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I recently read Chuck Palahniuk's Diary and loved it. I'm looking for suggestions for similarly mysterious/creepy novels...
comment posted at 1:42 PM on Jun-14-05

My mac, which runs 10.2.8, suddenly forgot how to get to the internet. How do I return it to its former glory?
comment posted at 12:21 AM on Jun-13-05

Anyone know of any in-house remedies for poison ivy? Any suggestions to make the itch go away?
comment posted at 12:30 AM on Jun-13-05

I picked up a very cheap Microsoft Office Keyboard today. It works great on my Windows 2000 machine with the software provided, but the Mac software included on the CD is for OS9, and I want to run it with my KVM switch into my G4 iBook (OSX.4).
comment posted at 12:40 AM on Jun-13-05

Each year I try to teach some computer history to my 5th graders, just to put all the technology into a little bit of context. It would be tremendously helpful if I could show them actual screenshots of what computer programs used to look like. Specifically, I've looked for screenshots of Viscalc (some success, but lousy shots), early amber-on-black word processing, and pre-www internet (PINE, Usenet, etc.) Anybody know of a good place for this stuff? Other related suggestions welcome.
comment posted at 12:45 PM on Jun-11-05

What's a good tool to automate tedious html editing?
comment posted at 12:51 PM on Jun-11-05
comment posted at 12:53 PM on Jun-11-05

Complete coffee neophyte in search of French Canadian brewing technique...
comment posted at 5:52 PM on Jun-8-05
comment posted at 7:04 PM on Jun-8-05

"There's a 9 pin serial mouse cable. I have orange, blue, green and white wires. Which is ground?"
comment posted at 2:25 PM on Jun-8-05

This old Mac: My 450 Mhz G4 has held up for about 5 years now. I was on the market for a new iMac G5, but as we Mac people will be wanting to upgrade to intel machines in a couple years, this seems like an unwise purchase (the Osborne effect and all). So I'm thinking a processor upgrade might be a good stopgap. Anyone have any experience with this?
comment posted at 9:21 PM on Jun-7-05

EconomicsFilter: When someone claims that it's too expensive (i.e. would damage the economy) to upgrade an industry to a more environmentally clean process, I have always assumed this was a specious claim since the costs spent on one side would be added to the economy by the environmental company. Am I missing something? Is there a real loss here for the economy in general that I am not seeing?
comment posted at 3:44 PM on Jun-7-05

I have: 1) G3 iBook 500 running OS 9.2 w/ a CD-Rom, firewire, and ethernet 2) iMac G5 w/ dvd, firewire, ethernet; Panther and Tiger on DVD. Any way to get OS X onto the iBook? I'm hoping I can somehow use the iMac's DVD drive to install OS X onto the iBook.
comment posted at 1:53 PM on Jun-7-05

I use a Mac @ home. One of the things I've loved about Windows (gasp) is the Remote Desktop Client: an efficient, elegant, and free way to connect and use your desktop. Is there an equivalent tool for OS X such that I could connect to my home Mac (not w/ SSH, but the desktop) from any number of the Windows boxes I occasionally use?
comment posted at 9:36 AM on Jun-4-05

With no warning, my relationship is over. (1) Help me pick the soundtrack to my breakup. Songs that got you past the numb, the pain, and the empty without just blaming or dissing the significant other too much. (2) Help me brainstorm my next step. Should I get an ESL teaching certificate (and join expat pals in France?) Should I move back to Missouri to help my pregnant sister run her bed & breakfast? Or should I stay in LA?
comment posted at 11:28 AM on May-30-05

MTVFilter: Help out a she-geezer? A couple years ago my husband saw a music video where a man threw himself at models... literally
comment posted at 9:48 AM on May-30-05

So Firefox is painfully slow and always has been (OS X). Lotta freezes/crashes. So much so that I can't believe anyone likes the browser. So, I figure there's something wrong with my install. I've reinstalled three times... same thing. How do I do a complete erase of FF but still keep my bookmarks so that I can try it once more before eliminating it permanently?
comment posted at 12:33 AM on May-29-05

Anyone else on the verge of making the switch to Mac land (or upgrading)? Everywhere i've seen rumored they are saying 2nd Q for the G5 powerbooks... What do you guys think? I'd rather not repeat my mistake of getting the Canon Rebel right before the new one came out (d'oh!).. So I'm thinking about waiting for the G5 to appear and either get the low end one or a used (or new) G4 assuming the prices drop. Given that being a gadgetfreak if you're always waiting for the next big thing you'll never end up buying anything... but seems like it could be soon hmmm?
comment posted at 12:52 PM on May-27-05

We need a PowerPoint presentation to scroll text continuously, like movie credits, but looped over and over again for a kiosk. I can use the Credits animation scheme on the slides, but there's a long gap of time between slides where it shows nothing. How can I make it more seamless and have zero space between slides?
comment posted at 12:56 PM on May-27-05

