more details about my situation inside.
comment posted at 1:40 PM on Mar-7-18

I want to ask a friend out but a couple of things are making me hesitate; would like to get some hive mind input on whether I should hold off or if I am simply overthinking as usual.
comment posted at 10:06 AM on Jul-20-17

I have wide hips with no booty and skinny legs. Really, the only reason I know this is because pants that fit me in the hips have lots of extra fabric in the butt and thighs, while jeans that fit me in the legs and butt are waaaaay too small for my hips.
comment posted at 7:59 AM on Jul-6-17

What are the best (NY style) pizza places and great vegetarian spots in Portland? Grocery stores too! Alberta Arts district mainly, but city-wide too.
comment posted at 11:41 AM on Apr-24-17

I put on some old Halloween make up to get a laugh out of my 4 year old nephew. Within minutes I felt like my skin was burning. I've washed all the make up off as gently as possible. Now my entire face is bright red. What's the best thing to do now to give my skin some relief, and not look like I got locked in a tanning booth?
comment posted at 2:17 PM on Apr-12-17

To cut a long story short, I am trying to find someone I went to school with 40 years ago.
comment posted at 9:56 AM on Mar-6-17

Will I get in trouble bringing them back over the border?
comment posted at 3:54 PM on Jan-19-17

I need advice / strategies on the best way to address the problem of a friend who makes critical remarks to me. Details below.
comment posted at 12:15 AM on Jan-22-16

I had a killer headache today and broke down and took 400 mg of ibuprofen and it seems to work. But, it also has the side effect of making it pretty likely for me not to go number 2 tomorrow. I pretty much swore the stuff off but, keep it in my medicine cabinet for stuff that is worse than the constipation. I would obviously prefer something that doesn't do that. Acetimophen is nowhere near as good. Any other options I can get without a prescription?
comment posted at 5:19 PM on Dec-30-15

I'm planning to travel for 6 months (France for 3, then who knows) and will not have insurance through work. It's been difficult navigating all the options. Will I need travel insurance in addition to regular insurance? 29yo, located in CA, USA.
comment posted at 2:21 PM on Dec-9-15

I'm writing a short story in which my main character is an urban planner. While the story doesn't center around her work life, I'd like to pepper in some details. Can you help me make it more accurate/real? Specifically, she goes from underachiever to getting kudos on the job. What might this look like in a real city planning job?
comment posted at 4:03 PM on Dec-3-15

Of course I think it is great, and will do it with gusto - but I have a feeling of it being too perfect. I tend to be too optimistic [if there is a thing] and need grounded people to take a look.
comment posted at 1:21 PM on Dec-3-15

Hello, I am sitting here in worlds of pain. My left foot is puffy on the top and has needle like stabbing pains radiating from that spot up to my middle toes. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow but does anybody have an idea of what this might be. There is no change in color. I am icing it and taking Tylenol. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thank you
comment posted at 5:03 PM on Sep-22-15

What life forms from Earth are specifically affected by the moon and tides, and do we know anything about how these plants, animals or other living creatures would be affected by putting them in outer space?
comment posted at 3:30 PM on Sep-17-15

Does any airline currently or previously have a seat configuration with 3 seats on each side and 5 seats in the middle? I could have sworn I was on such a plane a few years ago, but all my searching has only yielded images of 3-4-3 layouts and the proposed 3-5-3 layout for the A380.
comment posted at 10:43 PM on Apr-14-15
comment posted at 10:52 PM on Apr-14-15

I don't want to keep living with disorganization, slippery time management, and a general level of overwhelm. I'm in the process of getting back on Strattera, but while it helped in the past, it didn't cure me, so I want more ammo. I've heard that coaching is one of the most helpful things for ADHD. But who?
comment posted at 9:06 PM on Mar-19-15

