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What is a reasonable gambling limit that would allow an unseasoned gambler to have a good time at a casino?
comment posted at 3:24 PM on Nov-23-21

I purchased it new, packed it away four years ago when moving, and never opened it again. I want to restore it to factory defaults and find a way to use it. Have you done this? Any suggestions? If it can't be used, can it be recycled? Thanks!
comment posted at 6:44 PM on Oct-10-21

Which of these cars should I actually consider getting?
comment posted at 9:41 PM on Sep-8-20

Please recommend me some stories in the Weird West genre. Mild specifications below the cut
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Sep-8-20

How do you organise and rearrange your stuff in order to have the best working experience possible, one which maximises productivity and makes you work smarter?
comment posted at 9:10 PM on Aug-10-20

I'd like to create a Youtube video playlist of short videos of odd, somewhat disturbing, and aesthetically pleasing videos to have playing on mute while listening to indie party music. Suggestions welcome!
comment posted at 9:08 PM on Jul-4-20

We have an old home from 1929. The basement does not smell like fresh spring air, for sure! As a result, when our HVAC runs the AC the air that comes through does not smell awesome. Can we do anything?
comment posted at 7:21 PM on Jun-21-20

It’s the end of a beautiful tropical yellow road for my iPhone 5c. My phone call quality has plummeted this year, so I'd like advice on what phone to buy next, while 1) buying used, 2) staying in the Apple ecosystem, and 3) preparing for 5G.
comment posted at 7:35 PM on Jun-21-20

If someone would like to recommend some nice names from classical antiquity that begin with the letter I or J, that would be fine.
comment posted at 9:56 PM on May-13-20

I'm trying to help out-of-work people make some $$ by putting together a vetted list of market research firms that compensate their panel/respondents fairly (rather than big "panel farms" like SurveyJunkie who outsource their panel to other companies and pay their panel like crap). If you've had a good experience giving your opinions on products/brands/life, can you share the company's name and the (ballpark) compensation? I know it varies by person, but it's still helpful to know the range.
comment posted at 6:38 PM on Apr-28-20

We are a couple who are both working from home at rather demanding jobs. We count ourselves to be very lucky, both still be employed and healthy, but going slowly crazy managing parenting/teaching small kids and work. We have tried various schedules but without constant supervision it's hard to corral them. A lot of useless articles are filled with time-spending activities to do with your kids at home as if you had ample spare time. We feel bad since we are doing poorly at our jobs as well as parenting. We know most parents are in the same boat -- what tricks, websites, and methods have you found that has eased your lockdown life? We are not in a position to hire a live-in nanny. School and daycare are doing zoom meetings which is helpful but are more things to schedule during the day.
comment posted at 8:02 PM on Apr-17-20

Do you use a dish soap dispenser that brings you joy? (Also helpful: soap dispensers that you hate or find annoying that I should avoid!) I need a new dispenser and I wash a LOT of dishes. I previously used this simplehuman 15 oz pump. I'm also open to getting the same one if the hive mind recommends it! Thanks for your help!
comment posted at 3:42 AM on Feb-18-20

I'm coming into a small windfall (less than $10K) and am having trouble deciding what to do with it! Dreamy me wants to install solar power but practical me thinks that other things might be more... practical. Please help me decide!
comment posted at 3:47 AM on Feb-18-20

I have an Excel spreadsheet from a 159 pg pdf. It contains names, addresses, state, city, zip, phone number, age, gender and a field code. I need it in a sortable format.
comment posted at 8:12 PM on Feb-15-20

Hi. I am wanting to do a master's in either political science. I am not sure if it would be best to go to McGill for the name recognition, and because Montreal is a nicer and more interesting city.
comment posted at 8:15 PM on Feb-15-20

How do you describe the feeling of disliking a book or a film or other creative work that you expected to like because of its synopsis or glowing reviews. This dislike is almost immediate. The feeling can be anywhere from medium indifference ("boring") to strong irritation or even outright disapproval. Are there certain qualities such as prose style, cinematography or assumed audience* that you notice that you consistently dislike?
comment posted at 8:23 PM on Feb-15-20

We spend all day at the lodge, but we're pretty tired of PB&J and granola. Help me jazz up lunch so we don't end up buying overpriced food from the cafeteria!
comment posted at 8:26 PM on Feb-15-20

Looking for Backpack recommendations
comment posted at 9:33 PM on Dec-14-19

Just booked tickets for a family trip to Japan, flying in and out of Tokyo. Looking for recommendations on where to go (this will be our third trip there).
comment posted at 10:35 PM on Aug-28-19

I have the opportunity to spend a year in Canada with the working holiday visa program they have. What pros and cons should I consider?
comment posted at 9:21 PM on Aug-16-19

Every winter, I get very very sad and flat. I suspect SAD is at play (I live in Ontario). Every summer, I find a great rhythm and think "this is the year! this year I won't give in to the winter blues". Reader, it never works.
comment posted at 9:24 PM on Aug-16-19

We have a few cabins up in Maine. Our outhouse probably needs to be replaced. What are our best options?
comment posted at 9:39 AM on Aug-11-19
comment posted at 9:45 AM on Aug-11-19
comment posted at 9:56 AM on Aug-11-19

I will be taking a once in a lifetime journey from Vancouver to Calgary for two weeks mid-end of June. I would love some help filling in some must sees, dos or eats.
comment posted at 6:32 PM on Jun-2-19
comment posted at 6:39 PM on Jun-2-19

I'm interested in people's personal experiences selling a domain name. What pitfalls would you avoid if you had to to do again? What services do you recommend/recommend against? How would you recommend pricing?
comment posted at 7:54 PM on May-6-19