MovieFilter: Help ID this movie about a British boarding school.
comment posted at 7:22 PM on May-26-05

My 1.5ghz 17" powerbook screen has a couple of light spots and dark spots (no dead pixels) and I want to send it in. But I've heard some scary stories about apple. Any help/stories would be appreciated.
comment posted at 8:46 AM on May-26-05
comment posted at 11:41 AM on May-26-05
comment posted at 3:01 PM on May-26-05

One of my roommates put a pot of chicken on the stove and went downstairs to make some phone calls and answer email and while we were drinking beer on the porch we heard a strange, high-pitched, shrieking whine.
comment posted at 7:58 AM on May-26-05

What should I engrave on my iPod?
comment posted at 6:57 AM on May-26-05

Guy filter: How do you get rid of an unwanted erection?
comment posted at 5:59 AM on May-26-05

I'm developed a craving for trail mix lately. One thing I've found out because of this is that trail mix is expensive. Everytime I buy it I think there's got to be a cheaper place to buy or it's got to be cheaper to make it myself..... Does anyone have any suggestions where to get cheap trail mix, recipies for good trail mix, ideas for the cheapest way to make it?
comment posted at 10:00 AM on May-25-05

All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia--and soon I will be. Please share your recommendations for used book stores, record stores, and vegetarian food (cheap to moderate, with moderate being entrees under $20). Also, as a bonus, if you know if any yummy restaurants near the Jersey Turnpike that would allow one to avoid the nastiness of the rest stop, that would be totally awesome.
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comment posted at 9:45 AM on May-25-05
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comment posted at 6:14 AM on May-26-05

I'm writing a screenplay -- like an action/thriller type deal. Anyhow, like every other film and TV show, it's based in New York City. What I need from you guys is a few ideas about where to set a chase scene. Some place that sounds good on paper and looks good on the screen -- and hopefully some where that hasn't been used before in a movie, or at least not a well known one.
comment posted at 9:55 AM on May-25-05

MolecularBio geeks: What's the best sequence analysis software for OS X?
comment posted at 10:04 AM on May-24-05

How do I make a VCD disk using the CD burner in my Powerbook? I have an .avi file that I would like to play on my DVD player, but I have no idea what's the best software to use for encoding, burning, etc.
comment posted at 12:15 AM on May-24-05

I chronically get canker sores, does anyone know of any remedies or treatments?
comment posted at 7:07 PM on May-23-05

How can I get files off an improperly finalized data DVD? (WinXP, Nero)
comment posted at 7:33 PM on May-21-05

My sweetie and I are looking for lodging recommendations in Montreal.
comment posted at 10:36 AM on May-19-05

It strikes me that English doesn't have any good words for genitalia. I attribute this to our repressed culture. Any words for our naughty parts are either porn words, schoolkid words, or clinical. Can anyone think of some good words for the privates? (Obviously there will be some raw language inside this question.)
comment posted at 12:55 PM on May-17-05

What events would have to happen for you to conclude your country had become a despotism? What actions, if any, would you take to to combat that despotism? What would be the most effective way to organize opposition?
comment posted at 11:52 AM on May-17-05
comment posted at 11:59 AM on May-17-05

Mac to PC: How do I avoid having images replaced with the error message "Quick time and a tiff decompressor are needed to view image"?
comment posted at 6:49 PM on May-16-05

So I'm making a yellow cake from a mix...I added the water and the oil, then reached into the refrigerator for eggs that weren't there. What will happen if I bake this without the eggs? Or is there any normal pantry item that I could substitute for them? All the substitution recommendations I can find online are like substituting whites for whole eggs and using those non-egg egg substitutes. I'm not going to leave the house. Can this cake be saved?
comment posted at 10:36 AM on May-15-05

I have a G4 Powerbook 12" the model released last year, and it's hot. I mean, really physically hot!
comment posted at 10:23 AM on May-14-05

We're going on our honeymoon in Europe. We're renting cars in Italy and Ireland. I'm getting conflicting reports on the international driver's license. Do we need them?
comment posted at 9:14 AM on May-14-05

My bathtub seems to be organic. It's fiberglass or plastic or something like that. What is best to clean out dried soap scum and the orange stuff that lives in between all the little bumps at the bottom?
comment posted at 9:01 AM on May-14-05

I have Tiger, but can't install it on my G4 because I don't have a DVD drive. I borrowed a friend's external drive, but I can't get the G4 to boot off of the installer disc. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? If there is no solution, I am considering replacing the CD-RW drive in my G4 with a SuperDrive. Who manufactures this drive, and what is the basic process involved in installing it. Please help me get Tiger on my Mac!
comment posted at 9:04 AM on May-14-05

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