At work, no one has ever monitored my time or even told me what hours I should be working, so I'm not sure what is appropriate. I'm a good performer, but am still on edge and worried I could be seen as inappropriate. I understand no one can give 100% all the time, but lately I spend more time browsing or chatting with coworkers. I don't want to get a surprise reprimand or be viewed as a slacker. Please help me determine what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace.
comment posted at 12:59 PM on Jan-10-15

My new FitBit reveals that I'm burning a lot more calories than I thought I was, despite the fact that after tracking my eating habits for two months, I've failed to lose any weight. WHY?
comment posted at 10:03 PM on Jan-6-15

I'm reaching the upper-limit of my weight range where I can even comfortably call myself "chubby." If it was just up to me, I'd be able to change my diet pretty drastically, but I live in a household that doesn't lend itself to any food changes or restrictions. I need some advice before I give up and buy several pairs of mom jeans.
comment posted at 12:29 PM on Dec-15-14

I just got engaged (yay!) and now, I have to think about what to do about my name. There are a few options I am considering. I need some pros and cons for each from those who have been down this road...
comment posted at 1:51 PM on Aug-5-14

I'm curious as to how some people, despite taking up a "clean eating/healthy mind/healthy soul" lifestyle approach, justify frequent alcohol consumption and/or occasional hard drug use as fitting part of the lifestyle. I am curious to read about any anecdotes, studies, what have you, on the matter.
comment posted at 6:38 PM on Jun-23-14

Not sure how to express this problem. I've had this as long as I have lived. Basically, I am little absentminded and lose track of where things (like wallet, phone, keys) are really easily. It hasn't been too bad until recently.
comment posted at 2:56 PM on Jun-9-14
comment posted at 3:13 PM on Jun-9-14

If you once walked with an extreme turnout of the hips/feet, but corrected it, what did you do that worked? Or if you tried and weren't successful, what did NOT work?
comment posted at 2:44 PM on May-14-14
comment posted at 2:48 PM on May-14-14

I need help. I am seeking therapy for this issue, but it will take about six weeks before I can get in. My partner (m 36) and I (f 34) are not having sex. It has been about four months. He is dealing with depression and anxiety issues and is on medication for this. This has been pretty hard for me since we greatly enjoyed such an active sex life prior to this. He attributes our sexual issues to his diagnosis and medication. In my head I believe what he tells me, but this is triggering past issues for me that are getting in the way of me believing what he says. The fact that he masturbates at least once a day is hard for me to handle.
comment posted at 3:29 PM on May-10-14

I am working on a project where I am trying to find contributions made between businesses and political parties. Besides the obvious places (Sunlight Foundation, etc.) I want to know if, for the time banks received federal money, would those records be FOIAble? I have a pretty good idea which federal agencies to contact. But would it work?
comment posted at 10:57 PM on Apr-25-14

What's a good thank you gift for a total stranger who did me a great kindness? He returned my lost cell phone, car keys, credit cards, wedding ring and cash - more than $1,000 in misplaced possessions - and asked for nothing in return. All I know about him: His name and mailing address from the envelope, and the fact that he lives somewhere so rural that a Starbucks card will carry no value.
comment posted at 2:58 PM on Mar-20-14

Trying to help a friend identify a movie he saw a few minutes of when he was a kid. How it starts: A woman drives to an artist's apartment/studio, talks about relationships, takes her shirt off, puts a paper bag on her head. The artist begins to draw.
comment posted at 4:58 PM on Mar-6-14

How much should I charge companies to write and record 30-60 second instrumental jingles to help sell their products on websites?
comment posted at 3:45 PM on Nov-20-13

What strategies can I use to convince my husband to more openly discuss our household finances with me?
comment posted at 3:24 PM on Nov-20-13

I've recently realized how therapeutic it is for me to have a nice, long, crying session. Watching something emotional that makes me cry has been my way of releasing stress, but I'm having a hard time finding material. I've been able to find lists of "movies to make you cry", but they tend to be romance movies or feel-good dramas with a sad ending. What about movies or TV shows that are sad, sweet, or emotional throughout the length of the film?
comment posted at 3:00 PM on Nov-13-13

