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I received an internal hard drive as a Xmas present and I would like to use it as an external hard drive. What enclosure should I buy?
comment posted at 11:33 AM on Dec-28-10

What are some good Jazz artists?
comment posted at 7:58 PM on Dec-24-10

I've become "sexually active" at a rather late age. When do I need to start getting STI checks and/or pap smears?
comment posted at 12:43 PM on Dec-21-10

I need to cook a nice Christmas dinner for nine, in a woefully inadequate kitchen. To make things worse, there's only one table that barely seats six. What can I make that's elegant, festive, and delicious; which requires almost nothing in the way of cooking tools; and is easy to eat from a plate balanced on your lap?
comment posted at 8:40 PM on Dec-15-10

Am I exhibiting obsessive compulsive behavior? One example: I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time selecting the "perfect" fork, spoon, etc. for the particular dish I'm eating. Of course, that's not the extent of it.
comment posted at 10:46 PM on Dec-9-10

GiftFilter: What should I get as a Christmas present for my cousin who's a guy, a music ed major, a junior in college, preppy, and sort of athletic?
comment posted at 8:47 PM on Dec-7-10

Hanukah has arrived and I'd like to make latkes and apple sauce. I did read this thread. But my goal is a result that is tasty but healthy -- that is, I really would like to avoid greasiness and oiliness. Does anyone know a scrumptious lower fat recipe?
comment posted at 11:40 AM on Dec-2-10

I'm playing a Christmas/Holiday show in a couple of weeks along with a bunch of other performers. I really can't stand Christmas music. Halp!
comment posted at 8:50 AM on Dec-1-10

Where's the best place to buy one-off large posters online?
comment posted at 9:07 PM on Nov-22-10

Yet another Can you help me decide how to build my home theater question
comment posted at 1:12 AM on Nov-13-10
comment posted at 1:17 AM on Nov-13-10
comment posted at 8:42 AM on Nov-15-10

I LOVE movies where the villian is played by an actor who is typically cast as the good guy hero in their roles in other films. Off the top of my head I can think of Harrison Ford in "What Lies Beneath", Robin Williams in "One Hour Photo", and John Travolta in "The Taking of Pelham 123" Can you give me more examples? Preferably good movies :-D
comment posted at 10:10 PM on Nov-1-10

Why do I sometimes get massive headaches when weight lifting?
comment posted at 10:38 AM on Nov-1-10

When I upload this W3Schools Ajax example to my own web hosting, it doesn't work. Why?
comment posted at 6:09 PM on Oct-30-10

Can the luminous black and white look of the film "The Man Who Wasn't There" be duplicated either in a digital camera or with Photoshop 7 or Photoshop Elements 6? The effect I am trying to duplicate is best seen in the barbershop scenes. I have come somewhat close in PSE6 by starting with a color image and manipulating the b&w conversion options.
comment posted at 11:35 PM on Oct-9-10

Trying to find a text generator I saw a while back. It was called a Cthulhu text generator, but it really had nothing to do with him. It would accept key words/phrases, then arrange them in an overlapping criss-cross pattern using only CSS.
comment posted at 2:42 PM on Oct-4-10

My fiance has basically told me, that she will NEVER/practically never be willing to do my personal fetishes with me..... I don't know what to do about that.
comment posted at 1:58 PM on Oct-3-10

This is a two part question about cleaning a floor. Our floors our filthy, and I need help identifying the type of floor we have as well as suggestions for how to clean it. Assume I'm an incompetent bachelor who knows nothing about cleaning.
comment posted at 6:45 PM on Sep-11-10
comment posted at 12:58 PM on Oct-12-10

Soft, sweet, beautiful, modern, folksy music that you might find sad but would NOT qualify as "depressing"?
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Sep-10-10

So I need to return my computer to the manufacturer...but there is the matter of some compromising photos.
comment posted at 5:02 PM on Sep-6-10

I've got a laptop that I purchased in September 2008 that I paid $1,629 for. How much can I ask for it on Craigslist? Realistically? Ideally? Is there anything free I can do to increase its value before I sell it?
comment posted at 1:23 PM on Aug-22-10

Similar to these questions, I'm looking for simple, beautiful songs with a single voice and either a piano or strings.
comment posted at 9:11 PM on Aug-13-10

My boyfriend of three years broke up with me about 2 and a half months ago, shortly before I moved to another city for a year-long grant project. He still calls me once a week, sometimes more and sometimes less. This is confusing for me because I adore him and was really attached to him -- indeed, I'm still on the mend. He became my family over the years. If he told me he wanted to be with me, I would be like a fountain of bubbling joy, like one of those champagne fountains at hotel weddings. But he does not say that, he only says that he misses me, nothing more loving than that. My question is: should I stop taking his calls? I think they're giving me false hope.
comment posted at 7:21 AM on Aug-13-10