Can you recommend a free service that will email me when a website changes?
comment posted at 7:40 PM on May-5-19

I would like to assign custom combinations of keystrokes to type special characters (letters in a non-English script, all in the 'emoji and symbols' menu) on my Mac. The keystroke combinations should work systemwide, failing that at least in the browser and office programs. I am 99% certain that this worked on my previous laptop (also a Mac) last year, but I've googled for hours and can't find it, which makes me feel like I'm losing my mind! But mainly, I just need to be able to type these damn letters...
comment posted at 7:47 PM on May-5-19

My nephew is here! And my sister has another question. She's interested in infant sign language. She's asked me to look into videos and books and what have you for learning / teaching.
comment posted at 3:04 AM on Feb-26-19

What do you call the annoying pile of snow left at the end of the driveway after the plow drives by? You know, the kind that creates an extra hour of shoveling just when you thought you were done, and that’s twice as heavy on account of how densely packed and icy it is. I need something snarkier than “Ugh, I need to shovel the driveway again.”
comment posted at 1:26 AM on Feb-20-19

What are the most beautiful places in America I can visit without a driver's license?
comment posted at 7:27 PM on Feb-4-19

I'm tasked with making a dashboard for my org, which will show the current status of our accounts/goals/KPIs. The challenge: We have a lot of qualitative updates. I'd like to use something that can automatically pull some things (Asana, Google Analytics, etc.), but can also handle team members adding in arbitrary text updates. What would you use? [Snowflakes inside.]
comment posted at 2:16 AM on Jan-29-19

I am looking for a low-cost MacBook replacement. I have the opportunity to purchase a late 2010 MacBook Air
comment posted at 9:50 PM on Dec-27-18

And maybe you're not a business owner but maybe you're a decision-maker at your company or you work for yourself part-time...what kind of things do you think about doing at year-end to help steer your next year's business?
comment posted at 1:47 AM on Dec-24-18

I grew up in a Catholic parish that did not have wine at communion until I was about 12. This question made me realise I have no idea how common (or not) this is, nor how common (or not) it is for some individuals to not take wine at communion. Can anyone explain how this has changed over time/place?
comment posted at 9:37 PM on Oct-7-18

Hello, good citizens of Calgary and surrounding areas. The news just informed me that you recently received a record-breaking amount of snow. A friend and I are flying up tomorrow for a weekend in the Rockies, visiting Jasper and Banff. According to Banff Now, roads remain open, so we're continuing as planned. Do you have any advice for exploring the park given the current conditions?
comment posted at 9:56 PM on Oct-3-18

I will soon be flying to Montreal (from Europe) arriving around 15:30. How long, roughly, will it take for me to complete the arrivals process? I am hoping to catch a bus from the airport to Quebec City and was wondering which bus I will likely end up catching. Thanks!
comment posted at 8:42 PM on Sep-3-18

Every parent has their own preferred term of address. We have a lot of "daddy" board books, but comparatively few "mama" selections. I'd like to change that. What does the hivemind recommend?
comment posted at 4:53 PM on Aug-19-18

So... yeah, no idea how to deal with this. They are best friends. More inside...
comment posted at 2:38 PM on Jul-15-18

My neighborhood has a Nextdoor group for people who hate to use Facebook and a rival Facebook neighborhood group for people suspicious of Nextdoor. This is not working. I am thinking of creating some kind of group texting like an old-fashioned telephone tree but I don't know how to go about it.
comment posted at 1:38 PM on Jul-15-18

I currently have a job with great quality-of-life perks, but it's low-pay, I'm bored and it isn't looking like there's much more career growth here. I want to move on, but I am lost every step of the way, including in deciding whether I should leave at all.
comment posted at 3:25 PM on Jul-6-18

My car needs several repairs according to the scheduled maintenance. A family member errs on the opposite side of "replace nothing as a preventative, only when it breaks." As a woman I don't trust a mechanic to be straight with me about prudent but conservative car maintenance. Can you help?
comment posted at 5:56 PM on Jul-5-18

I'm looking for songs in pretty much any genre that include syncopating clapping or a similar sound.
comment posted at 8:21 PM on Jul-3-18
comment posted at 8:23 PM on Jul-3-18

We're moving our largish 1 bedroom apartment's worth of stuff (furniture, dishes, books, decor) at the end of August. Our first pick would be to hire a moving company. But is there any reputable moving company under the sun? Every company has a slew of horror stories: broken and lost stuff, extortionist price hikes or inflated weight claims, massive delays. Do you know of any affordable company that can be trusted, or a company that's pricier but more reliable? Or, would it be best to just do the packing, driving, and gas-buying ourselves in a UHaul?
comment posted at 8:33 PM on Jul-3-18

What are the best day hikes around Banff?
comment posted at 9:31 PM on Jun-19-18

My four-year old is physically able to stay dry all night, but started wetting the bed when I mentioned no longer using pull-ups. We’re now going on six months of wet pull-ups after six months of dry and I don’t know how to proceed or to reassure her that change is okay.
comment posted at 8:19 AM on May-27-18

My six-year-old daughter, currently obsessed with the Beatles, has been asking for a drum kit for months. What would be a good, cheap "starter" option for a child her age? Where do we begin?
comment posted at 10:27 PM on May-15-18

I'd like to get my senior mother's finances sorted out, but I have no idea where to begin. By sorted out, I mean managed. I don't do any investing myself and my finances are pretty simple, so I feel out of my depth.
comment posted at 9:58 PM on Apr-30-18

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