How exactly does unemployment work?
comment posted at 8:29 AM on Oct-29-13

So, after long suspecting that I had some kind of medical condition that was keeping me from being as awesome as possible, I went to a psychiatrist today and was diagnosed with ADHD. But the treatment he prescribed is a bit odd.
comment posted at 6:16 PM on Oct-22-13

I'm looking to make around $300-$700 a month doing freelance writing to supplement my income. So far I have been overwhelmed with the resources online and still have no idea where to start. I have no experience writing professionally but I am an English major and have been writing almost all of my life. I'm mostly interested in the "Elance" platform but I'm open to other options. How do I get started?
comment posted at 12:17 AM on Oct-21-13

I have an acquaintance in the UK who sends me "essentials", such as Jaffa Cakes, that I can't get here in the States. In return she's asked for some good American candy. The catch is that she's vegetarian. Rather than spend ages looking through lists of off-putting ingredients, I was hoping I could get some recommendations here. Bonus points for Halloween-themed candy (I'm thinking of candy corn, etc). Thanks!
comment posted at 10:03 PM on Oct-17-13

What novels or short stories grapple with the decline of a superpower? I'm thinking waning-British-Empire stuff, primariy, but the decline of other global powerhouses is fine too. Must be fiction. Decline-of-Empire can either be primary to the plot or a backdrop against which other key aspects of the story unfold.
comment posted at 12:07 PM on Oct-17-13

I've been looking for an casting internship in NY. Most of the places I've called up have said that they're currently fully staffed but I'm more than welcome to email them my resume. When I've asked if they have a sense for when they might be looking again they've usually responded that they don't know. Would it make more sense for me to send my resume and cover letter to them now so they have it on file or wait a couple of months and call again to see if they have a vacancy later?
comment posted at 3:44 PM on Oct-15-13

Looking for a home in a gay marriage state.
comment posted at 8:39 PM on Oct-14-13

A question for those who have suffered severe depression: Did you have circular conversations where you asked for help and then shot down all suggestions/offers? What did you get out of those conversations? What were you really trying to achieve? What did you really need to hear?
comment posted at 9:57 AM on Oct-11-13

With the government shutdown, everything but the road itself is closed. Wife has declared that just driving without stopping at the parks and attractions is stupid and a waste of time, so has nixed the idea.
comment posted at 10:15 AM on Oct-9-13

A few weeks ago there was a pretty intense raid on my neighbor's house that involved flashbangs, the FBI, and the DEA. The whole shebang lasted about 3 hours, and although there were heavily armed and armored agents standing around in the street it clearly wasn't a "standoff" situation. Eventually all the armed people disappeared, some evidence tech type people removed some things from the house, a vehicle was towed, and a few (but not all) of the house's occupants were arrested.
comment posted at 6:58 PM on Sep-28-13
comment posted at 7:01 PM on Sep-28-13

My writing tends to be very brief, and it's difficult for me to write long essays that are good. Also, I would like to start writing literary and cultural critiques and would like MeFites' advice.
comment posted at 2:29 PM on Sep-29-13

"It is not advised that you use Google Voice services for your business as we do not provide enterprise support. Use at your own discretion." Carry on, or find another provider?
comment posted at 7:11 PM on Sep-28-13

What was it like to live on campus at a residential U.S. college on Sept. 11, 2001? How and when did news spread about the attacks? How did students around you respond? Did people flood outside, gather in small groups indoors, congregate at television sets? Did professors cancel class, or set rigid attendance requirements? I'm interested in generalities as well specifics. What was the mood like on that day and immediately afterward? How did the pulse and the life of the campus alter that day? Especially interested in colleges and universities NOT in communities that were directly attacked.
comment posted at 10:30 PM on Sep-26-13

Do whales have nipples? Do they shrink when they get cold? What do they look like? Is there such a thing as a whale milk farm? How would/is that done? Is there a proper technique for milking whales? Seriously. Whale nipples. Wow.
comment posted at 9:40 PM on Sep-24-13

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