When starting to work out again after a long period of physical laziness, how to pace yourself to minimize aching?
comment posted at 9:45 PM on Jul-14-10

What makes a person "interesting," anyway?
comment posted at 3:25 PM on Jul-5-10

Web designer helping a friend and trying to advise on setting up a particular type of web-based automated phone call system.
comment posted at 1:23 PM on Jun-25-10

I remember a blog that highlighted overlooked gems on the AppStore. There was a focus on being particularly beautiful or unique. Does anyone remember it?
comment posted at 1:40 PM on Jun-20-10

Why doesn't excel 2003 work on my computer anymore?
comment posted at 7:40 PM on Jun-19-10

I cannot remember this supernatural-esque show and it's driving me nuts. I'm beginning to think I'm crazy and that it doesn't exist. It was on a major network channel and dealt with fictional scary paranormal abilities, not in a docu-drama way like Ghost Hunters. Help me find it?
comment posted at 7:45 PM on Jun-3-10

I've started using LaTeX, and I can't figure out how to get Chicago citations. Actually, I can't figure out really anything (such as I've been warned).
comment posted at 7:10 PM on Jun-3-10

What is the tactile function of bouncing the tennis ball on the service line?
comment posted at 7:04 PM on Jun-1-10

Last Saturday, baseball player Kendry Morales hit a grand slam to win the game and promptly broke his leg at home plate. It got me thinking, perhaps morbidly -- what if he can't come back, and that was his last major league at bat? So my question is, is there info somewhere on baseball players' last at bats? Has anybody else hit a grand slam and then never appeared again? Difficult to google.
comment posted at 7:09 PM on May-31-10

I'm trying to build out a playlist of old-timey, romantic songs. The two that I've started with: Guilty by Yann Tiersen (Amélie soundtrack) and Moon River by Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack). Which songs would you suggest I add?
comment posted at 10:29 PM on May-30-10

We're biking south along the Connecticut River from Orwell VT to New Haven CT in two days (give or take some east west variation). What should we see or do along the way?
comment posted at 7:22 PM on May-25-10

Where can I learn - in a hurry - the technological basics of the telecommunications/internet infrastructure?
comment posted at 12:01 AM on May-15-10

What explains the throbbing pressure and pain at my right temple and right eye socket area during physical exercise?
comment posted at 5:59 PM on May-8-10

Can I *Gift* a friend in Portland, OR with several months of the YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) Network?
comment posted at 9:45 AM on Apr-27-10

Facebook question.
comment posted at 9:53 PM on Apr-25-10

I won a $75 gift certificate on Amazon. How should I spend it?
comment posted at 7:51 PM on Apr-22-10

What are the best options for an online photo gallery that: (A) Pulls photos from my Flickr photostream, and (B) Doesn't use flash? Minimalist design preferred. iPhone-friendly would be awesome!
comment posted at 11:53 AM on Apr-21-10

Can a netbook effectively run Powerpoint? If so, any recommendations? The primary use would be regular ol' netbook tasks (browsing the net, email). However, as an attorney, I also occasionally need a laptop to display Powerpoint slides via the courtroom's newfangled electronic display system (through the VGA port). Will a netbook be able to do this in a passably quick manner with an older version of Powerpoint / a similar program? With added RAM? Please justify my purchase of a $350 toy.
comment posted at 4:10 PM on Apr-20-10

Bird watchers: Anyone know what this feller is? My husband and I put up a new feeder in our South Florida yard. We're in the migratory path for lots of transient species; so, it's possible he's not native. We've done our research in Sibley, and thought "1st year painted bunting," but a Google Image search doesn't really support that match.
comment posted at 10:00 PM on Apr-17-10

Where can I go to find a well-cut suit? I'm 6'3" 190lbs and I'm sick of suits that look like they were made for me before I lost 60 lbs.
comment posted at 6:43 PM on Apr-12-10

My best friend has expressed sexual feelings for me in a disrespectful way. I'm uncomfortable. How do I deal with this?
comment posted at 11:45 AM on Apr-11-10

With the recent legal action against Isohunt, I would like to understand the tech and privacy of torrents better. Is there a technological reason that the RIAA and MPAA only go after tracker sites and not people downloading torrents?
comment posted at 8:19 PM on Apr-10-10
comment posted at 8:20 PM on Apr-10-10

Why does the cross-domain restriction exist on the XMLHttpRequest object?
comment posted at 8:56 AM on Apr-7-10
comment posted at 10:32 AM on Apr-7-10

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